Saturday, November 29, 2014

Venerable tavern Savoy Grill makes a comeback – Expressen

Classic Malmo-tavern Savoy Grill resurrected.

Behind The new focus is krögarduon Niklas Bill Stone and Joakim Nilsson, who now also operates fish restaurant John P.

“New” Savoy open in March next year.

– We want to create a modern city restaurant with cocktail bar and a kitchen that we build on the shelf inside the historic venue, says Niklas Bill Stone to the Evening Post.

heyday, when Lars Lendrop steered his restaurant empire from Northern Hay Street, was the Savoy with associated Barbecue, Malmö’s leading tavern.

Here was served a number of classics such as sole and Walewski,

Puff Schnitzel, which often ended with a glass of delicacy called house dessert and “elephant ear” (a giant minute steak).

The latter was Ernst-Hugo Järegård favorite.

Elephant Pipe – obvious choice

When Evening Post interviewed and photographed Ernst-Hugo for a fashion feature was the election of local self-evident.

– Then I want that we are at the Savoy so we can eat “elephant ear” for lunch, said Ernst-Hugo.

The classic room, which is mentioned in the books as the Pirate “Buck in the herb garden” and Sjöwall & amp; Wahlöös “Police, police, mashed potatoes”, has been closed for the whole year after the Café le fil du Rasoir closed at the end of the year.

Tasteful duo takes over

That it becomes krögarduon Bill Stone / Nilsson is just to applaud. Then Johan P moved from its former premises in the market hall at Lilla Torg to Hjulhamnsgatan behind Hedman yard, they lift Malmö local tavern scene.

Right now, John P, alongside Bastard (on the other hand Lilla Torg) Malmö most tasteful restaurants.

The Savoy Grill guests should be involved, at least they can watch food being cooked.

– As we move into the kitchen to the Savoy old shelf it will also be grilled over open flames, says Niklas.

There will be fish, meat and vegetarian dishes on the menu and the inspiration for this new restaurant venture has been taken from the big city taverns in both New York and London as Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Want to do Savoy venue

– This is the room we were looking for. Savoy has the best location, now we want to make the Savoy Grill at the venue as the Savoy once was.

2015, Malmö’s restaurant scene to achieve its real boom. In addition to the Savoy Grill opens Marcus Samuelsson two restaurants within the Clarion Hotel in Malmö’s new neighborhood Malmo Live.

It also means a welcome addition to the local cocktail scene.

Skybar in Clarionskrapan and Savoy’s new cocktail bar.

Skybar becomes even looking at Malmö Arena, in Percy Nilsson and Nina Nilsson Ulvinens new hotel, where they also open up new trendy restaurants.


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