Sunday, November 9, 2014

Kajsa dawned on her tears in “So Much Better” – Aftonbladet

She cried in “So much better” – but never told why.

Not even in his autobiography has Kajsa dawned dared to take up the difficult breakup with former love.

– It ended in such a fucking disaster, she says to Aftonbladet.

Punk Queen Kajsa dawned , 53, was moved to tears during the Amanda Jenssen’s interpretation of Aunt Struls “Do you dare to be alone.”

arouses strong feelings

In “So Much Better”, viewers hear how Kajsa struggled with love relationships in her life, and she explains that the lyrics “I want to be in love if someone can love me” aroused strong feelings.

– Despite that they enjoy the solitude there is a yearning deep in the heart to be loved. She touched the little string that song says Kajsa Nöjesbladet.

But the viewers were not told was that behind the tears are the last relationship ended so badly that it changed in the last ten years.

– It ended with such a fucking disaster actually. I thought I had done well, made great choices, so it just became such an utter disaster. I have not even told you about it in my autobiography because it was such a disaster, she said.

Living alone

– It was not just that it ended up being enough, it also meant that I retreated entire thing with relationships. A little “protect you damn now.”

She can not go into details about the relationship, but Kajsa dawned has lived alone since then. Ten years have passed and she has accepted the idea of ​​maybe having to be alone to not continue venturing into destructive relationships.

– I have not been the best at choosing men. When something does not work and you have an ulcer, which are often sought it out where the pattern in some way and trying to make things right, she says.


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