Thursday, February 26, 2015

Alexandra Pascalidou have had enough of hatred – Aftonbladet

The program director Alexandra Pascalidou ends on Ring P1.

On her blog, she writes that the cup has overflowed and that she did not do more.

– Hat and threats and harassment have been a part of my everyday life, she writes.

This morning announced Swedish Radio that it was Alexandra Pascalidous last day as hostess for the popular program Ring P1. On her blog, she writes that it is the constant hatred that is the cause.

“Today spilled the cup over. While painful mail dropped in during the live broadcast raised some callers tone and was downright so insolent that my patience snapped, “she wrote on Wednesday night.

Hat and threats every day

She writes that since she started as a host for Mosaic in SVT 20 years ago, hatred, intimidation and harassment has been a part of her everyday life, just because she is doing its job. She writes that she endured invective that svartskalle and blatte and writes that she has been asked to “go home to their country.”

“I have been forced to relate to this, I have knockats, dodged, arrest me , responded with kindness and respect, tried to avoid becoming bitter, hateful, pessimistic or depressed by a variety of home-made survival strategies and pepper techniques, “she writes.

Can not handle more

But after yesterday she has decided that enough is enough.

“I have done my best. But I can not be bothered anymore. “

She writes that others are experiencing the same hatred and wonder what has happened in Sweden.

” It’s a shame about all those forced to swallow and poisoned of hatred without ambient support and encouragement. For their sake – stand up. Stand up for them and with them. Stand up for the future. I can not take anymore, “she concludes blog post.

” Unusually severe threat “

Thomas Björklund, producer and coordinator Ring P1, confirming that Alexandra Pascalidou has received threats and hate, Like the other presenters for the radio show.

– Maybe she has received more. It happens now and then it gets much, he said.

She has received some harsh threats, he says. On his blog quote Alexandra Pascalidou a hatmejl where he writes that “it would be nice if someone shot you.”

– It is uncommon. So do not look all emails out, there are more general violations.

Does threats seriously

When someone presenters receive threats usually discuss it, says Thomas Björklund.

Have you made any special effort to help Alexandra Pascalidou?

– Every time she received a threat by Ring P1, we will send it on to the security department. We do not ignore the threat, we take very seriously, but exactly what we are doing, I would not go into.

Not clear if she sends back

Alexandra Pascalidou is scheduled as hostess for Ring P1 two weeks in May.

– I have not talked to her so I do not know if she stops. She has a formulation on her blog that I do not really know what it stands for, so I can not comment until I know says Thomas Björklund.

– I sincerely hope that she sends.

Aftonbladet has sought Alexandra Pascalidou for comment.


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