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New performance festival in Uppsala, Sweden – Västerbotten Courier

With a program that offers “room for conflicting audience experiences, rather forms a short circuit than harmony” draws new festival of performance art, Revolve Performance Art Days, started in Uppsala May 6

Behind the festival, which runs until 14 May, is Meat inspection Dance, Uppsala Art Museum Uppsala Concert & amp; Congress and is in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Gustaf Broms.

At the festival, which begins with a concert by Japanese musician and installation artist Ryoji Ikeda, participates among others, the Israeli-American artist Tamar Ettun with the exhibition ” The yellow who wants “, and Martin Chramosta, Gustaf Brake and Nigel Rolfe.


New performance festival in Uppsala – Metro

With a program that offers “room for conflicting audience experiences, rather forms a short circuit than harmony” draws new festival of performance art, Revolve Performance Art Days, started in Uppsala May 6

Behind the festival, going on 14 May, says Meat inspection Dance, Uppsala Art Museum Uppsala Concert & amp; Congress and is in collaboration with the Royal College of Art and Gustaf Broms.

At the festival, which begins with a concert by Japanese musician and installation artist Ryoji Ikeda, participates among others, the Israeli-American artist Tamar Ettun with the exhibition ” The yellow who wants “, and Martin Chramosta, Gustaf Brake and Nigel Rolfe.


From the Sahara to the solo album – Göteborgs-Posten

Soon on the scene. Maria Andersson to go out and play again. But she does not like herself to go to the concert. “There is consensus that there should be great to go to a concert, but mostly I think it’s bullshit. I’m not so fond of experiencing music with others, it is so sick distracting.” Picture: Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

The bubble has burst and the band is on the ice. Young veteran Maria Andersson debuts a second time.

Maria Andersson was still just a child when she, Josephine Forsman and Jennie and Johanna Asplund was Hotnights. When Mary was seventeen she moved to Stockholm and here she stopped.

Is Stockholm home now?
– Nah, I’ve never felt at home in a special place I live here because my friends are here. I do not think you’ll find the home to a place, it is done in people, music and art. And to some extent in nature.

You came here as a young adult and was in a rock band. How has it shaped you?
– We have marked another strong and have very much in common. Meanwhile, we are different as people and it strengthened over the years. We have grown up to individuals with different needs and are at different places, both geographically and mentally.

What happened?
– You live long in a bubble and then when it bursts, it will as a displaced teenage crisis, and then it’s easy to panic. I talked with Jonas Lundquist about that, he has the same experience from Bad Cash Quartet, it will be some things you have to figure out by itself.

Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

What is required to keep a band together ?
– It will be easy relationsklyschigt, “you must be new to each other.” I do not know how to do that. But anyone who tries to be a collective in this super individualized time I think is worthy of praise. Being in a band is also about to put himself aside.

Was it obvious to you to make a solo album?
– Well, there’s an expectation that the singer will do it. The idea has been around for some years, but it has been quite a long process to come to if and how it would work.

Can you feel guilty for going ahead on your own?
– Yes, indeed. There is something to rub in that I take something that we have built together and then spin on it myself. On the other hand, have all the opportunity.

Hotnights had a clear sound that you tried to develop within the given framework, now fit on to do something else?
> – the challenge of a new album is always not to repeat what you did before, but when a group of people playing together, it sounds after a certain way. Now may be a little softer with softer drums and some blowing. I try to make music with a different dynamic than we did with the band, but I think we could have taken this direction even with the Sahara.

Does it feel like you’re debuting a second time ?
– In a way, though much is different of course. Then there was a collective force that we had together, but also a window which happened to be open where we could run away and get quick success, I do not know if we had been so persistent if it had been motigare the beginning. Now I have a better idea of ​​the whole process.

Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

can you miss that feeling you can only have the first time?
– Well, it is clear. It will very far on naivety, that one does not really understand what you are doing. It’s impossible to recreate even though many try. Paradoxically, one becomes more uncertain we become older.

I saw you on the first tour, it was a shoe flying a few millimeters from your face. But you just drove on. It was cool.
– Ha, ha. Thanks! One was used, it was thrown much stuff. Shitting in it was a part of the thing, nothing could stop us.

Maria Andersson
Name: Maria Andersson Lundell
Age: 34 years
live: Aspudden in Stockholm.
> Family Husband Love Lundell, artist, son of Ulf Lundell.
Background: Years of singer and frontman of Hotnights
Current: With solo debut Succession. Playing on Pustervik in Gothenburg on 21 May.


Lasse Flinckman lived la dolce vita – Expressen

After Dark took the draw show to Sweden, then took the success of the group to the world.

But behind the glamorous surface struggled Lasse Flinckman with health – a fight he hid in the media .

the illness took him from After Dark – but it gave him a new, quiet life with the life-mate Henrik Strömberg.

Christer Lindarw stage debut in a transvestite role in “West side story” Spoof “Wild side story” at the legendary nightclub Alexandra Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm.

