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The channels will be closed down – 800 000 customers are affected – Aftonbladet

It was not a new agreement between Telenor and Discovery Networks.

Now extinguished Channel 5 and many other channels down 800 000 households.

“Right now, we must not broadcast this channel for Discovery Networks, which owns it. We really regret this. Discovery wants to increase the price drastically and we are negotiating now for you to get back channel as quickly as possible and to keep your price down. “

The message reached now 800,000 Swedish households by about they try to turn on Channel 5.

Norwegian Telenor, which owns Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital, and Discovery Networks has been in intense negotiations over the weekend. The previous agreement between the parties expired at the end of the year, but was extended for one month .

While Viasat customers suffer

At midnight extinguished because multiple channels down Bredbandsbolaget’s and Canal Digital’s customers.

– Discovery remains adamantly sticking to their demands, but our efforts to get them to meet us continue with unchanged intensity, so that our customers could soon see the channels again without their prices increase too much, says Jonas Jegerborn, director of Bredbandsbolaget, in a press release.

– I deplore the intolerable situation created, but we have stretched us very far in our offer to Discovery, especially for the channels our customers watch most, which they turned down.

Although the Viasat customers suffer the altercation, they write on their web site:

“Viasat’s customers are affected, unfortunately, of the ongoing conflict between Telenor and Discovery Networks. This means that Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD lacking in your choice to continue. Our hope is obvious that the parties reach a solution soon, so that our customers can watch on Channel 5 and Channel 5 HD again. “

” Sad to viewers pinched “

“Telenor announced on Sunday evening that the company is not interested in negotiating, and at midnight they turn the Discovery Networks all channels,” writes Discovery Networks in a press release.

– It is sad that viewers completely innocently get caught in this, and we fully understand that this situation creates frustration. Many have been looking forward to the premieres of Ninja Warrior Sweden, Sofia Angels, Bandy World Championships which starts right now, the continuation of Ullared and Angry carpenter VIP and many other programs and the program starts at our channels in the coming weeks. We will continue to work hard for a solution for our viewers’ sake, says Jonas Sjögren, CEO of Discovery Networks in the press release.

Dan Panas, press officer for Discovery Networks, said earlier tonight to Aftonbladet that they require a reasonable compensation.

– All we want is that the remuneration Bredbandsbolaget and Canal Digital pay to us to be at the same level as the compensation all other distributors pay.

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Outraged viewers

Several angry viewers have been in touch with Bredbandsbolaget on Facebook.

“Thank you very much! Good work. From now on, I do not pay a penny more to you “ and ” There goes number five in the middle of Criminal Minds. I really hope that you can handle this and it is fast. How can you even let it go so far that your customers suffer? “ are two of the comments.

” * poof! * Gone! I will miss the Ellen DeGeneres show tomorrow “, is a commentary on Channel 5′s Facebook page.

The channels is switched off, Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport, Animal Planet with more.


Alicia Vikander praised again: “Is a great honor” – Expressen

No sighs – just blockbusters.

Once again, Alicia Vikander praised for her role in the drama “The Danish Girl”.

– It is a great honor, said the Swede from the stage at the SAG Awards, type E Online.

The roles will be denser and that his career is growing at extreme speed is not news as regards the Swedish actor tarn shot Alicia Vikander ; 27.

Saturday night Swedish time she proved it again when she took home the award for Best Supporting Actress at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles, United States.

They defeated competitors in the category at Screen Actors Guild Awards was no less than Rachel McAdams 37 Kate Winslet 40 Rooney Mara , 30, and Helen Mirren 70th

Fun Site E Online write to Alicia Vikander could barely keep emotions back when She went up on stage to receive the award.

– Honestly, this is the highest form of honor. Only to be asked to dance on stage. Thank you, she said as she received the award.

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“I want to thank you”

Furthermore began Vikander tell about how she was inspired by her actress mother when she was little.

– I loved to watch her rehearse and I love to see her perform. I saw the excitement, exchange and friendship between the actors.

Finally directed her focus toward starring in the hit “The Danish Girl”: The British Eddie Redmayne ; 34.

– Eddie, you’re here tonight. I want to thank you and all of the amazing array actor I was on this journey with, she says.

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“I was impressed”

Just two weeks ago took Alicia Vikander home the same prize at the BFCA’s gala Critics’ Choice. Even then asked her to Rachel McAdams, Kate Winslet, Rooney Mara and Helen Mirren.

