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Malena following poem: “I am very relieved” was protected by own bodyguard at Skansen – Aftonbladet

The rehearsal went to hell, and she was nervous.

But once on stage did Malena Ernman no mistake.

– I’m very relieved, she says after New Year debut at Skansen.

Yesterday called Malena Ernman in the new year with Alfred Tennyson’s poem “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen in Stockholm.

In connection with the assignment, the singer – who received the amounts of näthat for their political debate – special protection.

– I have my own bodyguard. He picked me up before and will ride home I said Malena Ernman just after midnight.

was protected by the Security Service

According to sources Nöjesbladet got Ernman protection of Sapo in parts of the New Year’s Eve. The extra security was primarily due to the terrorist attacks and threats that marked the 2015th

– It was particularly rigorous and they have checked everything, given the situation in the world. And given that it was such a big crowd, says Malena Ernman.

Despite the call-up she felt safe while on stage. Internet hate has not affected her much.

– No, it’s just my husband who read what is written, and he is not passed on to me. It is unpleasant when they draw up the kids, but otherwise I do not particularly afraid. There are many others who have it worse.

“Had not the right feeling”

She was nervous about his performance of the venerable New Year’s poem, but is satisfied with his performance.

– It felt good, I’m very relieved. I remember the text, only that. The rehearsal went to hell, I did not have the right feeling. But now it seemed fun, she says.

In addition to the poem she managed to deliver several song numbers during the celebrations. It was a trick he took to calm the nerves.

– I have not sung so much on TV lately, so I had to take the opportunity to Kuppa it. It is my safe ground so I thought it would calm me down a little. But it was almost a little stressful.

What do you hope to face in 2016?

– The earth race reconciled. Out of hatred and into the consolation and reconciliation.

Malena Ernman took over the role as host New Year’s Skansen after loa falkman. 2014 stepped Jan Malmsjö of the mission for many years.


To protect Malena at Skansen tonight – Aftonbladet

In the evening all eyes on Malena Ernman.

During the venerable New Year celebrations at Skansen she is protected by multiple instances.

– We have an close collaboration with SVT and police, says Tobias Runnfeldt, director of Skansen’s security office.

In the evening reading Malena Ernman “Ring Out, Wild Bells” at Skansen in Stockholm. During the past year the singer has been an active commentator on political issues – and has also expressed its views on the refugee crisis and the Swedish immigration policy.

Ernmans dedication has made her election as New Year’s hosted in some camps have been seen as controversial. She has also been receiving lots of näthat.

“Do not go into details”

At Skansen takes security around Malena Ernman and the popular event very seriously.

– We have close cooperation with SVT and police authorities, make an assessment, and security dimensions beyond. Anything to get a safe and secure event, says Tobias Runnfeldt , director of Skansen’s security office.

More specific than that he does not want to be.

– That’s all I can say. For obvious reasons we will not go into details.

“Is humanist”

In an interview with Aftonbladet has Malena Ernman commented on the strong reactions to her election as New Year’s host.

– I am a humanist to the core and can no politics even if people believe it. I think about things, and have seen people suffering around me. I do not even know which politician belongs to which party, almost. Which is quite liberating. The step from loa falkman to me is not far, she said.

The broadcasts from Skansen begins at 23:30 in BBC1.

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Therefore opened Bill Cosby case up again – Expressen

Bill Cosby is accused of sexual abuse.

Now, claims his lawyer that the case was opened again – because of a campaign, writes AP.

– What we have is a fulfilled campaign promise, says the lawyer Monique Pressley according to the site.

Comedian Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual abuse of over 50 women.

Yesterday, charges were brought against the comedian for sexual abuse in one case. Woman claims according to the BBC that Bill Cosby would have cheated her drugs and wine when she was home with him for advice on his career, and then used her.

Bill Cosby, according to earlier reports said in interviews several years ago that he and the woman should have had sexual contact, but that it was consensual.

If convicted, he risks up to ten years in prison and bail was added to a million dollars, equivalent to around 8 4 million, writes several US media.

READ MORE: Bill Cosby prosecuted for sexual abuse

Something that should have been paid immediately after the bail had determined.