Lasse Flinckman?

He was a beefy, but socially adept doorman.

When their paths crossed in 1976 – Lindarws show was shut down because of defections – emerged: Sweden’s first drag show.

Shortly thereafter moved trio Roger Jonsson was he, too, on the train, his club “Lars Jacob’s Monday Night Dragshow” from Alexandra to Shazam.

But there was something that is not really true. When they formed a drag show group and started his own nightclub pieces fell so in place.

The nightclub would be given a name.

It was: After Dark.

Two years later television broadcast group show on state television.

Another two years later, the show “Seducing Sweden in time premiere at the Hamburg Stock exchange”.

in the space of four years, After Dark made drag show – something popular.

Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson, who started the drag show group Surprise sisters 1979 After Dark is not only the central figures in the movement, and role models.

the group was older siblings.

– They started a little ahead of me, so I was always kind of a little sister, he said.

• • •

1979: Kasper price.

1982: Artist of the year, chosen by Stallbröderna.

1985: San Francisco’s theater and critics prize, three prizes.

His career rolled on, in other words.

But amidst all the success Roger Jonsson left the group in 1981. He dropped out to pursue a coarser type of humor.

And three years later suffered After Dark with grief. Roger Jönsson went away, only 31 years old.

During the 80s, in the group to the world. They appeared at the Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco, played around Europe and had an extended guest appearance in the Spanish Madrid.

The success continued in the 90s. 20th anniversary was celebrated with a show at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm. It lasted two years and ended in a sold-out Globe 1998.

This manager Agne Olsson worked with Lasse Flinckman for After Dark time. He believes that much of the success is due to Lasse and Christer’s dynamics.

Their differences – Christer Lindarw, the handsome star, and Lasse Flinckman, comic and fast jawed – did the sum greater than the devices.

– Lasse was a damn big part of After Dark. It was Chris and he somehow. They were as different figures. That was what made their greatness, says Agne Olsson.

• • •

The audience wanted more.

After Dark gave more.

2004, the group in the Eurovision song Contest with the song “La dolce vita”, and finished in third place. It was followed up with an album and a show, all based on pop hit.

But in 2005 said the body stops for Lasse Flinckman. In conjunction with a show in Malmo he collapsed. After very powerful cold he suffered water in the lungs.

He was sick for over five and a half months.

But of course he did not tell me how bad things were.

READ MORE: Artist Friends’ grief: “Be incredibly loved”

Two years later turned down Flinckman Melodifestivalen. When news of the Flinckman would not participate in pop-SM Lindarw told that his colleague was close to death.

– Lasse had to be hospitalized. It was very serious, it was close to his death, said Lindarw and continued:

– The lungs collapsed simply and he was ventilated.

• • •

the disease was the beginning at the end of Lasse Flinck’s life in the spotlight.

Christer Lindarw had tried to persuade him to join. Promised to take care of the press piece – Flinckman did not feel safe with no medieuppståndelsen – but it was a flat refusal.

In the end, the group realized that he was lost. He was replaced by Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson.

But Flinckman lacking in social, says manager Agne Olsson.

– It still works fine, but it was very funny when Lasse was with. Purely private, he was very funny, says Olsson.

• • •

For Lasse Flinckman , the disease became a first step toward a new life.

But Christer Lindarw missing his friend. As late as 2012 he told me about the feelings of sitting on the Hamburg Stock Exchange without his colleague.

– I still miss him, especially here, ‘he said then.

In the “Summer Evening” told Flinckman 2009 on the change. Flinckman, who told him that he most weighed 135 kilograms, went down properly weight.

– I was under the weather in 2005 and then you get a different valuation of life.

– I hate to dwell on problems but I had some problems with the lungs. Then I felt that I got a different outlook on life and changed me a bit. I wanted to take it easy.

READ MORE: After Darks Lasse Flinckman is dead

Lasse Flinckman was marked by diseases the last time, telling his friend Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson. He had withdrawn the publicity and did not have a large circle of friends, as friends.

Flinckman had lost a lot of weight, and had the help of an oxygen tube. The lungs dried sometimes not, says Babsan.

But the friends were Lasse Flinckman kept up appearances, says Wilhelmsson.

– When he felt unwell, he took no contact with the people, he only showed its positive side. He was probably very tough for many days, but then he kept it for himself.

• • •

and with life-mate Henrik Strömberg he established as café owner in Scania, first in Tågarp and then in Landskrona.

It was also in a house in Tågarp he lived the last years of life. Friends describe how he lived his life very private. His circle of friends was tight.

But the cafe was described how he walked and chatted with the guests.

2009 he summed up his new life.

– This is the dream . I wish for nothing but to have to have it as good as I have it right now, ‘said Lasse Flinckman then.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“Captain America: Civil War” capable approved labeling – Sveriges Radio

The most amazing Marvel superhero films from 2008 onwards are not special effects, not the dystopian intrigues or the unlikely mixture of Nordic asamytologi and American pop culture.

