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Sinatra Christmas | The Theatre, Sunday – Göteborgs-Posten

The Christmas Show

The Sinatra Christmas

The Theatre, Sunday

By: Christer Sjögren , Gunhild Carling and Andreas Weise

Public: 1400 of 1700 possible

Best: Sandviken Big Band with its impressive horn section

Worst: That everything is so rebuke added and predictably

An expectant murmur welcomes artists – the doyen Christer Sjögren, with its timeless velvety voice, jazzy whirlwind Gunhild Carling and the more stagnant singer Andreas Weise – on stage. What then begins is a surprising lazily intro with Gabby lots, jokes about the Viking Age “Hey young people” and the idol never go home. While it is surprising to hear Christer Sjögren be called a “sweet dromedary”. and quietly anxiety charged when Andreas Weise speak out about their Christmas celebration with father Arne on TV for thirty years. But the same Andreas shortly thereafter interprets Wham! -The Song Last Christmas time, I still wonder how it’s even possible to interpret such a bittersweet love ballad so anemic.

Christer Sjögren step out of the salon publikhav and sings in a round, illuminated small stage in the middle. It will be a technically perfect, but easy soporific version of Judy Garland paradlåt Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas from the 1940s film Meet Me in St. Louis.

Actually, the first when jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist Gunhild Carling enters the stage with his brilliant version of the 1930s Dangan Prisoner of Love including a brilliant trumpet polo, as the show really begins . She clown, dancing a little swing and tops it all with Louis Armstrong ‘Zat you Santa Claus where she shows that she also manages trombone with great finesse.

Christer Sjögren’s muffled bass dominates over Andreas Weises brighter tenor is sometimes a season, but now and then it becomes most painfully, as in Winter wonderland where Sjögren takes in the abdominal support and sings noticeably more powerful than his young protégé. Many small talk between them becomes protracted and somewhat laddish, at least twice on Gunhild Carling expense. She shows on the other hand, the show through which the enthusiastic jazz fan she is and gifted interpreter especially the 1920s and 1930s, jazzy sound.

Sandviken Big Band show what they can do through the evening, especially in instrumental Carioca before break.

Everything works otherwise so much better in the second act. Gunhild get with the audience on the swing course and play four-handed piano with big band Thomas Jutterström. In Boogie Woogie Santa Claus she tears in on harmonica, but the best is probably still her trumpet solo in Joan Javits, Philip Springer and Santa baby. Carling steals clearly this Christmas show. The nostalgia reaches its climax when Christer Sjögren and Andreas Weise together makes a languorous, but also really, really good version of As Time Goes By, Herman Hupfelds superhit who is also the theme song from the classic film Casablanca.

The show’s most bombastic scene is otherwise as Christer Sjögren takes in from the toes of O Holy Night. As an encore, he gives in addition the audience his favorite song: My way, with a surprising musical twist towards the end. Frankie-Boy theme is inoperative well as red thread in this stylish display that yet most seem to be for the converted.


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