The case, which was opened in 2005 but ended in settlement a year later, was opened again after all charges against comedian last summer, wrote earlier TMZ.

– The opening of this the case was again a matter of course. To open this case again was our job as law enforcement officials, prosecutors, Kevin Steele said before, according to AP.

Now, says Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Pressley Bill Cosby prosecuted because of a campaign promise by the prosecutor Kevin Steele, writes AP.

– What we have here is not the cause of justice. What we have here is a fulfilled campaign promise, she said according to the newspaper.

READ MORE: Women behind Cosby allegations

It was this summer that the AP received access to the right document from 2005 where Bill Cosby in court had admitted that he had given the drug Quaaludes, in Sweden known as methaqualone, at least one woman, “and other people”, he wanted to have sex with.

The charges against Bill Cosby began in the early 2000s, and after that the recognition was published took 35 women who all accused Cosby of sexual abuse presented at New York magazine under the title “An unwelcome sisterhood”.

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The stars critical of Cosby – Sydsvenskan

“Cosby has dedicated his whole life to threats, lawsuits and money trying to silence the women he has abused. Hopefully, these women now tell their stories in court, “he wrote on Twitter.

Apatow is backed by the” Girls “-skaparen Lena Dunham, who writes:” Grateful stamp of Bill Cosby criminal, just like the lives of the women he raped stamped forever. “

” White House “-skådespelaren Joshua Malina hooks on the train:” Good continuation,billcosby. I hope the new year brings you what you deserve, “he tweets.

In total, more than 50 women testified about how Cosby must have drugged and in many cases abused them. Several of the events must have occurred several decades back in time, and Cosby has consistently denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania want the right examining allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and molested a woman in 2004. The star was released yesterday in a million dollars in bail for the negotiations to resume on 14 January.


Stars spamming Cosby with the criticism – the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

Bill Cosby in court on Wednesday. Photo: David Swanson / AP

The image of the legendary comic has gone from mysfarfar to the sex offender and more of Hollywood’s biggest names are now openly critical of Cosby .

The director Judd Apatow is one of those who ventilate their views:

“Cosby has devoted his life to threats, lawsuits and money trying to silence the women he has abused on. Hopefully, these women are now telling their stories in court, “he wrote on Twitter.

Apatow gets support of” Girls “-skaparen Lena Dunham, who writes:” Grateful the stamp of Bill Cosby criminal, just like the lives of the women he raped stamped forever. “

” The White House “-skådespelaren Joshua Malina hooks on the train:” Good continuation,billcosby. Hope the new year give you what you deserve, “he tweets.

In total, more than 50 women testified about how Cosby must have drugged and in many cases abused them. Several of the events must have occurred several decades back in time, and Cosby has consistently denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania wants to adjudicate on allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and molested a woman in 2004 . The star was released yesterday in a million dollars in bail for the negotiations to resume on 14 January.


Malena Ernman: “I was rude – threw myself” – Aftonbladet

She has read the New Year poem 18 times in public.

Still, Malena Ernmans nerves on edge before the performance at Skansen and SVT in the evening.

– I threw myself out because I was rude, she says to Aftonbladet.

Last year did not manage loa falkman finish reading the poem before the New Year bells started ringing.

The mistake of thinking SVT avoid this year, and therefore poetry reading concluded in good time before the countdown.

– This year I stop a minute or two before so you count down together. So it is resolved. The stress will not all producers and people involved, says Ernman.

It sounds like nothing could go wrong?

– Well, I can get vomiting disease and begin to vomit. Just because I say so, I will lie awake now, she says, laughing.

The text, she can at this point. During a Christmas tour which includes Lasse Berghagen has participated Malena Ernman taken the opportunity to read the word Alfred Tennyson “Ring Out, Wild Bells” in public. 18 times.

– It was genius. Unfortunately not my idea. Bit cheating, and no, it is not cheating. It is a way to repeat, she says.

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How to upload facing poem reading?

– I downloaded, I believe. Uploading is so tough. I threw myself away from home and went to the gym because I understood that I was not fun to be around, she says.

