Sunday, November 16, 2014

“Herngren series is a happier fast cash” – Expressen

After a few years of bleak realism, this spring it for criminal comedy .

In a few months, it is time a reboot of “The Saint” and TV4 are now displayed “torpedoes” by Torkel Petersson as velor-felon.

Not since the millennium, there has been so happily in the underworld. Prick in 2000 came the last “The Saint”, and the same year beat Josef Fares through with “Jalla! Jalla!” followed by “Kopp”. Torkel Petersson played unprofessional police in the latter and ended up in jail at least for a little while in the former.

But since then, there has been both bleak and brutal. Stieg Larsson has taught us that men hate women, and Jens Lapidus how it really is everyone talking to the wrong side of the law. The color scheme has slowed to a “bridge” to become almost black and white.

“torpedoes” it’s almost like everything is in technicolor again. Bitwise appears Herngren series like the happier version of “Fast Cash” – complete with snälldum svenne dude (Torkel Petersson) who gets involved in bad things of a boss played by Dragomir Mrsic. It’s a bit predictable, but well crafted and energetically entertaining.

Last fall, however, I for two sedate gentlemen: Michael Segerstrom in the opening scene, and Magnus Härenstam as involuntary father to Sonny. Segerstrom so hot sighs heavily, and Härenstam is wonderful as grim upper class gentleman with pool and views. Two comic heavyweights who together form a needed counterweight to the lightweight feel of the ‘sunny side’ -bubbel.


Classic “Hassan” in -skämten ” partying “. Perfect 90′s nostalgia with Kristian Luuk.


If we can not put down “Café Bars” now. Please? Before I do anything rash.

On the web TV …

… I must soon begin to look at the “Kardashian”. Just because allmäbilda me a little about Kim.


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