And more awards for the film can become. Alicia Vikander is namely the Oscar-nominated for her performance as Gerda, wife of Lili Elbe, one of the first people who underwent a sex change.

– Gerda, the role that I play, it felt like a woman I learned a lot of. I was impressed how selfless she was and how much she was there to support that a man she loved above all else, has Alicia Vikander told TV4 role .

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Mia Parnevik: “We laugh and tjoar to survive” – ​​Aftonbladet

The surface of the TV screen are happy and lively.

But behind the joy of “Parneviks” are very much sadness.

– We have very fun, because we have to. To survive, says Mia Parnevik.

The family Parnevik struggled with grief during the filming of the second season of “Parneviks” on TV3.

Son Phoenix , 14, best friend disappeared at sea near the home in Jupiter, Florida, and was never found.

But the recording was made, yet, despite the tough circumstances.

– This grief … unfortunately have our children been through it a little too much last year, says Mia and clears his throat.

– Sorry, I will always tearful when I talk about it. All whatever deals in its own way, but here it was so hard not to make a clearance. No one knows what happened. And for him, who is 14 and will turn 15, there will be a repetition of what his sibling has gone through who lost friends. It shapes as a family. But to become stronger.

The search became a world

The disappearance of teenage boys Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen spread like wildfire over worldwide in July last year when they disappeared with his fishing boat. Two weeks after the disappearance called off the search and corpse was never found.

During the autumn, the middle of the recordings, held a memorial service for the 14-year-olds.

For the family Parnevik was the tragic incident in a string the more in the past year. Both Philippa and Penny lost close friends in a short time.

– We laugh and tjoar much in our family, we have a lot of fun, because we must. To survive. Because … we’ve been through extremely difficult things, but we are also extremely fun. For you know how fragile life is, she says.

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” a whole family annihilated “

Nearly 12 years ago lost Mia Parnevik his best friend in the tsunami.

– It was terrible. I had five girlfriends who were in the area, but my oldest childhood friend, her husband, her children, her brother, their two children, mother and father … it was a whole family annihilated, she says.

– So we have fun in our family but there is much behind everything. That is why we live so fully in our family.

How did you get through the grief?

– It has his family and many fine friends. I remember there was a time where Jesper competed the most and they did not find their bodies directly, either. It was a search and searching. The tsunami hit Sweden very hard.

TV Series part of therapy

“Parneviks,” which premieres Monday, February 2, has become a way to capitalize on the fun.

– When you get this kind of chances after everything you go through, and whether you are terrified of what everyone will think and think, you will take it because it’s so damn funny, she said.

Full list: Bloggers, super journalist and writer They will visit the family Parnevik in Florida


Panterasångare apologize – Vasterbotten Courier

Philip Anselmo, former lead singer of the American metal band Pantera, made the Hitler salute and shouted “white power” from the scene. But now he asks for apology.

– I ask a thousand times to apologize to those who took offense at what I said, you ought to take offense at you. I am so sorry and I hope you can give me another chance, he says in a video where he also explains the background to the event:

– We joked backstage and it came with Up on the stage. It was ugly and unnecessary. Those who know me know I do not believe in any of that.

The incident occurred during the charity gala Dimebash in Los Angeles at the end of the week. Anselmo has been severely criticized, including from Robb Flynn, guitarist of the band Machine Head.

Anselmo has on previous occasions been accused of expressing itself racist.


Robb Flynn raging against Pantera singer Nazi greeting – Aftonbladet

He raised his hand in a Nazi greeting and shouted “white power”.

Then he said the it was a joke. That he had been drinking white wine before the concert.

Now criticizes Machine Heads Robb Flynn Pantera frontman Philip Anselmo in a video on Youtube.

– This shit is wrong. So fucking wrong, he says.

It is not the first time Phil Anselmo, former lead singer of Pantera, making a Nazi gambit. Last week he got more fans to rage when he made a Nazi greeting at a charity gig in Hollywood. At the same time he shouted “white power”.

Afterwards, the singer refused to apologize.

“Alright y’all, I owe an explanation, but hell, I joked. The explanation of the joke is that I drank fucking white wine, hahaha, all the damn things. Some of you need to be a little tougher, “he wrote after the fans’ reactions.

