Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The news of the night: the channels disappear from Telia – Aftonbladet

Last night it became clear: SBS Discovery channel disappears from Telia’s range.

Customers rage against the solution with the replacement channels – as many have already been in the range

– Honestly, I think it is crap, says Jeanette Höglund.

They negotiated until the very end.

But TV provider Telia and media company SBS Discovery could not agree on the SBS channels that were in Telia’s offer and how much it would cost provider.


At midnight confirms SBS Discovery’s press officer Dan Panas that the parties failed to be met and that their channels now disappear from Telia.

– Sadly, Telia has chosen to midnight switch off Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Discovery Channel, Eurosport, Eurosport 2, TLC and our other channels for their TV households. We think it is unfortunate that those who watch our channels through Telia suffer in this way. It is very, very sad, he said.

Nöjesbladet looking Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn.

The announcement means that viewers in some 700 000 households affected.

Presented stopgap

Earlier in the day, Telia had presented its emergency solution: the moment including Channel 5, 9, 11, and TLC and Discovery channels disappeared from the supply would be replaced by the channels Fox , National Geographic and NatGeo Wild.

– They choose instead to offer its customers the very small channels Fox, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild. Our channels are accessible at all other distributors and we see no reason why we could not exist even with Telia. Our door is open to them, says Dan Panas.

Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn told earlier in the day that she jumped that customers would see it as a reasonable compensation.

We hope that to do it but it will certainly be customers who do not like it. We hope they take the time to get to know the new channels, she said then.

She also commented on the storm of criticism on social media.

– There are very many disappointed customers who have heard by itself. Of course it is sad that our customers get trapped in this way.

Viewers critical

But hope was in vain. Throughout yesterday raged viewers from Telia solution.

Telia’s Facebook page bombarded with lots of critical posts.

“Sports Channel is replaced with natural channel ?? Would I pay to see even more pippande lions so I go on safari. Shoddily Telia. Miserable! “Wrote one of many outraged viewers.

Jeanette Höglund is one of the all Telia customers who have large Telia package. In that already includes compensation canals and she was compensated instead with a free month of streaming service HBO Nordic.

– I do not understand how you can call it compensation when the channels already available. And those channels that disappear are the ones I watch most, especially the five. It is not an adequate compensation. Honestly, I think it’s crap, she says.

Affected customers who are not satisfied with television package may terminate the service without notice.

Comments on Telia’s Facebook page (selection):

“does not want compensation !!!! Want channel 5. ROGER! “

” Sports Channel is replaced with natural channel ?? Would I pay to see even more pippande lions so I go on safari. Shoddily Telia. Miserable! “

” If all clients do as we intend to do so can Telia back with the neat sum of 6.123 billion SEK about a year. So one can only hope that the dispute was worth it “

” What a hell of Donald Duck compensation. Should not be more right that you at least halve the fees for lagom- and great package until you solved the conflict (…) What you got now’s not worth bin even. “

” Jahapp .. it means that one must look up any Romanian ugly-stream to follow the European Championship qualifiers? “

” Goodbye Telia! A loyal customer since 8 years now becomes Viasat customer who unfortunately are overloaded today ” strangely ‘”

” I have a box fyrtums-spike that I can give to you, so you can nail the back televisions -avdelningen for it does not work with you. “

Comments on Nöjesbladet articles and Nöjesbladet Facebook page (selection):

” Rotten to get ” compensation “with the channels they already have … As to dry out before shits”

“A bit like if you were to sit on the trial after having been grossly abused and the judge asks: Is it okay if you get a mallet instead of money? “

” Should we be forced to go to The Pirate Bay to see their favorite series in the future? “

” Telia can in this situation jump and shit. Time to change supplier. “

” Happy with the compensation ?! NO !!!! Just fine! “

” What a crap compensation. Why would I want them channels ? “

” But dammit !! The channels I have already? “

” The replacement of Channel 5 and Channel 11 with Fox and National Geographic is a joke! Think that Aftonbladet will launch a nationwide petition or petition to the channels shall be maintained as they are. “

” I think it is beneath contempt. If I bought a Mercedes so I do not have an Opel / WV instead. I want it to be I paid for. “


Johan Rylander: Sudden is still an evil lottery – Göteborgs-Posten

Go out and create a hero, says Roger Rönnberg face eraser. A knäskott later born just one of those – in Växjö.

