Friday, November 21, 2014

Pride and heat on Laleh premiere – Gothenburg Post

The atmosphere was warm during the world premiere of I’m not ready to die yet – the film about the artist Laleh. Old friends and teachers had gathered to see suburban pride on the canvas.

The chips are lain tables and live music. Bjuröklubb, of course. In the same room is “Lalehs benches”, two pieces of wood that the artist painted when she was in his youth was hanging right here, in the parish youth center Mixgården.

A certain pride and great community can be imagined, among the 60 people gathered a few minutes before Fredrik Egerstrands and Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholms documentary about Laleh Pour Karim goes up on the canvas. The backs are straight and chins high. As if Lalehs successes were not enough, she also was named the Year Gothenburger during the day.

– She is a good example of how it can be somewhat of a struggle. That it will be all right. She was multi-faceted back then when it came to art and culture, says Pelusa Cornaglia, who worked at the recreation center for 23 years.

– Laleh was such a man did not like when you went to school. She looked good, could sing, paint and had good grades in just about everything, says colleague Lina Renholm Nyby.

Nine-year-old came Laleh Pour Karim and his parents, who fled Iran to Gothenburg and Hammarkullen. “I might live in freedom, they thought” describes Laleh escape in the documentary.

– We have seen many young people with talent, but still end up in the square later. It spoke to her was that it was a political awareness of home. Here we used often music as a way to process what you have been through, says Lina Renholm Nyby.

Hasse Nylén and Jan Khouback was her music teacher in high school. Laleh The teenager refused to be led, they remember, and was terribly accurate.

– We had a song contest at the school and I would help her organize her song. It was not easy. Laleh integrity gave a new face, says Jan Khouback.

– The school at that time was amazing. She is a tiny glimmer of it. Historical gold sand. It’s a girl friend, but damn what she is strong on the inside, says Hasse Nylén.

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