How do you do?

– It is very nerves. I do not usually have a lot of nerves. But when it noted that I am rude and impatient, then I know. So I threw myself out, she says.

“The words are serious”

She explains that she is not a dramatic actor, and makes the poem in its own way.

– the words are serious and extremely relevant. You can not escape the fact that the poem takes up the biggest issues we have right now.

Jan Malmsjö has sometimes taken the opportunity to make any changes to the text. But Ernman will stick to the original.

– I want to try to bring out the intimate of it all. It has changed quite good before so that we understand better. I keep fairly strictly to the text, except for two or three words so that we understand what she says.

– I do not have the experience to change. Had I been a Jan Malmsjö I might have known that I get to do it. Then it had been more my poem. I have a tremendous respect for the poem, she continues.

Since Ernman is known for its commitment to the refugee issue was the rapid reaction to her when it became known that she gets the honor. In some camps, the choice of Ernman a provocative choice.

– I am a humanist to the core and can no politics even if people believe it. I think about things, and have seen people suffering around me. I do not even know which politician belongs to which party, almost. Which is quite liberating. The step from loa falkman to me is not far, she says.

How do you celebrate beyond this?

– We have not celebrated the New Year in many year. We usually would otherwise fall asleep around ten. The family will celebrate the day. Or the next day. We are quite simple.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bill Cosby served on the suspicion – issued by the Gotland Media AB. The company is part of the group NTM AB, based in Norrköping. Gotland Media is the publisher of Gotland Newspapers, Gotland Allehanda,, Gotland right now, Gotland Enterprise and Radio Four.
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They become the host of SVT’s new major venture – Göteborgs-Posten

As a GP Entertainment previously revealed will Belinda Olsson, one of the program leaders of SVT’s new Society Opinion Live.

Now experience GP.SE it second of the two presenters will Olle Palmlöf, who is making a comeback after almost a decade in the wings.

– I will be with in any way, confirms the former Swedish Radio and the SVT profile to

On January 14, SVT has premiered its new current affairs: Opinion Live. As GP Entertainment previously revealed Belinda Olsson – who hit it big with feminist anthology Fittstim – offered the job as one of the program leaders. According to sources close to production as GP.SE spoken with a second host now ready for the big bet: Olle Palmlöf . According to GP’s data becomes an approach that differs greatly from SVT Debate, which programlederiet will not be held by only one host. Palmlöf should somehow share the mission with Belinda Olsson.

The job will be a comeback in the Olle Palmlöf who created in 2005 made headlines after being busted for drunk driving. He was convicted of the crime after being stopped in a routine check where the test showed 0.97 parts per thousand, just under the limit for drunk driving. After the event he jumped off his two program leadership roles on “Gomorron Sweden” and “fact” on SVT. Since then he has mostly remained behind the scenes, including as a producer for the Masters champion and “Håkan and Lena’s podcast,” who took home a golden egg last year. Already in 2004 he won the Journalism award in the category revealing the SVT program CP magazine.

For GP.SE confirm Olle Palmlöf on Wednesday night that he will be involved in the new program, but would not say what role:

– I will be with in any way, but it is not quite clear yet, he says to the GP.

The GP has contacted the project manager for SVT’s Opinion Live, Katarina Sahlin, who refrains to comment on the information.

– I’m abroad and can not talk right now, she says.

Although senior manager for SVT Gothenburg, Mette Friberg, refrains to comment Palmlöfs comeback:

– We will disclose the details of the program on January 4, she says to GP on Wednesday night.

SVT’s new current affairs Opinion Live will be a studio-based program focusing on public opinion and social debate.

– We will not have a major forum debates, but it will still be public. We will have discussions and debates in a different way and maybe not just debates but also talks and interviews, said project manager Katarina Sahlin GP earlier in December.


Bail of one million dollars for Cosby – Helsingborgs Dagblad

– On the evening in question called on Mr. Cosby woman taking pills and wine, which resulted in that she became unable to move and stop his advances. He committed when an attempted rape, said Kevin R Steele at the district prosecutor’s office in Montgomery County.

