Sunday, February 22, 2015

Larsson: Can 2.9 million votes have been wrong? The answer is yes. – Aftonbladet

Östersund. Can over 2.9 million votes have been wrong?

Ha ha ha.

The answer is – yes.

One takes his forehead.

“I see you” with Kristin Amparo to Second Chance?

One takes his forehead again.

By far the best performance, and by far the most beautiful premium, then get start in Helsingborg?

We’ve seen it before. My thoughts go directly to the “Moving On” with Sarah Dawn Finer , which in 2009 was knocked out by an elegant operetta slapstick who sailed further and made huge success in Moscow. Oh, so well it went.

Schlager Gods got to sit in the emergency meeting for months over the fadäsen. And now the same company set up “please do not disturb” sign outside the meeting room again.

For now wait here.

In the first round was gracious Jessica Andersson directly to the final with a ballad that was almost an empty glass of water.

Two weeks later, one of the strongest ballads presented in competition prepare for To qualify against, say, Samir & amp; Victor in Helsingborg. Or popfantomerna Dolly Style.

That joke is so big and indecent to the rawest stand-up comedy are now sitting at home and scratches his chin. How the hell should they ever be able to hatch something more fun and more and more scathing? The situation gets Magnus Betnér appear as Hasse “Kvinnaböske” Andersson .

Here are somewhere at the heart of the Eurovision Song Contest never ceases to be surprising and fascinating. You can not beat the extreme mainstream. The ever present madness is always, always the biggest key change.

Oh, it’s nothing much wrong Jon Henrik Fjällgren . He’s a cool cat and hard to beat yoiking ‘n’ roll artist. Third TASK biggest highlight was the presentation of him before the grant is started.

All is ridiculous in them. But Jon Henry. I think he went to the finals already when he said “reindeer”. But the “song” and the number “I am free (manne Leam frijje)” is a small misery.

Please send Mountain Branch to Vienna. The press conferences will be magical and sound like this:

“Yeah”. “No”. “Reindeer”.

There is no wrong Isa either. The future is for the 16-year-old golden sneakers with wings. And by drawing the chorus in Taylor Swift “Shake it off” you go far in this competition. Why make an effort in vain?

But at the expense of Amparo? Get out. Stop it now. Give up. Now may be a good idea, as Tommy Körberg once sang.

But I really want to give everyone who voted in a standing ovation.


Your sick sense of humor is setting new records every year.

You are the contest proceeds.

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