Saturday, January 3, 2015

Özz Nûjen: “It was a very difficult situation” – Aftonbladet

Rikard Wolff’s coup scared “Stars in the Castle”.

Özz Nûjen would perform a monologue, but did not.

– It was very difficult and a difficult situation, he said.

1000 people came to watch when Rikard Wolff , 56, invited to show with “secret guests”.

It shocked Helena Bergström 50 Harriet Andersson 82 Örjan Ramberg 66, and Özz Nûjen , 39, who was forced to make a few numbers Rikard Wolff prepared.

In particular, Özz Nûjen jumpy before the activity and he throws away the paper in the program.

– It is always difficult to remain width. Especially that for the more than 1,000 people, quite unexpectedly, get up and try to be funny. It was very hard and a difficult situation quite easily. But it was just to do it. I love Richard and it was his day and his rules, says Özz Nûjen.

“Özz was damn sour”

Rikard Wolff says in the program that he thought Özz Nûjen would be the least worried.

– Özz was damn sour there. I was trying to say, you get to do exactly what you want. I just think it’s fun if you are with, says Rikard Wolff.

Özz Nûjen says that it does not work the same way for a standup comedian for a musician or actor.

– A musician or singer’ve a song that they can drive every time. But jokes and standup does not work that way. I would play a passage from “Mistero Buffo” and it demands much of its audience and requires that tells context and so on. So they have only 4-5 minutes each on stage. It becomes difficult to make something of it in that brief moment. It was a bit oschyst, but it was just to do it.

Had a back up plan

Rikard Wolff says that everything that the stars were asked to do was carefully prepared.

– I had talked to his colleagues in the industry who said he loves the monologue, so I thought it was a good idea. Now he made an own good version of it. An improvisation that he was pissed at me, says Wolff.

If one of the stars would have refused, however, he had a back up plan.

– If someone would absolutely refuse I had extras. We have to have some kind of idea as there were so many people, says Rikard Wolff.


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