No, really cross and innovation with these superhero movies is the way you planned, coordinated and produced Marvel’s movies and TV series of the past decade. A marketing strategy that completely changed the international cinema box office, as more and more copied Marvel’s long-term planning and movies with an infinite number of sequels.

Today it exempe I already have a list of nine movies under the flag Marvel cinematic Universe to be released until 2020, but internally it has begun planning to biosäsongen 2028. Each year they release one, two or three new films. And, in every film introduces one or two new characters.

So to see “Captain America: Civil War” is also like watching a filmed marketing plan. Here we first see the African militant Black Panther, who will get his own movie in 2018. And so a new version of Spiderman entrance – an establishment before his new movie 2017.

And the concept has now copied – both with other superhero franchise and the way Disney is planning several parallel the Star Wars concept in the coming years.

The film company called “Captain America: Civil War” for the first film in the third phase of the Marvel superhero films. And by now are all super heroes action intricate threads together. So this film feels less like a private adventure ended, and more like an episode of an extremely lengthy television series.

The plot involves the public now begun to tire of the self-righteous frifräsare in tights. Incredibles must be regulated in some way, and the United Nations would now take command of them and use the superhero group The Avengers as a reaction force in the conflict. Something that leads to internal conflicts within the Avengers now beginning does battle with each other about it.

Now, the series production and economies does not exclude quality. And the superhero factory Marvel success also this time delivering an okay movie that can pass mark. Much thanks to the franchise’s very own niche. The humor. Most of the in jerseys heroes have at least a certain distance itself, making even infinitely extended super fight tolerable.

And while Paul Rudd figure Ant-Man, the ironic tiny supermyrmannen, is on a corner, as here, the film always works for me. This time försärkt a CUBBISH Spiderman that, a little starstruck, for the first time, the fight against real superheroes.

The contrast with the latest Batman film and the stone dull seriousness of it could not be greater.


After Darks Lasse Flinckman is dead – Västerbotten Courier

The artist Lasse Flinckman is dead. He died April 18 after a brief illness, tells the life-mate Henrik Strömberg Expressen.

Flinckman was a former member of After Dark and left the group in 2009, after more than 30 years.

– I do not feel at all for the touring life. Should I do anything else, it should be in a theater so that you can have their homes and walk to and from work. I hate the tours and that dashing in and out of various rooms, said Lasse Flinckman in an interview with TT in connection with his 60th birthday, the same year.

After Dark, which makes its last tour in autumn , founded in 1976 by Christer Lindarw, Lasse Flinckman and Roger Jönsson. They popularized the drag show entertainment at the tavern scenes in Sweden, mainly on the Hamburg Stock Exchange in Stockholm but also in Gothenburg and Malmö and abroad.

2004 came the group of third in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “La dolce vita”, which since has become a classical pop tune. Three years later competed in the group again, as with the song “(oh) When you take matters into your own hands”, who did not advance to the final.

After Dark once again lined up in popular music for years supported Flinckman home .

– He called me the other day, just before we went down here and wished good luck. And then he sent text messages asking how it goes with ropes. And it will probably a sms before the show on Saturday. After Dark is his heart still, told Christer Lindarw for Aftonbladet in February.

Lasse Flinckman was 66 years.


BBC One half should be women on TV in 2020 – Resume

Currently, 48.4 percent of the BBC’s employees are women, and of the managers is 41.3 percent women, but these the digits want to further even out to the year 2020. Then, it is hoped that this figure will be divided equally between the sexes, and that half of the people on TV and in managerial positions must be women.

in addition, like the media company to see that 15 percent of their employees ethnic as well in leadership roles and on TV. While 8 percent of the workforce to be homosexual, bisexual or transgender, says the BBC.

A spokesman for the BBC said that it has already taken major steps in the right direction, but to continue to strive for a better representation of the company’s target market.


Roxane Gay: In the wild – Today’s News


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A relentless message of rape – Swedish Dagbladet

Albert Bonniers

374 s. Övers: Niclas Nilsson

I wild” begins like a fairy tale. It is about Mireille, who was kidnapped and held captive in the Haitian slums in thirteen days. And the victim of exactly what you can imagine happening a woman who is kidnapped and locked with seven men. Though even worse.

Miri has left the safe life as a lawyer in Miami to visit family in Haiti. In Port-au-Prince live parents with teak, marble and servants, surrounded by guards with automatic weapons, a wall against the impoverished desperation outside. When she is kidnapped in front of her baby and husband refuses his father pay the ransom of one million dollars, because he does not want to encourage the kidnappers to steal more family members.

In order to survive the brutal sexual violence she was subjected to blur Miri out the memories of her husband, Michael, Christophe child and herself – until she is “no”. The breasts, which ached with milk, dry up eventually.

