Friday, February 27, 2015

- Sandbox if you ask me! writes Peter Apelgren, comedian. – Aftonbladet

In the premiere of “Let’s Dance” did David Hellenius parody of the Eurovision Song Contest-character Filippa Bark.

Then raged celebrities on Twitter.

– Sandpit if you ask me! writes Peter Apelgren, comedian.

In this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest has the character Filippa Bark, played by comedian and actor Sissela Benn caused strong reactions. Among other things, the character accused of being embarrassing and boring. Benn has also been criticized for making fun of people with a disability.

criticism of comics

In tonight’s premiere program of “Let’s Dance” took TV host David Hellenius to give a hefty swipe at Filippa Bark and great competitor SVT. During interviews with the contestants dressed himself a pair of glasses, and put their questions on stapplig Skåne. It created strong reactions from viewers – and celebrities – on social media.

– What happened to this “Let’s Dance”? Mocked a middle-aged man a funny female human who goes home porcine much in young girls? writes the comic Josephine Johansson, known from P3′s humor programs Pang Prego, on Twitter.

“A little sour stomach that?”

She is backed by comedian Peter Apelgren , which is not appreciated Hellenius parody.

– Ops! David took out a little sour stomach against Filippa Bark there? Needless! Sandpit if you ask me! he writes.

Also comedian and TV host Karin Adelsköld question joke.

– I thought the lack of heat. Felt mockingly somehow, she writes.

Several jokes about SVT

During the evening’s program could David Hellenius and program leadership colleague Jessica Almenäs addition to joke healthy about Melodifestivalen röstningsapp that has been criticized for it not functioned properly.

– It works, because not until the mid-program, said Jessica Almenäs.

Nöjesbladet looking for David Hellenius for comment.


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