Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Isa advance to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest – Aftonbladet

The favorite was the pressure.

yoiker Jon Henrik Fjällgren, 27 goes directly to the Melodifestivalen final. He is joined by debutant Isa; 16.

Andreas Weise and Kristin Amparo get a second chance in Helsingborg.

– I just want to dance and jump, says Jon Henry.

Bookmakers believed it. TV viewers were on the same wavelength. Even Nöjesbladet pop columnist Markus Larsson was convinced that yoiking star Jon Henrik Fjällgren would go directly to the finals in Östersund with his “I am free”. So it was, too.

The second fancied, Kristin Amparo , did not reach all the way. Instead, it was 16-year-old Isa Tengblad that went directly to the final with the song “Do not stop.”

– I just want to dance and jump. I’m a little shocked and very happy now, says Jon Henrik Fjällgren in Aftonbladet TV’s live broadcast.

When it became clear that he won he charged about to give everything on stage.

– Now the Devils should I get wings to lift, says Jon Henrik Fjällgren.

Mountain Branch also told me that the chant is written to a specific person.

– There is a special person I think of. But she does not know it. But maybe she knows it soon, says 27-year-old.

Hear his own words about love greeting here!

“Felt overjoyed”

One of the evening’s big surprises was that Isa Tengblad went straight to the final.

– After the number, I felt so happy that I got to be on stage and do what I love. But I dared not think I would go further, she said.

Amparo and Weise to the Second Chance

Kristin Amparo and Andreas Weise will compete again in Second chance in Helsingborg.

– I was so happy after I sung. But I had little svimkänsla too. I had not eaten enough, so I thought I would faint in the greenroom, says Andreas Weise.

– But now I feel so grateful to the Swedish people want to see more of me.

How will you celebrate?

– I’ll drive straight into the ceiling. I have not partied all week, and now I’m on in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Even though she was the favorite touted did not make Second Chance-site Kristin Amparo disappointed.

– I take it that a compliment that people think I’m good. But I knew from the start that I can only do my best, and I did. So I am proud, says Kristin Amparo.

Johnson left the greenroom

Ellen Benediktson , Andrew Johnson and Donald Johansson went out.

Seasoned Andrew Johnson ended up in seventh and last place. It must be converted into tonight’s bang. After the announcement, he left the green room right away.

Song Contest Winner’s income: 0 crowns – so much serve Melodifestivalen participants

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