The feeling is that Växjö Lakers has a switch to during almost the whole record game , something more to conjure up. Team steady dance, let Frölunda be led by a slovenly foxtrot.

Tomi Kallio bunch of fires 52 shots against Sovereign Lasse Johansson – but there is something of the Indian team that was picked up with after the turn towards Lulea .

Confidence. A brand new.

One hell of which you get to come back after an injury. A desire that you are filled then you just become a father for the first time. A will that you pick up when you scorned as soft in the media.

This is also why Frölunda actually hangs out with in 104 minutes. For so long will this record shocker, the longest playoff game as Frölunda ever played.

Then, take the tour ended.

Tuomas Kiiskinen buy a lottery ticket in Vida Arena , shoot the victory to Växjö with the Michael Wikstrands knee.

Heavy course – but only 1-1 in matches.

WE WILL FIND something more positive? Frölunda’s boys play suddenly playoff hockey as experienced men. It is often clever, a flipping the puck out of their own zone instead of beautiful passes. An edging as team mate rather than a real player in the shade.

Still, it Vaxjo is stronger in the end. At the end of the second period, for example, Frölunda really tight – and both Christian Backman plus Christoffer Persson has big problems with the tempo.

Perhaps it is also the Lakers passes, which at times is brilliant, that makes it look as if Frölunda lost strength. The day that all passports sitting on the blade can not even brilliant Lasse Johansson keep receiving a full match to …

By the way, SPEAKING OF DECISION to arrest rogles Tough Andre Deveaux to fool the appearance Thursday: There is a Disciplinary in Swedish hockey. There is a system of rules. There is also a club that has already taken its responsibility – and kicked player for all time.

That it should be legal case for anything that happens on the rink is to take it as far as Canadian made on that warming. the far, that is.

IT’S GETTING little difficult with all the damage to the Frölunda forwards. When Nicklas Lasu well back so go Ryan Lasch on one stone, forcing him to step down.

bad – for the little American looks really sharp out until he gets knocked up by old team mate Noah Welch .

Finally: Sure, I said that I hate the sudden? I am not made like that.

Anybody have some heart medicine over?

I have a feeling I will need it before this match, the series is over.


Knowing. Frölunda see that the team can upset the Vaxjo – even away from home. Just an unlucky bounce the puck destroys the evening.


atmosphere. Full Vida Arena – yet so quiet at times that you can talk in normal conversational tone. Despite pappklappor!


Telia’s statement – after major channel conflict – Expressen

Channel 5 and its sister channels disappear most probably from Telia range at midnight – and into the last being negotiated between the two.

The setting offers customers the Fox and National Geographic.

– If there is something that is comparable to Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport channels, Discovery Channel and TLC – and a fair compensation – it’s a thing between Telia and Telia’s customers, said Dan Panas, press officer at SBS Discovery.

Like Expressen could tell yesterday at risk SBS Discovery channels, with the flagship Channel 5 in the lead, to be ejected from Telia’s range at midnight on 31 March. This is because they have not agreed on how the channels will be packaged in Telia’s range.

One solution has not been reached during the day, according to Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

– No it is well nothing new there. However, we posted information now about the replacement channels that we offer instead.

Have you had any more discussions during the day?

– We are where we were yesterday. We still keep the door open for talks, but if I say so here, it’s not so huge probability that it will be different.

Then they disappear from your portfolio ?

– Yes I would think so. But it’s not April 1st yet, and we are still open to talks said.

READ MORE: Critical against Telia.

The channels that Telia instead offer is the news channel Fox, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild. Those tvpaketet Large will have full access to HBO’s choice.