In captivity “wild state” becomes both the perpetrators as Mireille and her husband – powerless in their parents’ palace – the wildlife. They fight, foam at the mouth in their captivity, untamed, just like the original title “Un untamed state” suggests.

All we are sitting in our cage, the author seems to suggest, even if some of them are gilded. Can true freedom exist in a hierarchical society? Racism, gender, economic and social structures. Everything keeps us captive, in his own way.

Roxane Gay teach in fiction writing and often appear as cultural critics in prestigious American newspapers. She has many devoted followers on Twitter and has become a prominent figure in the recent years intersectional debate.

2014 was proclaimed Roxane Gays year in Time magazine. It made me a bit scared before this book. Should politics stand in the way of creativity? Already after the first page let my fears. Gays policy analysis sharpens rather than dulls her novel. It offers no easy answers, which allows it to grow and become, well, extremely well. Again and again, I find myself reading several pages without breathing.

The depiction of Haiti – Gays parents’ homeland – is complex and full of love-hate. The meeting between Miri and her worst perpetrators, “master” – born into the gutter – is so complicated that I have to use every last brain cell to take in everything. What responsibility do Miri and other rich of poverty as they do not try to change?

The relationship between Miri and her father Sebastien is sharp, vivid and difficult. His father grew up in the slums, but managed to work his way up in the US by (symbolically) to build skyscrapers, to eventually return to their home country, and where to live like a king. Miri is expected to be grateful for the sacrifices their parents made for her. At the same time, it is precisely the abundance that makes her kidnapped.

Although tensions – that is about sex as well as origin – between Miri and her white, homegrown farm boy to man is complex portrayed. But here’s a small complaint – perhaps my only. Love relationship has stereotypical elements in a way that stands out in the otherwise so nuanced story. Gay has repeatedly expressed its weakness for romantic comedies and television channel Lifetimes movies, and that is exactly what I will think about the portrayal of the relationship, which feels as taken from a Sidney Sheldon novel. He is muscular with flowing blond hair, she is dark, beautiful and pretty. She throws things, he is faithful and assiduous.

With that said, it is fascinating to follow Miris development of the relationship, from that she grew up in a family where it is difficult to show emotion, that she after the kidnapping and “death” are forced to examine their relationships, break the silence against those she loves and be more honest with their feelings.

the book moves happily right there, in the unspoken. The great gamble in the question: when do we tell the truth, to be honest with those we love?

The book’s absolute strength is in how sexual violence is not treated sensational, like a tickling detail for the reader, and then left with the assumption that all live happily ever after. It does not stop to Miri released from the kidnapping and rapes ceases. Not even when she is free, she is free.

She does not trust the priest, not the doctor or even their sleep. Or himself, with his children. Sexual violence she suffered ärrar her forever.

Gays message to the reader is relentless and unbearable relevant. As she writes in the essay collection “Bad Feminist,” which came in Swedish last year: “We are fooling ourselves to think that one can wash away a rape just as neat and tidy as on television and in the movies, where offerskapets progress is neatly defined.”

In the essay, she asks the question how to write about violence, but that it becomes speculative. In “In the wild”, we have the answer. Just like this.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Game of Thrones’ malfunctioning on HBO – people raging – Aftonbladet

Many had been looking forward to tonight’s season premiere of “Game of Thrones” HBO Nordic.

But the streaming site has problems – and Facebook page flooded with angry comments.

“You do not go all day and wait to sit down on the sofa and watch a premiere just to see a charging icon spin around forever, writes one person.

tonight is a night that many “Game of Thrones” TM fans have been waiting for.

at 18 o’clock announced HBO Nordic on Facebook that the first episode of season 6 is out there. But there are many who have not manage to watch it – judging by the comments that. READ ALSO Is the secret track a dragon?

“The only thing you can see by Got season premiere is charging icon, or your system is not activated,” writes a disappointed person on Facebook.

“But dammit !!! Do not you see that it’s damn many who want to see GOT? Do you understand where you need to prepare a little extra for just such a thing as Premiere Season 6. You lose confidence in you, “writes another.

Karin Larsdotter, press officer at HBO Nordic, says that the service is not down completely, but confirms that many users have encountered problems.

“There is an enormous interest in Game of Thones premiere and due to a record number of subscribers viewing section right now, has a some users have slow response times to our service. We do everything we can to solve the problem as soon as possible, and would also like to apologize for the problems this caused, “she wrote in an email to Aftonbladet.

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Yes to the Nobel Center – and so it happened – Today’s News


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The last battle is about the Nobel Center – Sveriges Radio

For over a century it has been argued about how a Nobel building will look. From the feud between the architect Ferdinand Boberg and Ragnar Ostberg in the 1910s, through to the contemporary hard intonations of the Nobel Foundation and the opponents of a large Nobel Center in central Stockholm.

It could have been fanfare and applause. To the question of a building befitting Sweden’s strongest brand in the world, Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize, finally seems to resolve itself.

