Friday, February 27, 2015

What color is the dress? – Aftonbladet

A picture of a dress that a woman was putting on the net has caused complete chaos.

The woman wondering simple if the color of the dress: Is the white and gold, or black and blue?

Everyone who sees it thinks indeed different!

BuzzFeed was the first to publish a woman’s picture of the dress, which she posted on twitter. After that thousands of people have been involved in a vote on the color – and everyone seems to look different.

The woman herself is convinced that the dress is black and blue, but her friends say it is white and gold. Of the nearly half a million people who voted for Buzfeed think 72 percent of the dress is white and gold, while 28 percent see it as black and blue.

However, it seems that the dress is black and blue . In any case, if you look at the website selling the dress in question.

The answer: Color Blindness

According to eye specialist Enping Chen is the answer to why we see different colors quite simple – it concerns color blindness.

– We humans can perceive color differently. Some have a defect on the different types of colors.

What colors do you think that the dress has?

– I think the dress is blue and black.

But Enping Chen still can not say with certainty that it is his response that is right.

– No, I do not know. But it’s the colors that I see.

Celebrities reactions

Even more celebrities have taken sides in the debate about the color of the dress. Justin Bieber writes on Twitter that the dress is black and blue, actor James Franco agrees. But Kim Kardashian thinks that the majority of those who voted for Buzfeed – the dress is white and gold.

Readers’ Opinions:

Aftonbladet’s readers have this morning been in touch with their vision – and even This is disagreement:

In your view is the dress purple + green.

Anna Maria

It is light blue with brown. Sure there’s a glimmer of gold in some places but the most part is brown and light blue.


The dress is quite clear blue and black !!!


I look white and gold but my partner sees it as black and blue, but if you squint a lot, then the black front of me that looks white and gold.



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