” heads would roll “

Now take Robb Flynn, guitarist and singer of Machine Head, the position of one eleven minute long YouTube clip.

– The craziest thing is that the majority of people say ‘come on, do not be so hard on him. Here comes the PK-police, “he said.

– It is only in metal circles that this stuff is so easy. If it would be Chad from Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Tom Bradly or Lars Ulrich would heads to roll.

There were no white wine

Robb Flynn says Phil Anselmo obviously need a history lesson and give him one. He also says that he himself was backstage at the concert – and that he saw a glimpse of something white wine.

– No white person has been oppressed by black. Rather the opposite. And it’s not okay to yell out “white power” and then say it’s a fucking joke about white wine. Especially when there was no white wine, he says in the video.

– Goodbye Phil Anselmo. I will not play a single Pantera song to my life, as long as I live.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alicia Vikander praised in the US again – Vasterbotten Courier

Fun Telegram Alicia Vikander has again been praised for her performance in “The Danish Girl “. At night, she received prize in the category of Best Supporting Actress at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, actor unions film and television prize in Hollywood.

Two weeks ago, Vikander prize in the same category at the Critics’ Choice Awards, which organized by film critic organization BFCA. Then as now konkurrade she there with Rooney Mara (“Carol”), Rachel McAdams (“Spotlight”), Helen Mirren (“Trumbo”) and Kate Winslet (“Steve Jobs”).

– It is a great honor just to be invited to this scene. Thank you, said Alicia Vikander when she accepted the award, reports E Online.

“The Danish Girl”, she plays Gerda Wegener, an artist in Copenhagen whose husband (Eddie Redmayne) gradually realizes that he is a woman in a man’s body and eventually undergoes a sex change.

– Eddie, you’re here tonight. I want to thank you and all of the incredible ensemble that I made this journey with, said Vikander from the scene.

If things go well for the 27-year-old Gothenburg dialect culminating gala seasonal price rain with an Oscar for a month. She is nominated along with Mara, McAdams, Winslet and Jennifer Jason Leigh (“The hateful eight”) – which was nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards, but not to the night’s SAG Awards.


It was David Bowie’s last wish – Aftonbladet

David Bowie passed away on 10 January.

Now Page Six studied the rock legend’s will.

This is how the wealth.

He had a fortune of around 800 million Swedish kronor.

Half of rock legend David Bowie’s assets are now under Testament Page Six aware of , to go to his widow Iman , 60, who also get the couple’s apartment in Manhattan.

The other half of the money will be shared between Bowie’s children Duncan Jones , 44, and Alexandria Zahra Jones , 15, and Bowie’s staff.

Alexandria – who also receives a house in upstate New York – will be first at the age of 25 to get access to their heritage.

Other mentioned in the will is Duncan Jones former nanny, Swiss Marion Skene that is assigned to approximately SEK 8 million, and Bowie’s assistant Corinne Coco Schwab that gets about 16 million.

The remainder of the money is divided equally between Bowie’s two children.

Would Alexandria losing her mother Iman before his 18th birthday, like David Bowie in addition to Schwab appointed as her daughter’s guardian.

Testament should be dated 25 August 2004.

According to Page Six should Bowie also have wished that his ashes spread on Bali in a Buddhist ritual.

David Bowie died Jan. 10, two days after his 69 birthday.

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Katerina Janouch: “I did not know what it was about” – Aftonbladet

The author and sexrådgivaren Katerina Janouch has fallen into a critic storm.

On Twitter, she wrote about the “street rabble” and cheered on the gangs that attacked people in the middle of Stockholm.

– I stepped wrong, I regret the way I expressed myself, ‘she says now.

In the midst of the intense police operation on Friday night, then Around 100 masked people attacked people in central Stockholm, tweeted Katerina Janouch its support for the assailants:

In a tweet she wrote, “The first time in my life I’m teams’ hooligans’ ‘and in another she described a group of immigrants’ street rabble “.

The inserts stirred up emotions and Katerina Janouch severely criticized on social media.

Today regret her choice of words:

– I trod wrong, I regret that I expressed myself so bantering.

Earlier in the day had Katerina Janouch seen the fliers that were distributed in the inner city with the headline “It’s enough now,” and the message that abusing Moroccan street children at the Centre.

