Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Henry Leman: “It is seriously now Frölunda” – Expressen

Gothenburg. A week. Three away games. An opportunity for Frölunda show:

“It is seriously now.

We have taken it.”

Now is not good enough to promise good anymore – it is about to show it.

When Frölunda Indians last summer la of course was the honeymoon affectionate.

Develop players takes time.

Develop a friendly game takes time.

Clearly it is not possible to expect (SM) and honey directly.

But the honeymoon can not last forever, with five games left in the regular season 14/15, with finals around the corner, it’s time to start making demands on Frölunda, on ledarstaben, the players.

It is not enough show golden capacity and then, as if to show how good this team can play.

It’s about doing it continuously.

Starting this week, in Karlstad, Ö-vik and Leksand, were excellent.

It’s almost two seasons now as Roger Rönnberg , Robert Ohlsson , Klas Östman and Christopher Martin led Frölunda.

Still talking Rönnberg on the roundabout , too complicated, because stagnant in their own zone.

Still looks Rönnberg bit too seldom traffic into the opposition under.

Still Martin sees that his goalkeepers do those paintings that should have been washed away.

No, alongside should believe management’s job is simple. It Frölunda chosen to do – clean up the expensive, often chance magnificent signings, cut in salary budget and instead focus on development of existing players – is basically good, worth applauding.

That’s the way Skelleftea mapped out.

It is the path that probably is best in the long run.

The only question is how long the visibility to be?

It is one thing to train new players in a partially new way to play hockey, you know, this playing out situations, dare to be developed, but the fact is this:

Ten of the 13 forwards (including damaged Magnus Kahnberg and Anton Axelsson : Twelve out of 15) was already engaged last season.

Four of the six bearing slopes (including damaged Christian Backman : five of seven) has Frölunda routine.

So it is possible to argue that it’s actually been time to put a foundation.

I think the management had hoped for a little more stability the achievements already, so by a law both on paper and on ice absolutely has the capacity to interfere in gold the talking.

I know the fans made it.

Third in the SHL? Two points behind runner-up Vaxjo? Other teams are also upside down?

Of course. Let us not be over-critical, Frölunda has so far done an excellent season.

The feeling is just that it requires even more, a more stable base plate, to succeed in a tough playoff game.

The feeling is that it would be good to show the week.

Table row 10-3 (1-2) 7 after Christmas speaks quite clearly Language: Really damn good at times, not good enough sometimes.

No doubt about that team Frölunda gave fans reason to dream of gold.

No doubt about that lowest level in a playoff game must it up a notch.

Ryan Lasch has addressed one problem: the scoring. Now it’s about to record Lasse Johansson as the first goalkeeper, working with traffic and PP-game, but especially this:

The action in their own zone.

I continue to nag, but as soon as the players get a little tedious, a little slow, it affects Frölunda’s overall performance. This is partly about the playability of those who do not have the puck, and he who has it must be content with the little sometimes, not always find it difficult.

It is not an easy equation to solve, Frölunda’s success is based that the slopes are so games proficient in their ability to resolve difficult situations and build a good offense, but sometimes you have to read the situation and play easier.

I’m talking mainly about Erik Gustafsson and Michael Wikstrand .

Raises the lift Frölunda.

I also talk about Mathis Olimb ; right now he works for most situations in pursuit of the mold.

He needs to find the right week.


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