Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paradise hotel “-Eric quarantined,” Be completely self “- Aftonbladet

Alone and isolated.

Eric Hagberg had to wait for 17 days to get back into the “Paradise Hotel”.

– It was little dicey. I was all by myself, ‘he says.

Eric Hagberg , 21, has been released from “Paradise Hotel” before, but when he first went out in a parceremoni, he did not go home to Sweden. Instead checked production him alone in a separate hotel.

– It was a little awkward, because I was all by myself. I did not know if I would have come back in, said Eric Hagberg.

“very tedious”

In 17 days he waited.

– Mexico was fine, and it was sunny. I said the glass at the pool as well. I woke up in the morning, sometimes joined the English movies on TV, but it was very seldom. It was very, very boring, says Eric Hagberg.

He was not allowed to call home to Sweden or contact someone.

– I can not speak Spanish, so it was hard to talk to someone . But sometimes came deltgaransvarige over, they got in touch and made sure I was feeling good.

“was overjoyed”

Eric Hagberg says that production treated him well and that he bettraktade quarantine as relaxation, but was very relieved when it was clear that he had to make a comeback in the reality show.

– It felt good not too good there. I was thrilled when they told me to back in, he said.


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