They also added the ability to cancel the service today, without notice, for those who are not satisfied with the new range.

SBS Discovery’s press officer Dan Panas do not want to make any assessment of compensation channels.

– I can only conclude that National Geographic and Fox together account for one percent of the total TV viewing in Sweden and that together they are about as big as the Discovery Channel. If there is something that is comparable to Channel 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport channels, Discovery Channel and TLC – and a fair compensation – it’s a thing between Telia and Telia customers.

Although he believes that the door is open for discussion.

– we hope that this should not have become a reality. After midnight the night are our channels available from all other distrubutörer and we see no reason why we could not exist even with Telia. Here are our door open.

However, have you had any discussions today?

– I can not and will not comment on ongoing negotiations. I note that there have been some statements in the newspapers from Telia’s side but I can not comment on the negotiations.

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So replaces Telia customers – Aftonbladet

Channel 5, Eurosport and Discovery channels are some of the channels that will most likely disappear in the night.

Telia customers are replaced instead with the channels Fox and National Geographic, says company on his website.

– We hope that customers think it is a fair compensation, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

The impasse persists.

Telia and SBS Discovery has still not reached an agreement and now everything indicates that Telia night of Wednesday removes SBS Discovery progam offering for their customers.

In a message at Telia’s website has now expired with the replacement channels that are current. Fox, National Geographic and NatGeo Wild given location instead of SBS channels Channel 5, 9 and 11 and Eurosport and Discovery channels.

– The probability is well relatively large that this will be the solution. We have not closed the door to call but it does not look very bright, says Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn .

“Very many disappointed”

It was on Monday evening Telia went out with information about the channels in danger of disappearing. In Telia’s Facebook page has infuriated customers heard of and above all criticized the company for a poor foresight.

– There are very many disappointed customers who have contacted us. Of course it is sad that our customers get trapped in this way, says Krohn.

Do you think that the substitute channels is a reasonable compensation for customers?

– We hope to do it but it will certainly be customers who do not like it. We hope they take the time to get to know the new channels, says Irene Krohn.

On the home page Telia writes to customers from today have the opportunity to cancel the service without notice.

SBS Discovery believes that Telia is not valued in the range high enough, while Telia believes that SBS Discovery offered a too expensive package in relation to the channels’ ratings.

Dan Panas is press officer at SBS Discovery .

– I am looking to offer their customers the channels Fox and National Geographic and there are channels in the first quarter of this year equals one percent of the total TV viewing in Sweden. They are together about as big as the Discovery channel. If it becomes necessary to substitute channels, it is up to Telia customers to determine if there is a generous offer, he said.

Like Telia Irene Krohn, he can not give a definitive answer about the companies will reach a settlement before midnight .

– After midnight is our channels available from all other distributors in Sweden. I see no reason why Telia should not be one of them. Here are our door still open, says Dan Panas.


The second time the prize goes to a reading promotion organization – the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

This year’s Alma Price goes to the promotion of reading the South African organization Award PRAESA (Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa). Organization, an independent research and development unit at the University of Cape Town, started its operations in 1992.

It is the second time in Alma Prize thirteen year history that the prize goes to a reading promotion organization. In 2007 it went to the Banco del Libri in Venezuela and in 2009 Tamerainstitutet in Palestine.

Award PRAESA works broadly , but all their activities are based on a democratic basic attitude. What specific emphasis is that South African children should have access to books in their own language. (You speak many different languages ​​in South Africa).

It operates several reading and storytelling projects in order to bring to life the literature and provide children with reading experiences. Likewise, working with a lot of networking and contacts with other organizations to promote reading, writers, illustrators and publishers.

The democratic engagement seen in particular in that they love to direct their efforts to socially deprived areas. Meanwhile, the concern that the business is in line with current research. It encourages not only the child’s own reading, but also tries to encourage parents, grandparents and teachers. The work at the grassroots level, including training of volunteers is essential. Praesas quality standards are high. Only literary lödiga books should be in the children’s hands.