Behind the flyer and later the attack on the people remaining under police task Stockholm Act Soccer firms, thus hooligans.

– I did not really understand what it was about, I thought it was about protecting women so that we can feel safe.

But when you now know that this group gave the women and children, what do you do?

– I ask I do not at all behind the hooliganism. I was wrong facts and were too quick to tweet.


Criticism Storm against Katerina Janouch – Vasterbotten Courier

The author Katerina Janouch took a stand for the people who last night gave out leaflets calling for giving the ‘North African’ street children ” ‘punishment they deserve “in the center Stockholm. In a series of Twitter posts, she described including people from the North African country as “street rabble” and, in a now deleted tweet that she was on the possible perpetrators of violence page.

The inserts stirred up strong feelings and strong criticism Social media. In an open letter recently published in Janouch Facebook page, she writes that she expressed it bantering but that she is “concerned about the development of society”.

“As a woman, mother and citizen of Sweden, I am deeply concerned about the development of society and debate the climate that prevails. In affective fired myself on baiting – and contributed to polarization. I’m not proud of, “she writes.

Katerina Janouch has written several novels and a series of children’s books. Her latest book “Hudhunger” was published a week.


Makode Linde art cancels hierarchies – Express

No, I remember not know, shared the laughter history into two main branches. Firstly, we have black laughter are, and before anyone gets hemorrhage: it has nothing to joke about skin color to do. It is the cynical laughter, the sophisticated oblique, ironic smile of the state of affairs. Charles Baudelaire is svartskrattets prominent figure, Michel de Montaigne an ancestor from the 1500s.

Then there snorting gapskrattet, burlesque and rich humor based the participation and often involves stumbling, smudges, and body (dys) functions. It is usually classified as folk. Another writer from the French Renaissance, François Rabelais , the milestone here.

Black Laughter acts through the exact, clever observation for an audience that understands, lush gapskrattet uses mass effect and excesses . Boundlessness is not a concern, it is the main point.

Makode Linde art approaches it later. When his “Negro king’s return” is now open at Kulturhuset in Stockholm, it is against the background of a debate about the title of the exhibition, an art director who resigned in conflict with the institution’s chief executive and an exchange of views in social media without precedent.

At the entrance are asked to anonymize themselves with a black balaclava with big red mouth and splayed teeth, alternatively wood a paper bag over his head. Then, you enter in a dark cave full of a myriad of maimed limbs, statues, a tombstone over the children’s character Little heart, heads impaled on stakes … Everything is painted black.

It’s like a visit Kurtz in “Heart of Darkness” and you realize that Linde is near the a celebrated artist Jan Håfström engaged, it’s just more fun.

To access the visual bomb carpet, cluttered and overload and repetitive as a kid, it is possible to end not help but giggle. Which will be hard – laugh at black faces, one does well not ?! But the trap is set. The opposite, to stand and watch blackface after blackface with serious art a connoisseur feels incredibly silly. Perhaps it is fortunate that it is masked.

Makode Linde’s critics think he is racist issues using offensive stereotypes. Culture World do not really know how to handle him.

There are expectation that Linde will represent a group, a skin color, but then Linde wants to be an artist and not be reduced to a Migratory identity becomes short. For the carnivalesque laughter tradition recognizes no hierarchies at all, it laughs at all (as in a left to claim the popular appeal has raised some irritation over the years). One can say that it actually does so nothing is black or white anymore.

Think about it for a while.

Is not it something really fantastic?


Makode Linde stir among prejudices – Swedish Radio

It began with the first title “The Negro king’s return” was not allowed to spread outside the exhibition space. Then the discussion up to today’s opening of Makode Linde at the Culture City Theatre has been loaded. Can I leave the discussion of questions of identity and the N-word and just see this as an art exhibition?

You can expect to be filmed said it before enters Makode Linde universe. And if you want to remain anonymous, offered a brown paper bag or a balaclava ie balaclava decorated with blackface motifs to pull over. It is sweaty and hot. It is a bit like giving out a minefield where every comment, look, matter can land so wrong. Only the choice of headgear is already difficult.

The first thing that greets is a small robot vacuum cleaner that moves in a white corridor. It has got a black exterior with wide eyes as antennas out of the head. And a little confused buzz it around and clean up after us. The road is lined last of a series of closed doors with notes on: Closed due violated, closed because of bad humor, because of the policy. Small comments on that late coming. A large door mat cut out for Africa’s contours. Welcome. And then a step in through a jättegap with an Egyptian dog guarding the entrance.

