Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pascalidous haters can not get the win – Expressen

The journalist and critic Alexandra Pascalidou ending his job as hostess for Ring P1.

There is a radio show that is not always suitable for sensitive souls, but Pascalidou have with their background and their opinions apparently attracted until the most blatant racist vote. They have called the program and they have sent emails.

Now dryers Alexandra Pascalidou no more, she writes on her blog.

From a democratic and social perspective, it is a terrible defeat that people in Sweden feel compelled to leave their roles in the public sphere because of hatred and threats.

Public figures may incur hatred for many reasons: for what hen write, say or think. To Be Attacked for being who you are, for example, for their ethnicity or skin color, is particularly serious.

So far, police have not been successful in accessing näthatare, to put it mildly. But the new National Police Commissioner, Dan Eliasson, has announced that it’s going to change that. The police should concentrate on protecting open democratic society, writes Eliasson in Dagens Nyheter. Plans include a national cybercrime center with the combined resources and expertise to meet the crime online.

There is a real and important priority. If the judiciary would succeed trap a number of people näthot would such precedents being set. It would show both that the police can find the culprits and that society condemns such behavior.

But no amount of investigative resources could keep the network free from hatred. Furthermore, it is understood to inflict injury without breaking the law – low frequency damage, but it may be the straw that wears away a stone.

Some magic solution, is not available today. But we must do what we can. It should also be possible to develop technical solutions, such as better spam features that allow obscenities does not reach the addressee. Employers must build support functions to affected employees can get help with hotvärdering and to just talk, vent.

But there are of course small employers and there are those who freelances – which Pascalidou. They are particularly vulnerable.

Prevention is of course important. Society must not get used without wearing down, wear, wearing down into the näthot and -hat is pathetic and contemptible, and that there are real people of flesh and blood is being attacked. Especially important is to instill in children. It’s not just adults who are victims of atrocities. Children and young people are bullied and harassed online and mobile. When this happens, young to be taught that they are immediately going to tell you, so that the adult world can step in.

To some extent are public people unfortunately had to learn to live with some nasties in the mail bin. You can not get away from. Simply decide to ignore the idiots that do not react like they want you to, is an act of resistance that too.


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