They are ready for “So Much Better” – Aftonbladet

Yesterday it was revealed that Lisa Nilsson participating in this year’s edition of “So much the better.”

Now writes Expressen that even Diamond Rio, Ison and Miriam Bryant is clear for the program.

Diamond Rio , Miriam Bryant , Ison and possibly Olle Jonsson from Lasse Stefanz are ready for “So Much Better” in 2015, writes Expressen. The recordings take place on Gotland in the summer.

The magazine reports that all contracts not yet endorsed, but in advanced discussions have been held with the front man in Lasse Stefanz, Olle Jonsson, who previously told that he would set up.

TV4 would not confirm or comment on the findings at this stage. Yesterday, the channel out with Lisa Nilsson is ready for the program.

Colorful profiles

“So Much Better” was broadcast for the first time in 2010. Then it was colorful profiles Lill-Babs , Pluralist and Thomas Di Leva who lived together and interpret each other’s songs in a week.

The first season of the program were rewarded with video-cost crystal 2011.


Monday, March 30, 2015

700,000 households could lose TV channels – Sydsvenskan

In addition to Channel 5 and Channel 9 also disappears Eurosport, Channel 11, Discovery, Animal Planet and TLC.

– From 1 April, we risk no longer able to broadcast some channels from SBS. The reason is simply that we can not accept the conditions SBS sets, as they go completely against our customers’ behavior and preferences, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

She believes that television company makes demands on To get package their channels in a way that means less choice for customers. How the packaging looks and what channels the case she does not want to comment on.

– It is very sad that the information is coming out so late, but it’s simply that we have tried to reach agreement at the last minute.

If the two parties can not agree and SBS range thus assumes Telia subscription, customers affected will be offered other channels to compensate for the shortfall. Irene Krohn understand that viewers want the channels they have ordered, but hope that they will choose other channels of their choice instead.

Dan Panas says he can not comment on the specific hearing, but emphasizes the company’s work with programs like “Rock & amp; Meltzer” and “Ullared” as well as foreign series like “Mad Men” and “The Walking Dead”.

– We are passionate about doing television and we have a long history of to do. We put blood, sweat, tears and great program budgets to make good television. We want everything we committed to making television programs also should be valued with justice. I can not talk specifically about Telia, but in this kind of conversation we want of course to have a fair valuation.


Telia can quench TV channels – Aftonbladet

From midnight April 1 risk Channel 5, Discovery Channel, Channel 9, Eurosport, Animal Planet, TLC and Channel 11 will be closed down for Telia customers.

The date Despite However, these are not an April Fool’s joke, assures both Telia and SBS Discovery’s press managers.

– We are as far apart as you can get, says Irene Krohn, press officer at Telia.

At midnight in late March / early April in danger all Telia customers to get rid of SBS Discovery’s TV offering.

Overall risk 700,000 customers affected by decision, which is based in a brawl between the provider Telia and television giant SBS Discovery.

According to Telia’s press officer Irene Krohn these are that the company does not want to accept the conditions SBS Discovery sets.

– SBS Discovery compels us to package the channels we see that our customers do not want, says Irene Krohn.

How is it that there are so quick jerks, this starts the valid already the day after tomorrow?

– It is really sad. The reason is that we thought we could solve this until the very end, says Irene Krohn.

How customers will be compensated, provided that you do not reach a solution?

– We will offer a compensation offer to our clients, but I dare not say what it will be.

How close to a solution do you stand?

– As it is right now so we are very far apart. We have not closed the door for further dialogue with SBS Discovery, but we are far apart right now.

Even Dan Panas, press officer at SBS Discovery regret that customers may be affected.

– We think it’s very sad. There are Telia customers affected by this. We can only regret it, said Dan Panas.

How is it that it took the eleventh hour before you come out with this?

– The you may include Telia.

The text is updated.


The first artist in the new season of TV success presented – Aftonbladet

The singer Lisa Nilsson, 44, is the first artist to be ready to hit program “So much the better.”

It reveals TV4 in a secretive clip.

