Sunday, February 22, 2015

Houston’s bodyguard: “I was terrified” – Expressen

LONDON. Whitney Houston’s former bodyguard tells for the first time about his job with the superstar.

David Roberts, 62, followed her daughter Bobbi Kristina’s upbringing – and says that she is in a coma:

– The girl had no chance from the start.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, was found lifeless at his home in Atlanta for over three weeks ago. She was taken to hospital and since then has been critical condition. The reason why she was found lifeless being investigated by police.

Her mother died after being found in a similar fashion in February 2012. The superstar Whitney Houston lying in a bathtub in Beverly Hills and according to the autopsy, there was cocaine addiction and heart problems involved.

Her former bodyguard David Roberts says now – in the first interview he ever give – he soon knew how it would go for Bobbi Kristina Brown. He followed her first year and was alarmed by what he saw: a little girl who got diamond earrings worth more than SEK 100 000 while her parents took large amounts of drugs.

– I saw when Bobbi Kristina was running around as a little girl in the corridors of the hotels where we stayed. She was surrounded by freaked out people who would take care of her and I was worried about her future, he says in the interview with Mail on Sunday.

“Another victim”

According to David Roberts Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, has been a big reason for Bobbi Kristina’s destiny – just as he believes that he was world star’s way to the bottom. David Roberts says he is not surprised that she now lies in a coma.

– All good Bobby Brown has had in his life he has ruined. Her career, Whitney, and now Bobbi Kristina. She is still a victim of his toxic personality.

David Roberts, who come from Wales in the UK, was Whitney Houston’s bodyguard when he was hired during her UK tour. He then stopped working for Scotland Yard and protected instead singer for seven years. Roberts made just like Kevin Costner in the movie “The Bodyguard” – was at her side almost all the time. It also meant that he saw up close how Houston was pulled deeper and deeper into his drug addiction.

“I was terrified”

During the filming of “Waiting to Exhale” in 1995, the drugs were taken over, according to Roberts.

– She took an overdose of cocaine and the recordings were stopped for a week. Her doctor told me that he would give her eight months to stop, otherwise she would never be able to sing again.

He continues:

– I was terrified, but shortly afterwards we flew to Brunei for her to sing at the Sultan’s niece’s 18th birthday. She croaked through their greatest hits. I thought it was disgusting and she knew it, he says.

Two weeks later, he was liberated from his mission and he never heard from her again.

If Houston’s husband Bobby Brown, who now risk losing even his daughter, he says:

– Those who were around her failed. With Bobbi Kristina so close to dying too, I wonder if he feels guilty for how he has behaved. He should do it, says David Roberts to the Mail on Sunday.


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