After a tortuous history that lasted for over 100 years, ever since the architect Ferdinand Boberg sketches for an actual crazy grandiose Nobel palace in Östermalm rejected 1911. Boberg himself, who among other things designed the headquarters and Waldemarsudde, said that the building of the sketches look like a mixture of some kind of Indian palaces and an American skyscraper was the boldest he drew. And one can agree with.

The proposal was rejected then under the so-called Boberg-feud among others architect colleague Ragnar Östberg – who wanted that the building should be more important stepping stones for “ Swedish monumental architecture “.

But – it has not exactly been fanfare and applause for the plans for the new Nobel Center on Blasieholmen in Stockholm, either.

Rather it sounds completely different. “Too big, too expensive and in the wrong place,” reciting the several hundred people who braved a really nasty April weather to demonstrate against plans Nobel Center.

piquant enough, there is also the demonstration just outside the City Hall Ragnar Ostberg built and where the Nobel Prize came to be awarded. Instead of Mr Ferdinand Boberg never realized Nobel Palace. However, it is not because the demonstrators gathered right here right now.

– The biggest fault with the Nobel Center is the clash between the old culture and beautiful stone house this sheet metal housing. That’s what people are so incredibly uppskärrade for and skeptical.

It’s Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg talking. For many years the president of the Taxpayers Association – and now leader of the opposition to the Nobel Center.

We have taken shelter in his car before the rally begins. Where the speeches and chants should try to influence politicians inside the City Hall Ragnar Östberg faced with the decision of the City Council. What about if the zoning for the British star architect David Chipperfields 18,000-square-foot prestigious building with gold shimmering facade on Blasieholmen in central Stockholm, and with a price tag of 1.2 billion, will be admitted or not.

Tarras-Wahlberg himself taken aback by the heat of the resistance to the Nobel Center.

– those who come here today, they would not come in this weather unless they were damn it. There was a lady who called me the other day and just said three words: “I’m heartbroken, I am heartbroken, I am heartbroken – to how they will destroy our beautiful city,” she said. The Swedes have a great sense of community in general as well. It is not only the home, but it is in the public domain as well, he said.

But that has not built any such a signature building in Stockholm, maybe then the Globe was built in the late 80th century ? How do you see it?

– I think well that such can be. But what they do in other cities, as in Paris, and so, is that you put them outside in the new districts, as a new center in a new region, says Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg.

at the this morning we meet the Nobel Foundation CEO Lars Heikensten wrote an angry debate article in Dagens Nyheter, where he pushes himself to the resistance to the Nobel Center is unfocused and come from so many different directions at once. Tarras-Wahlberg is irritated and surprised the article.

– If you have different perceptions of a thing, one must be able to respect it. They’re democratic values. That there are so many no to the plans from so many places – it’s not so strange? There are industrial history, there are art history, there are architectural history, archeology there are … there are so many reasons to say no, he said.

If you have been opposed in the past, you and he? He has been head of the Riksbank and you have been chairman of the Taxpayers Association, among others – have you met each other before?

– Yes, we have met each other on and off. Because I have a background is also a museum, for 20 years has been chairman of the Royal Coin Cabinet friends. I am a numismatist, it is my cultural piece. Nowadays greknumismatiker. Coin Cabinet has the relatively good relations with the National Bank, as issuing currency, says Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg.

Do you see Lars Heikensten as your enemy, or how do you look at him right now?

– I am convinced that he sees me as his enemy.

I go to Lars Heikensten to ask about it – and how Nobel Center’s foremost advocate motivates his project.

Heikensten shows around the beautiful building at Sturegatan, who became Nobel Foundation’s relatively temporary residence in 1920, instead of Ferdinand Boberg gigantic palace. Just as the Nobel Museum now been at its temporary premises in the Old Town for 15 years.

While it has continued to discuss a more permanent solution for the entire Nobel machinery.

– We are now in Nobel Foundation boardroom – and on the wall here, it is a large painting of Alfred Nobel, who made sometime 1918-20.

What is on the board of the table there?

– Yes … where there is a large plate with Nobel medals in chocolate. It’s Nobel Museum Perhaps the main product that they sell a lot of the fact, says Lars Heikensten.

And so I set that question … Bjorn Tarras-Wahlberg himself said that he believes that you see him as your enemy .

– Yes, I do not know. It is not he personally is concern in this context, to him, one can conduct a dialogue with – but it’s the whole discussion. It is he who has been behind that it has received this form, then you are a principal enemy. But he can only judge, in fact, says Lars Heikensten.

He also mentioned that you had encountered each other, including the Royal Coin Cabinet through the years, is that right?

– Yes, I remember him more as an activist for lower taxes in Sweden, but it is probably true that we ran into each other in any such context. I was the Governor and we had interests in the Coin Cabinet’s activity, he said.

Lars Heikensten also agree that the tone of the debate article in Dagens Nyheter was hard.