Lisa Nilsson hit with the album “The sky around the corner”, which was released in 1992. Since then she has released a series of CDs.

Last week released the 44-year-old single “La Haine”, where she sings along with Kent’s frontman Joakim Berg .

Lisa Nilsson is also seen at the city theater in Stockholm. There she makes the role of Roxy Heart in the classic musical Chicago.

Harsh criticism

In the last season of “So Much Better” starred, among other Carol Häggkvist Ola Salo and Amanda Jenssen .

This year’s edition of the popular program will be broadcast on TV4 in the fall.

” So much better “aired for the first time in 2010. Then it was colorful profiles as Lill-Babs , Pluralist and Thomas Di Leva who lived together and interpret each other’s songs in a week.
The first season of the program were rewarded with video-cost crystal 2011.

“As staring at tap water”

But last autumn, “So Much Better” a much more lukewarm reception. The ratings sank. Nöjesbladet Markus Larsson similar experience of seeing the program at staring at a glass with tap water.

When Markus along with Nöjesbladet Kristin Lundell listed which artists they would most like to see in the program ended Joey Tempest , Jill Johnson and Christer Sjögren high up. Among Nöjesbladet readers, it is Sheeba and Per Gessle that are the favorites.

article is updated.


Glenn Hysén: “I felt like a big fucking ego” – Göteborgs-Posten

On Sunday is the premiere of the Masters champion. The protagonist of the day is Glenn Hysén – football legend and sports commentator. He has had to endure a lot during the recordings.

How is the situation, Glenn?

– Yes, damn it, that’s just fine. I have been a turn in the office and on their way to the auditor.

Today is your day in the Masters champion. What should it be invited to?

– Yes, you. Everything between heaven and earth. I will not say anything, unfortunately. Sorry I’m so boring but I have been coated with a gag on the strictest.

But nothing you can say?

– I can say that I hit me quite dramatically during one of the exercises, and got very painful in the rib. I broke even. It sounds more serious than what it is – I have a little sore when I laugh and so, otherwise it is quiet.

Thanks! Made it that you could not be with a few exercises?

– No, or, it was perhaps one of the challenges that I got it a little difficult with, otherwise it went fine. We had a good doctor guy there said that there was not much you could do, and that it would be good to participate and compete only I did not fell on the rib again. It could not be worse, he said.

You seem to have had much luck on your journey. First bet donkey Bertil you in the thumb so that the nail came off, then it here. Are you all right?

– Ha ha, yeah, it was quite simply beautiful. It’s not often you get bitten by a donkey, right? But I feel good. That it was so fun in the gang weighed up.

How did it feel to be in the center?

– Yes, you. One sits there and looks at a movie that they have scraped together, summarizing your career and what you have done things. It was not funny.

Why not?

– I may as well not take me praise. It was just embarrassing. The film was made very nice and all, but to sit there and watch a movie about himself along with others, and then they should applaud – I felt like a big fucking ego.

How handled you there?

– Well I got to sit there and suffer me through misery.


Sunday, March 29, 2015

SVT darkened accident in the “Eternal Glory” – Aftonbladet

Glenn Hysén fell ill in “Eternal Glory” yesterday.

But viewers were never told how serious he was injured.

– I broke a rib. It hurt so fucking bad, he says.

Four-fifths of the obstacle course in SVT’s “Eternal Glory” was consuming.

Then came the last step.

And it was brutal.

At the end of the physical contest crotch participants would get over a rib sat at 1.5 meters height. Glenn Hysén , 55, was raised by his teammates Anna Olsson , 51, and Magnus Mühren , 40 – and jumped straight out.

“Did so damn evil”

The former football star fell headlong from about two meters in height and with full force down against the hard-packed gravel yard in Sicily. After the competition Hysen said that he felt a little stiff in the shoulder. But in fact, he felt much pain – and had suffered a fracture.

– I was forced to get over the damn thing and thought that it had to sink or swim. It later turned out that I broke a rib when I landed. It hurt so fucking bad. I immediately felt that something was wrong, says Glenn Hysén.

teammates appealed in vain to Hysen would take on the obstacle in a more thoughtful way.

