Thursday, November 13, 2014

Robert Wells plays of Anton’s living room – Aftonbladet

Anton Fagerblom, 19, was thrown out of “Rhapsody in Rock” – because he clapped too much.

Now the instance of Robert Wells with a private gig in your living room .

– It was a real jam, says Wells.

“Rhapsody in Rock” was a guest Skövde last week sat Anton Fagerblom in the audience. He applauded and tjoade when Robert Wells rev of their songs. Too much, said the production company’s staff threw out Anton and his assistant from the concert venue.

Anton Fagerblom, who loves music and often do go to concerts, got the money back – but the evening ruined.

Afterwards prayed production apologize.

“Very nice”

Robert Wells wanted to make amends Anton Fagerblom by playing exclusively at his home.

On Thursday afternoon succumbed artist Thus up his piano in Anton’s living room.

– It was very nice. The family was sitting there, and Anton’s assistant Camilla. I had with me my technician, and my wife was singing along with a friend from a Finnish singing group. It became a real jam, says Robert Wells after the show.

Anton enjoyed the concert, says dad Goran Fagerblom .

– It was really nice, Super, top. Anton is pleased, he found this great fun, he says, and heap praise on Robert Wells:

– It was not Wells decided to throw out Anton, yet he comes here and do a gig. What happened was sad but this was a fantastic way to compensate Anton.

“Was a little ball ‘

The show went on for over an hour.

– It was important that we were not rushed. Once we were there we might as well lira. It was really cozy. I’ve played at Ullevi Stadium and the Royal Albert Hall. Now I’ve played in a living room in Falkirk too. It’s a little cooler, said Robert Wells.

Anton Fagerblom also got to star a little piano. Afterwards fikade Robert Wells and his entourage with the family.

The musician was told that Anton was thrown out the day after the concert in Skövde.

– It was an awesome concert, so it was a mental hangover. I talked to my tour manager who was clearly unhappy at what had happened. I want to stand up for those I work with, and do not pretend it’s raining. Now I had a chance to do it, and in addition delight Anton said Robert Wells.


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