Prosecutors have brought case to court by an indictment, a document entitled “complaint”, which compares with a prosecution. Already on Wednesday held “arraignment”, the stages where the Cosby received allegations presented to them before a judge and given the opportunity to respond to how he stands with them. Cosby chose not to answer.

Initial hearings in court shall take place on January 14, according to the news channel. Cosby, according to Reuters bail and had to leave in from his passport.

According to Steele during the year revealed new information about the alleged case of 2004.

– After reviewing the evidence, we can now begin to do justice to the victim, he said.

crime of reads attempts to rape, which is considered a serious crime in the US. Cosby gets convicted, the punishment can according to US media be a maximum of ten years imprisonment and a fine.

The Cosby has repeatedly denied the allegations and has never been a formal suspect. Many of the alleged crimes should have taken place so long ago that they had time barred.

– This is a very important event development, says the lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented the woman in an earlier civil liability against Cosby, CNN .

The beginning of the December sued Bill Cosby seven of the women who accused him. He claimed that they were liars as “defaming his honor and reputation”.


BJÖRKMAN: Cosby will not escape – Expressen

Once, he was the whole world’s cozy and funny TV dad.

Therefore, the humiliation so great for the TV icon.

Bill Cosby will now go to court on suspicion of sexual assault. In the end, one could say, the accusations have been there long when woman after woman stepped forward and told. Yes, rumors were already 30 years ago, but then was Bill Cosby unassailable.

Bill Cosby was honored, loved and very respected. His career as a comedian began already in the 60s, but it was in the 80s, he became the world’s TV dad, Dr. Cliff Huxtable, in the comedy series “Cosby”, which even had a million viewers in Sweden.

“Cosby” was a family series, a fun and enjoyable comedy about Dr. Huxtable, his wife Claire and their five children of different ages. There were family problems depicted with warm humor, but this TV family in the upper middle class were not white, they were black. And viewer surveys showed that “Cosby” had a large white audience. Bill Cosby, who was the main protagonist and driving force in America’s first positive black hit series, became a hero.

So it was particularly difficult for women to be believed when they are 25 years later accusations.

Could well America’s most popular comedian, who played TV’s most beloved family man, be a cheap rapist, as with pills made beautiful women to the will of their victims.

The women were after money and publicity. It was what Cosby lawyers said, and threatened to sue for libel.

But the reality has finally caught up, more women have dared to talk about their unpleasant, sometimes misty experience.

Bill Cosby has remained silent, refusing to answer questions, and hoped that everything would blow over. But this autumn, people in the entertainment industry, which had previously supported him, retreated. This autumn also has several awards he received over the years been back.

Cosby lawyers engaged safe now for delaying the legal process.

However, humiliation, that he will not escape. TV icon Cosby have fallen long and hard.

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Bill Cosby prosecuted for sexual assault – Expressen

Bill Cosby prosecuted for sexual abuse, writes TMZ.

He now risks ten years in prison.

The ABC reports that Cosby expected to be served suspicion over Wednesday evening Swedish time.

This applies to suspected abuse at the former University employee Andrea Constant, who claim that the comedian Bill Cosby molested her in 2004, writes TMZ .

The case was investigated at the time, but the police concluded it on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence.

Andrea Constand should have sued Bill Cosby 2005, which ended in settlement one year later.

The case was reopened this summer, after over 50 other women have accused him of various types of abuse, writes the BBC.

It was after the AP had access to the right documents from a lawsuit against Bill Cosby in 2005 this summer, where he admitted that he had given the party drug methaqualone at least one woman, “and other people”, he wanted to have sex with the women began directing accusations against the comedian.

According to The BBC should be about a grossly indecent assault on the woman.

Now prosecuted him for sexual abuse.

According to People tell prosecutor Kevin Steele Bill Cosby should have done two sexual advances toward Andrea Constand but Andrea denied.

She then worked for dambasket team at Temple University, where Bill Cosby was involved.

The event must have occurred when Andrea Constand was the home of comedian for advice on his career, according to ABC News.

The woman claims that Bill Cosby must have tricked her drugs and wine, which meant that she could no longer deny, saying the prosecutor Kent Steele.

