Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kids Channel’s new video: How to become children – Swedish Radio

“Are you a sperm you live really small, in a pouch. But if you’re an egg if you live in a log, an ovary. “

So begins the new film from SVT Barnkanalen as in a pedagogical way, tells how babies are made. The film was broadcast on television first on Sunday with already have it published on the program Bacillakutens Facebook page.

At this writing, the clip amassed about 470 likes and a long list of comments.

“Great that they teach it with photos so children understand that not the stork’s;)” writes one.

” Perfect after all, “writes another.

But just like with snipp- and snip the video are not all equal saved.

” I am speechless ! My almost 6 year old who loves Bacillakuten do not need to know this !!! “wrote one person in the comments on Facebook.

Tomorrow Bacillakuten keep in a chat where parents can have their say on the video before the program is broadcast .


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