Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Heavy comeback for Tove Lo at Grammy – Aftonbladet

Two heavy duty rates were Tove Lo at the Grammy Awards.

But she was perhaps even more pleased that the vocals are back.

– The voice is completely healed. It feels great to be back!

She works with Max Martin , is heard on “The Hunger Games” -soundtracket and bask on the other side of the Atlantic.

This gala season got Tove Lo , 27, also formal proof of the estimate at home. On Wednesday’s Grammy Gala, she received the heavy prices for Artist of the Year and the Year song – “Habits (Stay high).”

The song has Swedish people are island state until his favorites.

– I am so happy that the fans have gone in and actively chosen: ‘She will win’. It feels fantastic. But there is also something so gloriously over Artist of the Year. It sounds so fat! says Tove Lo Nöjesbladet.

Tove Lo got even became Newcomer of the Year at P3 Guld in January. But because of cysts on the famous vocal cords, she was forced to cancel her appearance and had to stay home in your living room, silent.

But now his voice completely healed, announces the artist. She really just wanted to burst into song at the Grammy stage.

– I felt: I just can not get drag a song now, while I stand up here and have been declared healthy after surgery? It felt great to be back!

She used however his speech to thank the family who support despite her huge hit song is dope theme …

The two statuettes will Tove Lo celebrate with the use the vocal cords properly.

– I’ll drink champagne and talk to people for the first time on type two months, so I’m damn psyched.

Tove Lo, Rebecca & amp; Fiona, Little Jinder, Seinabo Sey and First Aid Kit was among the gala’s sole winner. All young women. It feels fresh, like Tove Lo.

– After having traveled a lot, I have seen that we have come a long way in Sweden, compared with many other countries, where girls are not expected to cope with this fact, the somehow. But here there is no questioning who the man behind. It’s fun!

In March’ll Tove Lo play in the US, and the Swedish audience has his chance in Stockholm in April and the Way Out West in August.

– I have seen forward to playing here at home, says Grammy winner.


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