– It reflected that I think we have tried to push this discussion with a very nice practice, otherwise it would not be possible if one takes the Nobel system. But I think that the opposite side has repeatedly argued in a way that is actually not correct. This involves both the actual site, which claims that this house built in this location means that there will not be any boat traffic there in the future. It is said that you can not expand the National Museum. It’s not true. It comes to the house itself, which proved incorrect images again and again – even though we criticized it, says Lars Heikensten.

But it is also about the actual content of the Nobel Center.

– where do you then claim that this would become an empty shell. Truth is that when we Nobels side started with concerts, we were the world’s leading concert artists. When we started with art in recent years, we have been the world’s top artists to come here: we have had Jeff Koons and Olafur Eliasson. And so there has of course long been the scientific field. So it is clear that if we start a business here with the ambition to create a world attraction, so we will be able to do it. By Nobel Prize has such a fabulous attraction, he says.

But you really have placed the building “in the middle of the wasp nest.” As I understand it was you who started running the process with this plot back when you took office. What were you thinking then?

– What we need is a centrally located place. For it to be a house that will bring science and culture center of Stockholm. Some have argued that we should be out in Hagastaden – but this is not for academics in the first place, the converted. This is to put the “middle of the village”. Then we need to also financially. Because it’s the tourists that we will be able to – and I think we will get a lot of tourists, very much – that we need. Their revenues are needed to fund school activities, says Lars Heikensten.

As for financing for the 1.2 billion expensive construction project, it has mostly come from the HM-family Erling Persson and family Wallenberg foundations.

– They have promised to contribute 400 million each. Since we keep on trying to get the remaining money. And we have so far received pledges of about 250 million.

What do you think of the verdict in the City Council?

– Well, I have not seen or heard anything that makes me think that the zoning will be says Lars Heikensten.


Clooney led the Armenian march – Västerbotten Courier

The Hollywood star George Clooney was in the lead when thousands of Armenians marched to mark the anniversary of the mass killing of Armenians under the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Clooney, who is a dedicated advocate for the massacre to be recognized as genocide, landed in the Armenian capital Yerevan on Saturday to attend a series of symbolic ceremonies. On Sunday, he will also award a prize as the representative of the Human Rights Prize Aurora prize, which was instituted last year.


Turkey’s pressure on TV4 documentary Stop – Expressen

The Turkish Embassy in Stockholm has been in e-mails to TV4 tried to stop a documentary.

They are invited to “rethink its decision” to broadcast the documentary “Seyfo 1915 – The Assyrian genocide “.

– There is a clear attempt to apply pressure, says program director Viveka Hansson.

the top politicians now call on State Department to take action.

– You should call the ambassador said V leader Jonas Sjöstedt.

Seyfo is what the Assyrians call the slaughtering of Assyrians, Armenians and other minorities during the time of the First World War. The documentary broadcast on TV4 Facts on Sunday evening depict the survivor stories.

Today, Sunday, manifested genocide of over a million Assyrians and Armenians in the former Ottoman Empire, now Turkey.

an email to TV4 writes Arif Gulen, the press officer at the Turkish embassy, ​​he respects freedom of expression. But he questions whether it is called genocide.

Arif Gulen: “It’s my feelings”

When Expressen reach Arif Gulen, he says that he wants to TV4 should rethink its decision.

– The is my feeling, I want them to think about it. As I wrote in my emails, I have full respect for freedom of expression and the channel, but you know … what happened in 1915 … I have written down my feelings in the mail, clearly. There is nothing more to say.

Asked about the email has been discussed on a higher place he says no.

– It’s my feelings. It is their decision. I do not know if they will change. They can transmit it, if they want. But I can say what I feel, too.

Expressen has unsuccessfully sought Turkey’s ambassador for comment.

Challenger press freedom

Just a few days ago trying to Green Party Planning silence criticism of Mehmet Kaplan SVT, in the aftermath of the minister’s resignation due to dinner with the leader of the extreme right-wing Grey wolves.

Viveka Hansson interprets the call as to obvious attempt to exert pressure.

– In order to get us to refrain from broadcasting a documentary that the embassy did not appreciate, says Viveka Hansson.

– the email is polite, but the message can not be mistaken, she says.

the email comes just over a week after Barbaros Leyalani, Vice President of the Turkish National Association, resigned after he in a speech at Sergel square chanted “death to the Armenian dogs”.

“this development, we can never accept. we will protest against any attempt to exert pressure that threatens freedom of expression” , writes Viveka Hansson.

V leader: “Call the ambassador”

Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt, V, is critical of the Turkish ambassador. He says that freedom of speech is threatened when free media is subjected to pressure from other countries and that the government should make a clear statement.

– It is unacceptable that a country seeking to silence media in Sweden and it must mark against rock hard. The TV4 has done, but it should also do the State Department. One should recall the ambassador and to make clear that what you are doing in Turkey, which is very bad against the media, there is nothing you can do in Sweden, says Jonas Sjöstedt.

