Friday, February 27, 2015

What color is the dress – really? – Göteborgs-Posten

A picture of an ordinary dress has quickly become the internets big thing. The reason: Different people see different colors on the fabric.

Taylor Swift has settled into twitter debate, as the Backstreet Boys and Kim Kardashian. The dress that was uploaded to the blog site Tumblr of 21-year-old Scottish singer Caitlin McNeill has certainly provoked reactions in the celebrity sphere.

In a telephone interview with Business Insider says she will dress brand Roman Originals worn by a woman on her friend’s wedding, and immediately realized that there was something odd with it when they saw the photos from the party.

Depending on who looked at the photo was described namely the color of the dress as either blue with black accents, or as white with gold details.

And on Twitter discussion has exploded. Kim Kardashian says on the site that she looks white and gold while her husband Kanye West looks black and blue.

The pop star Taylor Swift tweet:

“I do not understand this strange dress debate and it feels like there is a trick somehow. I’m confused and scared. PS. It is obvious that it is blue and black. “

A lot other twitterers shares her confusion. Some of the comments that have appeared on the site on Thursday:

“The dress is white and gold and I feel physically ill.”

“The This #dressgate allowed me to understand the intoxication that sports fans can feel sometimes. “

” My daughter thinks that it is blue and green and we are heading to the emergency room. “

Technology Site Wired has tried to find an explanation for why so many perceive the image differently, and brain researcher Jay Neitz says in the article have come up with the solution.

When light reaches an object the dress is reflected before it reaches our eyes. When we get the information to the senses contains the words both the original color of the light and the object’s original color. Our brains then sorts automatically remove the light color so that we only perceive the object’s appearance – a process that works differently good for different people, he says, and adds that the dress boasts the largest difference in the perception that he has ever had.

Bevil Conway, also neuroscientist, has another theory. According to him, decides daylight different colors how the dress is perceived, a light that can be pink in the morning, bluish-white by day and red at night.

– People ignore either from the blue side when they see the dress, which means that they see it in white and gold, or they do from the gold side, which means that they look blue and black.

Photoshop reveals

The Business Insider using modern technology to help and placed the photograph in Photoshop, which can determine which colors in an image. It showed that the colors are in equal elements in the photograph. Are your eyes more sensitive to black and blue you will perceive the dress in the colors; they are rather sensitive to the brighter colors, are you likely to those who think that the dress is white and gold.

Okay, interesting. Very interesting, even. But what color is the dress then?

It reveals Caitlin McNeill for Business Insider:

It is blue and black.


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