Wednesday, February 25, 2015

There will be no statue of lady with handbag – Göteborgs-Posten

The clock 14:18 on Wednesday adopted the awaited decisions of Växjö’s culture and leisure committee: There will be no statue of lady with handbag at Växjö’s main square.

The Social Democrats in the Board, which previously have been positive to the statue, chose to take account of the depicted woman’s loved ones to back down on the issue. Instead, they came up with a new proposal which shall have been created together with the families and photographer Hans Runesson: To another memorial would be produced to commemorate the event and to draw attention to the fight against Nazism.

Nor This proposal gained a hearing in committee and voted down. The Social Democrats and the Left reservation against the decision.

There have been days quite a lot of discussion about Susanna Arwins statue With the handbag as weapons, that was supposed to be erected in Växjö before culture and recreational activities in the municipality withdrew its decision. Several representatives from other municipalities has said it wants the statue on its squares, and the GP was able last week to tell you that Nudie founder Maria Erixon Levin ordered it to his garden.

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Lately it has also flared up a debate about the woman depicted on the statue. A relative has been in touch to Växjö Municipality and said that it would be inappropriate to ride it, and the priest Kent Wisti wrote in an article on SVT’s Media serpent that the picture painted by women in the media is inaccurate.

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“Danuta [Danielsson] was no gunpowder old woman. Danuta has long lived with severe anxiety and had been under psychiatric care” he writes about the then 38-year-old woman, who two years after the events in Växjö took his own life.

According to Kent Wisti began in 1985 rumors spread that currently reflected in the newspapers, for example, that Ms Danielsson would have seen his mother brought to concentration camps in Poland with my own eyes, which is not true. When she was born in 1947 were all concentration camps closed.

Self said Ms Danielsson that she did not appreciate being a celebrity and not wanted the attention, writes Kent Wisti.

In a reply to the article writing freelance writer and Film researcher Charlotte Wiberg some images spreading and afterwards stands for something larger than their original context.

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“But the key is the act itself” she writes. “The moment she lifted the bag to saturate a stroke, she became an icon of courage – regardless of how her life in general looked like, regardless of what she had done earlier that day and how it ended. (…) [G ] ian long time has passed and we do not know how Danuta put itself at the event today, if she outlived her depression. ”

When Fatima Bremmer and Magnus Wemman 2011 concerned the incident in the story The last ladies (Forum), they wrote after having conversed with photographer Hans Runesson (who took the photograph of Ms Danielsson artist Susanna Arwin have used as template):

“The woman had its roots in Poland and was painfully aware of what Nazism accomplished in their home country during World War II. Her family had been severely affected, including the mother had fallen into concentration camps, and the nightmare made itself felt when demonstrators grimly stepped up in the usually sedate Småland town. “


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