Thursday, November 27, 2014

Skåne Culture Award for Moodysson – Swedish Radio

The filmmaker and author Lukas Moodysson must Region Skåne’s Culture Prize in 2014. Cultural Committee highlights Moodysson’s blend of courage and earnest, and his ability to portray young people’s conditions and growing.

And it was a happy but slightly nervous Malmö resident who received the award at a hundred thousand dollars on arts complex in Kristianstad.

– Every time there is someone who thinks about something I’ve done makes me very glad. If you also get money for it, it is of course even better. But I’m really not so I assume that people will think that I am doing good things. I always think that people should turn on me and spit on me, so I am always pleasantly surprised if people think the opposite.

Region Skåne Cultural also means a cash prize of SEK 100 000. Money Moodysson say will lead to good working and hopefully more movies.

– Money is certainly first and foremost, the effect that you get a little work in peace and it is first and foremost it. Now I can take it easy and not rush quite as much as I thought I would have to do.

But how Skåne is Lukas Moodysson today?

– Everything I do has Skåne coupling in the way that I live here and write here, but I think it is very nice to go off and shoot. Then I have all these years meant that I had to shoot liters more in Malmo too, he says.


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