Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ola Salo gave back the old cheese – Göteborgs-Posten

The Political lyrics and punk attitude was on the menu when it was Love Antell day so much better. But also a flamsigt sauna and a filthy comment for Carola overtaken with.

– I never wanted to be famous. I have always seen myself as someone who writes songs and pictures with scandals, says Love Antell at the beginning of the program.

Love Antell was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Florence Valentin that made its breakthrough in 2003. He has also appeared as a guitarist in the group Persson pack .

In this year’s SO much better he is possibly the least known participant. But he has made an impression on the other.

– Smart, delicate and fine, says Ola Salo

– Our own little speeded squirrel, is Orup description.

At lunch, told Antell on how it all began. Florence Valentin played in Late night with Luuk and became hugely hyped before they had even released anything. He went out hard in her first interview and scolded a number of colleagues.

– I dissed all, The Ark got a hurring because they were too glossy and not enough political . It was the kind my first interview, I spread well on because I thought it was the only way to create power, says Love Antell.

After a lesson in the sauna knowledge from the Finlandsättade Antell became the sauna with birch twigs and a Love Antell who sat hyschade the other because “In a sauna you must be silent.” It did not help much.

Ola Salo gave possibly again for old cheese when he went all in and whipped on Love Antell with a birch twigs so that he whimpered in pain.

Unclear it was itself the sauna or strong drink that was served but the sauna evolved into a giggly playhouse. And indeed it came not a filthy comment as well, this time from Ola Salo who managed to say “my little dick” into a giggling Carol .

And as we have expected – to Finally even Carola’s legendary fan of the Eurovision Song Contest so much better. Next week there will be a duet-specialty and by pre-Peek judging it looks to be more festive and more physical than before.


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