It’s like Alice in Wonderland , but with different content. It is dark, with flouriscerande colors. Here are crowded almost all the stereotypes about Africa. Western culture’s repressed eyesores. A forbidden landscape that can not be checked by a more gracefully superego. And where one of the strengths of this presentation is the underlying duplicitous humor. Because sometimes the laughter stuck in a grimace. For perhaps it is not ok to laugh? Not even for a chokladboll demonstrating the sign “Stop offend me.” And amid all additionally an African village, where the wallpaper in the houses, Africa Motives and then the huge kingdom, which was next to the fairy-tale character Little Heart’s tombstone.

Uncut and untidy. and actually unfinished. For a major part of the exhibition is also the visitors. As a performance that just going in there and that will certainly change depending on the visitors, the timing and the discussions that will occur. An open game plan simply that not even Makode Linde is able to steer.

Makode Linde exhibition Culture City Theatre in Stockholm under way until April 24.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Sven-Bertil Taube still manages to relate – Aftonbladet

Location: Concert Hall, Gothenburg.

Public: 1250 (Full House).

Length: Two hours with a break in the middle.

Best: The musical thrill in “Trouble” and father Everts hymn “As long as the ship can go.”

Worst: Somewhat played Niklas Strömstedt-interpretation “Lost again”.

Malmo Malmo live 13/2, Helsingborg Concert Hall 14/2, Gavle,

The Concert Hall 22/2, Västerås Concert Hall 3/3, Jönköping Concert Hall

4/3, Linköping, Concert & amp; Congress 5/3, Växjö Concert Hall 10/3,

Halmstad, Halmstad’s Theatre 11/3, Skövde, Skövde Arena 18/3, Orebro

Conventum 19/3, Stockholm , Circus 21/3 and 23/3, Sundsvall, Tonhallen

26/3, Uppsala Concert & amp; Congress 27/3.


Tells of shame for on track tab – Expressen

Anna Ekström is the Director General of the National Agency and signing the syllabus of plumbing training.

Still, she replied errors in tonight’s “On the Trail” – and makes everyone laugh.

– I promise to write a hundred times on the blackboard, the correct meaning, she said after the episode.

It was in the evening “On the track” in SVT that the contestants in the semifinals, Göran Hägglund and Anna Ekström against Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson, would respond to what HVAC stands for.

– plumbing, I would take a chance on heat, water, Sanitation, says Anna Ekström, Director General of the National Agency, in the program.

Mr Hägglund agree with its racing partner:

– It is so.

But after that even Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson given his answer to the question notifies the judge Fredrik Lindström that none of the teams had given the right answer.

– There is no one who is right. It must be the heat, ventilation, sanitation, he said.

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Anna Ekström: “Embarrassing “

Then exclaims Anna Ekström:

– This is terribly embarrassing. I’m with and decides on the syllabi for those who become educated to the program.

And when she realized his gaffe all begin to laugh. Fredrik Lindstrom and TV host Kristian Luuk joking addition of the miss.

– Then you go the wrong course with you, then they go water-course instead of the ventilation rate. They bathed all day, says Fredrik Lindström.

Göran Hägglund: “Hard”

Mr Hägglund adds:

– No wonder it is so difficult To get hold of craftsmen.

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“Hacon bacon mentality”

Kristiansand Luuk takes jokes a step further – and ask what Anna Ekström has the mentality of their work.

– What are your Hacon bacon mentality up there anyway? he asks while the other participants laugh.

After the section says Anna Ekström she felt ashamed when she realized her blunder.

– I promise to write a hundred times on the blackboard, the correct meaning. I felt very ashamed, but I hope that with this little error, so maybe I can attach little attention to the HVAC field, she said.

“On the Trail” broadcast Fridays 20:00 to BBC1.

Expressen has sought Anna Ekström through the National Agency for comment.

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Soon the premiere of the “Yarden” at the Film Festival – Swedish Radio

On Friday opens the Gothenburg Film Festival, where 500 films will be shown for eleven days. First up is the film Yarden.

During the festival, the focus is on including Nigerian movie, or Nollywood as the scene is sometimes called, but also on TV series . The latter one taken over from film festivals in Toronto and Berlin. As usual, it is also a strong Nordic theme and many of the Nordic films are shown for the first time.

