Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pulitzer-acclaimed poet Mark Strand death – Göteborgs-Posten

The Pulitzer prized Mark Strand is dead. The poet, as simple but breathtaking explored life, became 80 years.

The poet and translator Mark Strand has passed away. His poems have been translated into over 30 languages ​​and in 1999 he received the Pulitzer Prize for collection Blizzard of One.

Two of his total of ten collections of poetry has been published in Swedish, both sensitively translated by Stewe Claesson: The story of our lives and The ongoing life. “There is poetry in its most uplifting and addictive form,” wrote author Per Floor Hammer GP in his review of the ongoing life in 2008. He speakers mentioned texts apparent simplicity and the Beach with stylistic full swing unit depict childhood, upbringing and the rest of life until to the moment of death and creates “breathtaking sharp pans of life.”

In his writing reappeared Beach constantly to the concepts of absence and loss, as in the verse: “wherever I am, I am what is missing”.

In addition to poetry, he also wrote children’s books and art criticism. Mark Strand died on Saturday at his daughter’s home in New York, in the wake of liposarcoma, a rare kind of cancer. He leaves, in addition to her daughter, a sister and a son.


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