Bill Cosby reportedly said in questioning several years ago that he had had sexual contact with the woman, but that it was consensual, writes the BBC.

Bill Cosby sentenced for sexual abuse he risks ten years in prison, writes TMZ.

According to the Los Angeles Times should Cosby formally communicated suspicion at 22.00 Swedish time.

People reports that an arrest warrant issued against the comedian.

Bill Cosby himself has previously denied all allegations against him.

One of the 50 women who have spoken out and accused the actor of having drugged and raped her, the former air hostess Colleen Hughes. At the press conference, she said that Cosby drugged her with champagne.

READ MORE: Bill Cosby has admitted: I drugged women

The Cosby must have poured the drink into a Gucci shoe that he gave to her when they met in a hotel room before a dinner in Beverly Hills in the 1970s.

– A princess should always drink champagne from a glass slipper, the Cosby have said according to Huges testimony.

When she woke up, the hotel room was empty and her clothes lay scattered across the room. Hughes says that she felt confused and was shocked when she found semen on her body.

READ MORE: Here are the women behind Cosby allegations


Museum reschedules free admission – Vasterbotten Courier

The government’s reform of the free admission into some of the state museums are proposed to be implemented from February next year, but the National Museum reschedules the free entrance. The reform will come into force from January 1, when it also introduced in the museum’s exhibition rooms at the Art Academy in Stockholm. The next day introduced the free entrance also the National Museum of Design at the Cultural City Theatre.

“Since there are relatively small activities we pursue in our temporary premises so we are able to switch at short notice”, says Berndt Arell, senior curator at the National Museum, in a press release.

The following museums covered by the reform: Army Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Air Force Museum in Linköping, Hallwyl Museum, History Museum, Royal Academy. Coin Cabinet, the Royal Armoury, the Naval Museum in Karlskrona, the Museum, the Modern Museum in Stockholm and Malmö, the National Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Maritime Museum, Skokloster Castle, the National Centre for Architecture and Design, Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg and the East Asian Museum.


The Specials drummer’s death – Vasterbotten Courier

John Bradbury, drummer of ska band The Specials, has passed away 62 years old, writes the BBC.

“It is with deep sadness as we say goodbye to our dear friend, the world’s best drummers, our beloved Brad, “writes the band on his Twitter account.

Bradbury replaced Silverton Hutchinson as the drummer of The Specials in 1979 and continued to play with the elements of the original set of the newly formed band The Special AKA between 1981 and 1984. He joined then again when The Specials reunited in 2008.

The Specials had two England The ones with the singles “Too much too young” and “Ghost Town”.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

TV journalist June Carlsson death – Vasterbotten Courier

The former SVT TV host June Carlsson has died. She died on Monday after a brief illness, confirms her family for TT.

During the 1970s and 80s, June Carlsson host of “Studio S” and “20:00″. The program “20:00″ was a huge success which even the journalist Stina Dabrowski was featured and interviewed famous people. As a 24-year-old began Carlsson lead the “News”.

June Carlsson was a pioneer in many areas. She was active in gender equality in the 1970s and coined when a familiar expression: “the men, with men, for men,” a swipe at the news programs on television during that time.

June Carlsson was married to journalist Staffan Ekendahl. She was 70 years old.


The daughter’s grief – after June Carlsson’s death – Expressen

June Carlsson has died, 70 years old.

Now tell her children about grief.

“The loss is enormous,” wrote the daughter Sara Edman in a text message.

SVT-profile June Carlsson died on Monday after a long battle against breast cancer.

Now tell daughter Sara Edman about their grief.

“Mom was a wonderful person, a wonderful mother and grandmother. We had a very close and loving relationship, and could talk about everything,” she writes in a text message.

She says that June Carlsson looked positively on life, despite the cancer.

“Despite his illness did mother always positive in life and she never gave up. I admire her for that. I’m so proud to be her daughter. The loss is enormous, “she writes in a text message.