– He told me that he was thinking of trying with a Fosbury Flop but I said, “you can not do. You will kill you! “. But he did it anyway and it cost a rib. He had extremely sore afterward, says Magnus Mühren.

Refused to break the competition

There was never Glenn Hyséns thoughts to break the race after the hard case.

– No, no, my God. There must be handled afterwards, take a little massage or something. But I knew you it was not good. Pang I landed on the ground. What to do? I had torn down the bar and had to jump again. You can not fold down, he says.

SVT, which has a nurse on site during the recordings, misjudged the situation when Glenn Hysén crashed to the ground.

– We probably did not understand how serious it was, much to Glenn is who he is. He had hurt but laughed the most. Then it is hard to understand and we did not include the seriousness of it, at least I did not do it. He is not any permanent damage, but he must have had really sore, say Anders Wistbacka , project manager at SVT.

Here is EVERYTHING you did not know about the “Masters” – Infidelity, pyramid schemes, and drug scandals


Moore’s gambit: “Bond should be whole-English” – Aftonbladet

A future Bond should be “whole-English” about the actor Roger Moore may determine.

Yet declines, he Idris Elba will play the role in the future, even though he Born and raised in London.

– Sure, it’s interesting. But unrealistic, says 87-year-old Daily Mail.

Old Bond actor Sir Roger Moore is in trouble. In an interview with Paris Match magazine got 87-year-old asked if he thinks that “The Wire” -skådespelaren Idris Elba would suit the new gentleman agent James Bond.

– For some years ago, I said that Cuba Gooding Jr. would be perfect, but it was a joke.

Origin important

He explains that the origin is important when taking on the iconic role.

– James has been played by a Scotsman, a Welshman and an Irishman. But I think that the actor should be whole-English, he told the newspaper Daily Mail.

Brought up in London

Idris Elba was born and raised in London seems to be something that is gone Moore totally gone. He dismisses ‘The Wire’ star completely.

– Sure, it’s interesting. But unrealistic.

But Elba celebrated elsewhere. Senior executives at Sony like the Englishman as an agent – and current Bond, Daniel Craig , also sees the star as a possible replacement.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Summertime – joy or jetlagsbesvär – Skånskan.se

By Linda Mankefors
Linda.Mankefors@skd.se March 28 16:00 2015-03-28 16:00:00

Brighter times on Sunday, but it is beneficial or conditions?
Many welcome the light, others see it as a health hazard.

It took 131 years for Benjamin Franklin playful proposal to become a reality in Austria and Germany, and 64 more years before Sweden conducted in summer 1980. In summer lasts from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October and are too numerous to be welcomed with lighter evenings.
On Sunday, the clock is set to summer time and we get another hour of light in the evening, but the time change also provides some trouble.
– There will be a jetlagseffekt, much like when you go to Helsinki, says Torbjörn Åkerstedt, sleep researchers.

Opposition to change to daylight savings grow. Farmers complain of irritated animals have to wait extra long for their food, and some people seem to have trouble adjusting his body to change.
on Facebook’s group “Standard time always!” inciting demonstration at 12.00 on March 28 everywhere in the country. Proposal to express their dissatisfaction varies from yellow dress to protest piece on watches.
It can be seen as a humorous aside, but suspicions that some people feel bad corroborated by some researchers and doctors.

According Stress Research provides jet lag problems that disturbed sleep, increased fatigue and decreased performance.
– The effects are still small, for most it is just uncomfortable and you get a little tired. But we see a risk increase of three to four per cent in the number of car accidents and heart attacks in the coming days after we changed to daylight saving time, explains Torbjörn Åkerstedt.
The decreased morning light also affects how much of the hormone melatonin is secreted. Melatonin is considered to affect our circadian rhythm.
– Morning light reduces hormone and causes us to wake up. With summer time we get less light in the morning and therefore a higher level of melatonin, he says.
It remains to be seen if Sweden is filled with gulklädda protesters, or if the majority still is delighted an hour longer evening light.


