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Gustav Tragardh won chefs struggle – Gothenburg Post

Last year, Hakan Thörnström. On Monday evening, it was clear that the championship title in the Chefs struggle in TV4 re going to Gothenburg. This year’s winner is Gustav Tragardh, chef at Sjömagasinet.

Gustav Tragardh squirmed through the whole season without getting into såsduell once. He has appeared relaxed and almost reclined in a bunch with many winning call.

The tactics being hotheaded proved successful and this year’s winner of the Chefs struggle maintains that he is not a competitive person.

– It is clear that I wanted to win, but I had come second, I had been pretty pleased too. My children are not like that, but I am one, he says.

The program was filmed last summer and when we talked at Gustav Tragardh goes around in a sunny and mild Valencia, where he ran the marathon on Sunday.

– The final day was piss easy compared to that. Me and my buddy Martin tend to run a marathon together once a year. It’s funny, but I will never win any marathon.

The medal he received as a prize in Chefs battle hinges on Mr. Butler at home in the bedroom, along with the Chef of the Year award and the various marathon medals. Gustav Tragardh has no plans to acquire a trophy cabinet.

So you will not divide life into before and after winning chefs battle?

– Nehehej.

But how did it feel like when you had won?

– I’m not that emotional of me, but it was fun. As they stood and counted the points so I realized that this is the way.

Tell us about the finale of torque!

– In the first contest would scale crayfish, it suited me fine. Since one would share an animal, it was also good. Since one would chop vegetables and it went bad, I usually use the mandolin. But I was pleased with the win in two of the three branches.

Since settled it all with a classic three-course menu, where Gustav Tragardh pulled away and won by a good margin.

– I felt totally safe there. It’s one of the few things I’m really good at – cooking.

What was your opponent Frida Nilsson’s strongest side?

– Frida had enough sense of self to remain calm and stay away from såsdueller. Such as Jonas Dahlbom and Danyel Couet went for their sighted too hard on the victory, then you risk ending up in såsduell and where anything can happen. Frida’s strength was that she was so cool stayed away from that.

Was it a strategy on your part as well?

– Yes, it was a branch that I have not mastered so I aimed not at victory, but just to not end up in såsduell. The medal can take later.

And what tipped the scales in your favor in the finals?

– I guess I made food that pleased the jury better. I’m a few years older than Frida so I might have a little better idea of ​​what people like. On one such occasion, I aim wide and makes food that I know that many people think about.

When did you imagine that you would win?

– I immediately saw that it was good races for me. And when I saw the raw materials to the final race, I felt safe. This is my forum. I am good at classic cooking competitions and the poor in memory contests and guessing games. The final races of the last program suited me perfectly.

Has it been hard to keep quiet?

– Absolutely not. Just my wife and my children have known and they are as good as I am at keeping secrets. Loviisa, 11-year-old, told her cuddly toys and promised that it will not pass it on.

How will you celebrate?

– I know not. I’ll maybe take and open a little bubbly after I nattat kids tonight. Tomorrow it’s back to the pub and cook.


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