Monday, February 23, 2015

Reinfeldt’s love – a post-political syndrome? – Expressen

“Sit looooss, you beat friiiiiii .

I leave all that was, rejects the Directive.

And here I am, a changed soul. “

PR consultant Staffan Grebe writes it right so funny on Twitter:

“You have come to Niklas Svensson – it’s many dear politicians who call me right now, but you keep your place in the queue. “

Anders Borg and Reinfeldt appeared as a synchronized duo during years in Swedish toppolitik so it is easy to pull switches when Fredrik Reinfeldt just a week after his moderate sidekick, also go out and confirms a love relationship.

“Roberta and I’m colleagues for many years. It has gradually gone over the deep friendship. Where it to us now I do not know yet, but Roberta is an amazing woman, “ writes that former prime minister sms to Expressen , if his former press officer Roberta Alenius.

It is assumed at all very much right now, many are those who have known.

But it was in all honesty allowed Ever since the pair Reinfeldt, Frederick and Philippa, in March 2012 announced that they would go their separate ways.

I like not even have had love ear outward can enumerate four very famous Swedish women who have “been with” the former prime minister since the divorce three years ago, Boy, you have no idea sickna reliable sources it has been.

Every time.

And it was a bit hilarious, when the news came in the morning today I had just met up freelance journalist and author Lena Sundström, who was invited as a lecturer Expressen.

– Yes, I’ve also paired with Fredrik Reinfeldt, said Lena Sundström and shook his head.

As early as the summer of 2012 when Reinfeldt’s divorce had just gone through wrote Lena Mellin at Aftonbladet a chronicle of love gossip surrounding the then Prime Minister.

“Very reliable sources, they say that contact himself, claiming that he now courtship with Gender Equality Nyamko Sabuni (FP), Minister for Employment Hillevi Engström (M), Energy Anna-Karin Hatt (C), his press officer Roberta Alenius or author and journalist Lena Sundström. Or – another handful of skilled ladies in their prime. “

The two heavy ex-politicians just months after exit ports in the spotlight for his private life (probably quite independent of each other) could be perceived as a post-political syndrome.

After a long political career, constantly in the sharpest spotlight, want to suddenly live a completely different life.

Release the political shackles, follow your heart beat you friiiii.

(I see Frost Elsa front of me here now.)

(Or, by the way, I see Fredrik Reinfeldt Frost Elsa, arm in arm with Anders Borg as Frost -Anna, along sjungo the popular movie’s theme song above).

Though, perhaps it is not so, maybe it’s the other way around?

Fredrik Reinfeldt’s defection came bang boom bang and was a surprise even within its own ranks, and who knows, I wonder if it was the “private hardships” that hastened the departure, rather.

It suddenly became very hurry out the brightest light.

While the Conservative Party on election night thanked individually made his former press officer the same.

It’s a little less focus on a writer than a leading politician after all.


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