While the Liberals directed an appeal to Foreign Ministry must react.

– It is totally unreasonable to Turkish Embassy in Sweden trying to stop the broadcast of a documentary on Swedish TV channel and I assume that the State Department now refer to the Turkish ambassador for a discussion of what freedom of the press means and what rules apply in Sweden and the Swedish democracy, says MP Fredrik Malm TV4 News.

the publishers: “Quite right that says”

Per-Anders Broberg, CEO of the publishers, think the pressure we have seen examples from the Green Party and the Turkish embassy has become increasingly common.

– you try to put pressure on the media, and therefore I think it is good that the man who SVT and TV4 made, talks about the game beyond what you want to publish. The media’s job is to tell and try to influence the publishing decision, it becomes a threat to our open society and we can never accept, says Per-Anders Broberg.

What should the order to prevent this kind of pressure?

– to tell about it and get into a discussion about it is obviously the first step. Then of course, that we as publishers and publishers resist these pressures and show that there is no use, we make our own publishing decisions on our own grounds.

will broadcast the documentary

TV4 has stated that it will not change its plans to broadcast the documentary “Seyfo 1915 – The Assyrian Genocide” on Sunday evening.

the Armenian genocide was carried out 101 years ago today, Sunday. 2010 the Swedish Parliament established that there was a genocide committed against the Christian minority, and that it was Turkey who were guilty.

Red-Greens, which was then in opposition, supported the proposal but the recognition has still not been enforced in the government.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

50 Cent shows up picture of unknown son – Expressen

50 Cent met his unknown son Davian this weekend, according to a post on Instagram.

Now, he writes about the emotional meeting.

” my life is full of surprises, this is my son Davian, “he writes to the image.

it has previously been known that the rapper 50 Cent, 40 , has two sons with two different women. Marquise Jackson, 18, and the Sire Jackson; 3.

But, according to a post on the rapper Instagram, he has a hitherto unknown son – who he met.

“My life is full of surprises, this is my son Davian. he started crying, and I thought, ‘Why are you crying? I have to pay for this shit’. LMAO “he writes to the picture where he stands with a child.

however, it is unclear whether they have met before.

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50 Cent’s followers congratulates

followers on Instagram gives his congratulations to the rapper, but some also question how you could not have learned of it before.

“how did this under the radar?” write a follower.

“That’s what gentlemen do. Take responsibility for his crap,” writes another follower.

“So glad that you are in his life now,” writes one more followers.

had no contact with her son

50 Cent had in 2012 a notable sMS quarrel with his elder son, Marquise Jackson, which ended with the rapper said the acquaintance with son.

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“Proud and supportive father”

two years ago said the son’s mother Shaniqua Thompkins, that they had not met since the quarrel.

“50 are saddened because of his son’s mother and her attention-seeking tactics. He will continue to be a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons, “said the rapper representatives then, according to TMZ.

filed for personal bankruptcy

the rapper has had financial problems recently. In July last year filed 50 Cent for personal bankruptcy, after being sentenced to pay SEK 42 million to a woman for having published a sex tape with her.


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Bomb threat in Swedish film screening in Russia – Aftonbladet

The display of the Swedish film “The Boys” was stopped during a LGBT film festival in Moscow because of a bomb threat.

“Swedish director and composer have been evacuated from the site police and bomb searches on-site personnel, “wrote one of the film’s official Facebook page.

on Sunday canceled a bomb threat display of the Swedish film” the boys “in Moscow, according to the film’s official Facebook page.

“the boys display canceled because of bomb threats against the film’s theme for LGBT film Festival Side by Side,” writes one.

on hand was the film’s director, Alexandra- Therese Keining.

– I’m a little upset now, she said.

“the boys” is based on Jessica Schiefauers novel of the same name, which came out in 2010. It is about three best friends who drink the juice from the flower and turned into guys. Then they explore themselves and the world through the other sex.

The festival displays other films with a similar theme, but Alexandra-Therese Keining believe that the “boys” are particularly controversial.

– they will not show the film in its entirety. They think that it is too dangerous, she said.

The film had Swedish theatrical release in February this year.


Shakespeare’s King form the rainbow family – Swedish Dagbladet

Jeanette Winterson Photo: Duncan Bryceland / IBL

Wahlström & amp; Widstrand

Övers: Lena Fries Gedin 287 s.

S of theater – and moviegoers, we are used to see one more innovative new take on Shakespeare’s plays than the other. “Romeo and Juliet” is set in Sarajevo, Macbeth can become veterans, and “Hamlet” could be a modern thriller (now at the Gothenburg Opera) or reworked during the thrilling piece entitled “Claudius stag” (the fledgling Drama mill).

When Jeanette Winterson choose to move “a winter’s tale,” the story of the deadly jealousy young Leontes of Sicily, to the financial crisis, London and make him a despotic hedge fund managers, we are therefore totally caught on.

