Saturday, November 22, 2014

Helen Sjöholm sings at Kim’s funeral – Expressen

On Monday buried Kim Anderzon in Catherine’s Church in Stockholm – and there will be a farewell worthy of the beloved actress.

Helen Sjöholm sings and on the cover page of the program she rides on his beloved Icelandic horse.

– Losing a man you have lived with for so long is incomprehensible simply says her partner Lars Naumburg before the ceremony.

For almost a month ago, Kim Anderzon away after a long battle against cancer. She was 71 years old.

She had during his period of illness planned his own funeral with my boyfriend Lars Naumburg .

– Her funeral we talked about before she became ill. It has been in a more light-hearted tone. From the time she became ill, she deliberately had a very clear strategy to just talk about it constructive, vibrant, life-giving. She has been incredibly sad that she became ill and felt that talking about death was not particularly interesting to her. She wanted to live. We were not next to each other and talked about “so here I want you to do at the funeral,” Lars Naumburg said.

A ceremony in Kim’s spirit

The program sheet to judge, which Expressen today publishes with the permission of the family, so it becomes a ceremony entirely in Kim Anderzons spirit.

The front is adorned with a painted picture where the actress is riding an Icelandic horse, waving a whip that ends with a rose. Kim Anderzon beloved Icelandic horses and had a variety of other animals.

The music is played spouses Monica and Carl-Axel Dominique . Even my boyfriend Lars Naumburg included among those who make music.

– You go emotional raffle at any left. It’s very, very strange. Everything is strange, he said before the funeral.

Ends with “Glory”

Helen Sjöholm sing his showpieces “Gabriella’s Song”. Procession out of the church to the cemetery seems to be the New Orleans-inspired as it is led by Jesse Lindberg’s Brass Band .

– Losing a man you have lived with for so long is simply incomprehensible. At the same time, in that she was so sick and had so much pain, so it was nice that she had to quit hurting, says Lars Naumburg on.

It all ends with “Glory”. The memorial service for those who signed up, held at Mosebacke establishment.

“bravest I have experienced”

When Kim Anderzon went away was the family by her side, days before the passing gathered 70 -number friends and colleagues to remember the beloved actress’ life and career.

– It is among the bravest I have experienced. She had a farewell party where she bade farewell to all his friends. It is among the bravest I have experienced, said, among other actor colleague and friend Johan Rabaeus .


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