One of them is Måns Månsson’s Yarden, based on the book by Kristian Lundberg, who also opens the festival . Yarden is a story about how Kristian Lundberg no longer able to support themselves as cultural workers and forced to work as day laborers in Malmö’s port on the cold and often ruthless relocation spot yard.

– Suddenly, there is a huge hub for Japanese and Korean lyxsuvar as for purely technical reasons, omparkeras, then how the site then unfolds into something inverted prison / Fort Knox where the absolute lowest standing labor somewhere must provide those billions that are lined up in almost graveyard-like formations. So there was a foundation there that I felt was incredible visual and dreamy and that had the potential to be a really good movie, says director Måns Månsson.

Yarden now open Göteborg Film Festival and is one of the attractions which is a right radical difference from last year when his films were only seen by 24 people at the festival. Just to reach out to the audience is something Måns Månsson see as important film festivals.

– The important thing is that the films must meet an audience. The problem is that the film festival is the only chance to see many of the films made today. Film festivals have been increasing and it is well also because it has become more.

But film festivals are important not only for feature films but also documentaries and short films. In Gothenburg Film Festival’s Short Film prize Startsladden this year Joanna Rytels movie “VAT on Fire” was nominated.

It is an animated, however, the film about two pregnant moms who are hot, infidels, bored and do not want anything more than to avoid becoming a mother again.

– I felt myself in my personal life that I wanted to defy motherhood. I was living some kind of double life. One day maybe I was out partying and came home at seven in the morning and the next day I was a mother. I had a bad conscience; “I get to do like this” “Oh god, I’m so poor and so tired again.” Then I thought, what would my daughter’s father feel? He would walk around and have a bad conscience? So I felt, no man he’s never a bad conscience. Still, he is told that is a great dad, but I never hear that I’m a great mom, says Joanna Rytel.

Yarden premieres 17:30 on the stages Drakensberg and the Great Theatre. VAT on Fire appears first on Sunday at 15.00 also on the Dragon.


Meeting with Leonardo – Swedish Radio

With twelve Oscar nominations – more than any other film this year – is “The Revenant” a theatrical release of many looking forward to. Recorded on location in the North American wilderness has lashed much of the tough working conditions of the actors, something the protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio is willing to agree.

Freelance journalist Lotta Zachrisson met Leonardo DiCaprio in New York for a chat about the film.

In addition, the film journalist Maria Brander, who reviewed “The Revenant”, Expressen, and culture of the editorial Måns Hirschfeldt, who reviewed “The Revenant” in Kulturnytt, to the studio to talk about the physical acting and DiCaprio’s Oscar chances.

Host: Roger Wilson

Full Friday P1 Culture can be found here


Kim Basinger plays as the new “50 shades” – Aftonbladet

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will reprise their starring roles.

However, in the sequel to the blockbuster movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” they are joined by veteran sexy movies.

Kim Basinger play as Grey’s former lover, writes Variety.

Kim Basinger will play the character Elena Lincoln, Christan Grey’s business partner and former lover. The woman who seduced and taught the Grey in BDSM art. The author behind the best sellers, EL James , confirming recruitment of big star on Twitter.

Kim Basinger is among other things known from the hot film “9 1/2 weeks”, not unlike “Fifty Shades” -historien.

The second book and movie, called “Fifty Shades Darker” and will be directed by James Foley .

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Want to put barbed wire around artwork – Vasterbotten Courier

The work of art “Mural, Berlin” has created political momentum in Uppsala. The painting is namely a replica of Max Lingners works “Aufbau der Republik”, made in collaboration with the Communist regime in East Germany, reported Swedish Radio.

– The work shows well an ideal image of DDR society, says the artist Krikortz to SR, as referring to Lingners artwork.

Among other things, proposing the Christian Democrats in Uppsala, that you should put up an explanatory sign and enclose the artwork with barbed wire.

– First, we think that you should keep the artwork, and it is important that the arts have freedom and not be mixed into politics, but we think that art sometimes need to be explained and put into context, said Councilor Jonas Segersam (KD) to SR.

Krikortz do not think it will put up some barbed wire around the artwork.

– This is a very absurd proposal that the Christian Democrats have come up with and it will hardly be implemented, he said.