Even his son Peter Ekendahl says:

” June cared very much about children’s well-being. Her video series children’s development was a passion project. As a mother, she was always present, supportive and full of trust. I feel fortunate to have known her so well. “

READ MORE: June Carlsson is dead – television profile was 70 years

June Carlsson lived last days in a nursing home. Last week she lay in a coma, and her husband Staffan Ekendahl was there every day.

– I have in a way become accustomed me because she was in a coma for over a week and I have spent the last seven nights at her place in this nursing home. I have gotten used to me. You know that something will happen and then you set on it. But the feelings yards is not over, even if you know it will be so here and I will try to do, he says.

READ MORE: SVT friends’ grief after Carlsson’s death

SVT-profile was 70 years old.

– I think it is terribly sad. She’s far too young to die, says Staffan Ekendahl.

June Carlsson began his career as radiojurnalist, but already at 21 she was recruited to Current SVT.

During the 80s, Carlsson host of “Studio S”. June Carlsson worked in recent years as a consultant in the communications industry.

In addition to the children Sara Edman, Peter Ekendahl and husband Staffan Ekendahl, she leaves behind another daughter who greets that she did not want to comment.

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DT’s employees recall meeting with Lemmy – defying the smoking ban – Dalarna Tidningar

Lemmy gave a lesson how a real rockstar behave.

Suddenly he walkin in the small hallway. Lemmy would hold a press conference at Hotel Brage in Borlange. The year was 2004. Peace & amp; Love began to take shape.

In a right dirty and small room was the organizer set up chairs to the writing pressure, and a table at the front with, oddly, a fruit bowl, a Fanta, Coca Cola, a bubble of water and a full Jack Daniels.

When the late Lemmy enters the room becomes silent. He attracts fruit bowl, smell it and frown.

– Want somebody to taste? he asked, holding out the bowl to us journalists.

We laugh a bit contrived. He plugs up the whiskey bottle and pour into a glass full to the brim. Takes out a cigarette and lights it (here is a total smoking ban). Taking a deep puff and blow the smoke towards us.

Then he looks out at us and says, reached in the form of.

– Well so what do you know?

Approximately so it was that I met a real rock star.

And that I will never forget.

Thanks Lemmy. Thank you.

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Motörhead frontman Lemmy’s death


“More rock & roll is not in any body ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

Motörheads göteborgske drummer Mikkey Dee talks about his friend Lemmy Kilmisters sudden death.

Motörhead singer Lemmy is dead. His passing came as a surprise for the fans as well as those closest to him, as the band’s drummer göteborgska Micael “Mikkey Dee” Kiriakos Delaoglou.

– It came as a huge shock. I got the message that he was sick yesterday and Lemmy got it himself the day before yesterday. The cancer was everywhere, brain, neck, everything. It must come bang on as rapidly as possible. Then they said he had two months to live. Lemmy decided that he would not be a carrot, but said, “I had a good run, fuck it,” took it easy, played some video games and then he fell asleep. I would actually go over to Los Angeles after the New Year and greet him but not even that we had time.

Mikkey Dee says he noticed that Lemmy gone down very much in weight recently and urged him because fatten up before the European tour that would have started in January.

– Lemmy is a man of few words, but this was even worse. He was very little energy but we thought it was because he was so skinny and we decided that he would eat up on potatoes and pasta.

On the stage, did however Lemmy everything and Mikkey Dee thought that both he and the whole band was better than they have ever been in the last three years. Something he also think that the Swedish press missed when they played in Sweden.

– It was not quite like they knew us and knew what challenges we stood on stage with. Instead, they held on like Lemmy should have been 28 years. In his state, he could maybe give 60 percent. But to even give 60 percent when he was so poor he gave 200 percent. It is quite incredible.

For the fans and the music world Lemmy was an icon but for Mikkey Dee who played with him for over 25 years, he was more than that. He was a friend, a brother, a relative, a colleague, a hobby buddy and a party buddy.

– I am extremely proud and happy to have got to be a part of his life and I know he thought the same thing about me and Phil. It will be very strange not to stand on stage with the two gentlemen again. It’s terrible for me but almost worse for those in the world who had the privilege to be near him. It is an incredible loss to the music world and for all really when such a guy walks away, more rock & amp; role is not in anyone’s body.