Pyspunka of Skavlans Akesson interview – Göteborgs-Posten

Fredrik Skavlan has received much praise for his Akesson interview. But SD sympathizers rage against SVT. Accordingly, we have not taught us anything, writes GP’s columnist Johan Lindqvist.

Fredrik Skavlan straining really during the interview with Jimmie Åkesson.

The editors had equipped him with extensive research and apparently had prepared themselves to jointly wear and sharpen the questions.

Skavlan was rigorous, objective and even had the paper in his lap, to be completely accurate . Yet it was obviously an impossible mission. Viewers’ expectations, hopes and fears were just too hard turned up for the program could end up in a good way.

The program sawn in advance

Before the program even had been shown sawed SVT, among others, the writer Henrik Arnstad, comedian Özz Nûjen and opera singer Malena Ernman in order to let the absentee SD conductor fit in a casual talk show.

Now it was not quite so cozy and afterwards praised both Ernman and Arnstad presenters Skavlan to have asked tough questions. Others, such as Aftonbladet editorial writer Fredrik Virtanen, said that Skavlan should have gone much harder in the future.

Yes, Åkesson’s political opponents had probably hoped that he would get worn, with garden halfway down. That the facade would slowly fall apart and that Akesson beyond doubt would eventually revealed as both racist and a fascist. There was a silent wish that Jimmie Åkesson would break and that therefore the Sweden Democrats’ position would be destroyed.

Jimmie Åkesson was sweating and had obviously difficult to relate to Frederick Skavlans interview techniques to ask simple, basic questions that he additionally quietly and persistently repeated. One could say that a somewhat confused Akesson kneed, but he decked not.

Fredrik Skavlan received quite a lot of praise, but it also depends on what view feeds you follow. SD sympathizers had a very different picture of the interview. I have had a lot of email exchanges with SD friends and they tend to argue more or less aggressive and often patronizing to all journalists are communists, SVT is called regularly GDR TV. There is a remarkable sacrifice cardigan attitude that often manifests itself fantasies that there should exist some kind of censorship in the media. Brain Ghosts, if you ask me.

Of course, they raged against Fredrik Skavlan. It had not played anyone what he had asked Jimmie Åkesson. In principle, all journalists anathema to these people.

Sheep to get a more accurate picture of the reactions to the program should look outside their usual feeds. Whoever they are. Only then maybe we can start talking to each other in a more constructive way.

General interest or entertainment?

SVT argue, of course, the public interest to be invited Jimmie Åkesson at its greatest talk show. Unfortunately, the public interest often a euphemism for entertainment and it is usually called “good television”.

So we came somewhere with Jimmie Åkesson’s visit to Skavlan studio? We learned anything? We got a deeper understanding of Åkessons personal motivations? No, I do not think so. It became something of a pyspunka of all and afterwards were all equally unsympathetic facing each other like before shipping.

Slowly we rocked out last Friday cosiness of a grizzled Mark Knopfler and Sweden was as broken as before. Was it then even good TV? No, I do not think so.


Bond must be whole-English “- Västerbotten Courier

Sir Roger Moore, who played James Bond from 1973 to 1985, has made a controversial statement. He considers that future 007-actor must be “whole-English” – but still feel not that Idris Elba, who was born and raised in London, is a realistic candidate. Aftonbladet.se talks about the statement that Moore should have done in the French magazine Paris Match Magazine.

– James has been played by a Scotsman, a Welshman and an Irishman. But I think that the actor should be whole-English, he said.

Information about Elba, best known for his role as Nelson Mandela, would be current as James Bond will include the emails leaked from Sony Pictures, writes Variety.


“Skavlan behaved really well ‘- Göteborgs-Posten

The GP’s Gunilla Grahn-Hinnfors saw a change Jimmie Åkesson during the interview in Skavlan yesterday.
– What we saw yesterday was not a leader of SD and I doubt that he will come back 100 percent, she said.