Equal naturally feels that the poor shepherd and his son for the money they found along with an abandoned child runs a restaurant outside of New Orleans, while Autolycus lives up to its name and has become a bilskojare of rank.

otherwise everything is the same. That is to say, Leo (ntes) are still trying to murder his best friend that he suspects that he is having an affair with his heavily pregnant wife, here in beautiful French woman and nightclub singer named MiMi. And yes, their newborn baby is also given in the lurch because Leo did not believe that the child is his, but here in a so called baby hatch outside a hospital.

It is generally a very cheerful and playful Jeanette Winterson, with an unsuspected talent as a visionary video game developer and general technical versed in contemporary technology, we can meet the “time gap”. The text is peppered with hip contemporary markers. Possibly the reader may wonder why the technique described in the first act seems to have evolved in the eighteen years that elapsed between it and the second act. But then of course this is also one of Shakespeare’s so-called fairy play.

At the risk of revealing a little too much can also be said that the “time gap” eventually developed into frisky folk comedy with rainbow where everyone loves everyone in a collective New age -gemenskap, while in an ingenious way, the play is faithful with their themes revenge, jealousy and forgiveness.

It’s a fun creative interpretation (Winterson manages to get into a cinematic cameo role) where Winterson devotee gets his dose of poetic vibrant romance of all gender boundaries recognized from her breakthrough novel, “oranges are Not the Only fruit” as well as “Written on the body” . She also writes in a love triangle with bisexual undertones between Leo, friend Xenos and Mimi, love, steaming with jealousy and frustrated desire.

Sure beats it all sometimes in the melodrama, but it is also a play clear the stage characters who Winterson builds its modern winter’s tale on. Above all proves “Winter gap” that the 400-year-old Shakespeare still coats the 2000s.

Even Howard Jacobson choose to have their choice of a Shakespeare play, “The Merchant of Venice “unfold in a contemporary Britain, more precisely in the picturesque Cheshire.

But if Winterson is emotionally driven, so invite Howard Jacobson more in a Leading with novel construction that discusses contemporary jew identity.

in the center stands philanthropist Simon Strulovitch faced Jew Shylock in a cemetery. Thus parts Jacobson up Shakespeare’s Shylock in two roles, and that is their differing views on what Judaism may be in a secular society which constitutes the novel’s leitmotif. Yes, perhaps implicitly religion in general, which is a smart move. In the same way, Shylock’s daughter Strulovitchs, and change the name of the play Jessica Beatrice, which in true Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy”. Even the merchant (and later Beatrice marriage brokers) Antonio gets D’Anton, a Christian art dealers with anti-Semitic views, well hidden under the surface of the seemingly noble cultural identity.

When performance student and hipsterbruden Beatrice falls in love with a Pagan footballers will scroll the intrigue started, strongly encouraged by Portia as with Jacobson called the Pippi Long name “Anna Livia Plura Belle Cleopatra A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever Christine”. She is a plastic surgery soap star who suffers from spleen, runs a spa in the fashionable area of ​​Golden Triangle and engaged in charity (read: our time mercies). Well then, this is also a nod to the play’s three box as suitors to choose from, but turned to the cars of varying status.

And what about the play’s central replica, “One pound of flesh”? Here is interpreted as castration anxiety in the football player must be circumcised if he is to get Beatrice. And failing that must be D’Anton fall for the knife, according to the adage that someone has to pay the debt that also is so central to the play.

Like “A Winter’s Tale” count “Merchant of Venice” to Shakespeare’s comedies, but with the emphasis of the tragicomic. Jacobson adds in its version into a sense of magical realism in the Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov spirit. Shylock turned at times into a kind of Woland, Bulgakov’s Satan disguised form, here with hairy hands and eyes in a strange way shifts from deep brown to blue, which creates uncertainty in the reader: Who is he really? Jacobson will focus on the play’s urgent question of our perception of other religions and how people become what we read into them, rather than what they are ( “Has not a Jew eyes?”). So he also has several novels that just examines Jewish identity behind.

Overall, it’s a philosophical resonating chamber play also well take advantage of the play model in the discussion on the right religion and compassion are essential themes.

When compared between Winterson’s and Jacobson’s respective cover on either Shakespeare play, it is still Winterson’s strength that she managed to create a more stringent dramaturgy and real people of flesh and blood out of Shakespeare’s more angular characters destined for the stage, while Jacobson’s becoming more of caricatures. It will be interesting to see if they play covers in turn eventually become the subject of new scenadaptioner.

“the time gap” and “My name Shylock” is published by the Hogarth Press, which was founded by Virginia and Leonard Woolf. In the series The Hogarth Shakespeare Project reinterpreted the Bard’s works of contemporary writers – for them. two waiting Anne Tyler’s version of “The Taming of the Shrew” and Margaret Atwood’s “The Tempest”