Sunday, February 22, 2015

Whitney’s bodyguard speaks out – Aftonbladet

Destructive and broken.

To describe one of Whitney Houston’s bodyguards Bobbi Kristina’s upbringing.

– The parents consumed huge quantities of drugs, he says to the Daily Mail.

David Roberts was at Whitney Houston page for more than ten years.

Now speaks the bodyguard, who was the inspiration for the movie “The Bodyguard” out of life with the singer – and the tragic tub event that placed her daughter in a coma.

“Had no chance”

– Bobbi Kristina had no chance from the beginning, she was born into chaos, he tells the Daily Mail.

In the long interview, he speaks very highly of Whitney Houston and put all the blame to the star couple’s destructive living on her husband Bobby Brown .

“Whitney vulnerable”

– I know that everyone is responsible for their own actions, but Whitney was vulnerable. And she was possessed by Bobby Brown. He subjected her to psychological abuse.

Bobbi Kristina’s destiny surprises him not at all.

– She grew up in a world where she could run around with earrings worth SEK 280 000 while she witnessed how the parents consumed huge amounts of drugs, says Roberts told the Daily Mail.

Adds the blame for Brown

The Bodyguard describes that he felt anger when he heard about Bobbi Kristina’s destiny. And blames her father, Bobby Brown.

All the good that Brown had in his life he has ruined – career, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina now. She’s just another victim of his unhealthy personality.


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