What are your thoughts on yesterday’s interview in Skavlan?

– I saw the program yesterday and I thought Skavlan behaved really well. It is a format with cozy TV that gets a little hard and when the tough issues come up, it may be a bit uncomfortable. There was a fear before the program to the hard questions would not be. So I do not think it was. I watched a little on twitter afterwards and it’s was much more positive note after the program had been sent compared to before.

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How did Jimmie Åkesson do you think?

– He was not quite his old self. This type of questions he would have done in a completely different way a year ago. What we saw yesterday was not a leader of the SD and I doubt that he will come back 100 percent. The party should have their country days later this year and I would not be surprised if it becomes a prey. But we’ll see, I’ve been wrong before.

– Yesterday Skavlan was one of the few interviews with Akesson I have seen where he falters a bit. I think the question at the end of the interview in which he asks, not SD has a responsibility for the hardened political climate. There, I do not think Jimmie Åkesson has an answer simply.

Was it a good idea from Åkessons page to set up the interview?

– I think Jimmie Åkesson underestimated Skavlan. He probably expected a bit more lenient treatment.

How would the SD affected if Akesson resigns as party leader?

– The Party’ve shown that you can do without him in the top. There is a whole different width in the party than many previously thought. While Åkesson has been gone, it has shifted positions in the party and Mattias Karlsson as acting party leader, Richard Jomshof as party secretary and the economic political spokesperson Oscar Sjöstedt has fared better than expected. But there is a lot of growing pains, both in terms of membership and money and it is a challenge I believe that one was not quite prepared for.


Thanks for everything Tranströmer! – Norrköping Newspapers

Imagine when Tomas Tranströmer received the Nobel Prize in 2011. I sat and gazed from a grandstand far, far up in the Concert Hall in Stockholm. Down there the poet in his wheelchair, on the big stage, one man, unable to talk – surrounded by applause. Total enclosed. I promise that such a warmth I’ve never been through that roof are still there, and not burned off, is a miracle.

He is our time greatest. A “difficult” poet who was beloved by the people. A man who with their breathtaking metaphors opened the vault after vault inside us. His poems have changed my life, purified me and lift me.

In addition, he was a consummate human being, with no “cultural man” viciousness and graces. He worked as a psychologist until the unfortunate stroke in 1990, he translated English poetry, he worked in Biblical Commission, he taught creative writing … and so he wrote twelve books of poetry and a small bead of memoirs (“Memories Look at Me”). The production is not great, but the more tangible to the reader. And fully charged, every word, every line, every punctuation is low-key dynamite.

Whenever I walk past the pin Offices’ round house in the middle of Linköping in late dog walking, with the cathedral tower in the fund, candles in the windows, calm after today battles … then I think of Tomas Tranströmer. In here he sat in his Linköpingsår and read international poetry magazines in what was then the Library. Just to get a little breath of the world, his wife Monica told me. It was 1960-1966, and they lived in “psychologist villa” in the youth prison Roxtuna outside Linköping. Monica was only 19 years old when they moved there, Tomas 26th

Both their children, Paula and Emma, ​​born in Linköping. When I interviewed Monica and her daughter Emma Roxtuna time they remembered it with great warmth. As a “Noisy existence”, Emma said. If her dad said she was “really sweet. A father who makes you feel loved and seen, more could you not wish for.”

When the Neva Books in Rimforsa was shown a photo exhibition based on his poems, I called Monica and Tomas. He he had seen the show twice (other) direction and liked it. And how is he? Monica replied with his usual friendly and cool voice: “Well, pretty good, I think, we’re a little tired because we’ve just arrived home from a holiday week in Cyprus. We rejoice that spring will now take us out and look on hepatica. Hepatica is important. “

It was a year ago.

I often returns to his poem” Romanesque arches “, one of the world’s most beautiful, with the line:

“You will never be finished, and that is as it should be.”

Is it? Is it safe? am I good enough? Yes, replies the poem, yes, it is as it should.

Thanks Tomas Tranströmer.