Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kemal was peasant boy who became a writer – Expressen

Some should never die.

I did Yasar Kemal, the turkiskspråkige world the author of Kurdish background, us in a hospital on Saturday.

He left us after struggling intensely with heart problems, infections of the liver and respiratory problems since January.

Yasar Kemal was the farmer’s son who became a journalist and then switched to the author. The International narrator of rank was inspired by Cervantes and Chekhov. The fact that he wrote a lot about village life in Anat Alien and in the Kurdish areas were defined, he not infrequently as “peasant writer” or “working writer” by the Turkish media.

Kemal’s authorship is large and wide. The memories and the people from childhood he never let down.

Kemal always gave voice to the right helpless and powerless. In the bestseller “Let the thorns burn”, (en transl 1970), a Turkish variation of Robin Hood is about the thin rebel Mehmet, who tire of her cruel employer Abdi Aga and take up arms and go to the mountains with his beloved Hatice.

“The thousand bulls Mountain” (1976) he allows nomadic tribe Karachullu be heard. With great dedication he depicts how the nomadic tribes forced to abandon their pastures because of those in power laws in Ankara.

Kemal himself had grown up in difficult conditions and knew what impotence meant.

To our common friends he used to in recent years point out that “Vredgadhav” (en transl 1985), which depicts a few fishing villages outside Istanbul and the fisherman Selim was one of his two favorites. Kemal addressing environmental degradation seriously – long before many authors.

The man who wrote great books and could sing thousands of Kurdish songs have changed the planet.

The loss is great, but the world shall remember His work.

His first name means “the one who always lives”.

It hurts to a much loved author did not receive the Nobel Prize as he was considered for already in the 1970′s. According to a member of the Swedish Academy did not Yasar Kemal price because he wrote simple.

I hope that the setting will not affect any other appropriate Nobel Prize candidate.

Yasar Kemal was 91 years.

Rest in peace.


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