Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Planned a new movie when Brasse went away – Expressen

The Brasse Brännströms last feature film was “Best before”.

Now, says Mats Arehn for Aftonbladet that he and the actor planned another film.

– It was a shit time when Brasse went away, says the director.

Nöjesbladet as the director Mats Arehn talks about the movie plans he and Brasse Brännström had before it that the beloved actor passed away.

Arehn directed “Best before”, the feature film that became Brasses last and in connection with the shooting, they started writing the script for another film titled “Night and Day.”

– “Night and Day” all about Harry, an older wealthy man who becomes a widower. That role would Brasse have played. Harry has a bit secretly lived with another man all his life. Now he moves to Fuengirola in Spain, where he plans to kill himself. But then he meets a woman and a young artist to get him to change his plans, says Mats Arehn and adds that it is:

– This is both funny, sad and melancholy story ..

Mats Arehn says to Aftonbladet that the plan was to record “Night and Day” in the spring of 2015. He describes the film as a “funny, sad and melancholy story” and compares it to “Lost in Translation” and “The Death of Venice “. Arehn says while he is currently fully let go of the film and that he is unsure about making the film with another actor in the Brasses prospective role.

– It must then be in a way that I know Brasse that would have been able to stand for as well.

Brasse Brännström passed away on August 29th. He was 69 years.


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