Thursday, October 9, 2014

Found Englund Nobel laureate in the NT? – Norrköping Newspapers

How do you actually go when those eighteen – in reality often reduced to no less – deciding who should get the Nobel Prize for Literature

According to the Academy’s very informative website you can take part of the procedure: how specifically selected, including previous winners, may nominate potential names. The nominees are usually amount to about 350 prominent writers, and the list created by the 4-5 members forming the Nobel Committee, established by the Academy and before a thorough thinning begins. For the names that persists external consultations have to be made in the form of expert testimony and sample translations. Back in April, the long list was reduced to a list of 15-20 names. Nobel Committee comes back to work and reduce the list to the five priority names lusläses of all academy members during the summer. In September, the real battle takes place. Now the members of the Academy’s position and to appoint a Nobel Prize winner is required that a majority of them support the name. The rest is formal and practical commitments – as to artfully formulate the citation, which the permanent secretary, Peter Englund, forwards to the world in three languages ​​on Thursday afternoon in October when the winner’s name is proclaimed to the world.

But it’s probably just NYS, a facade to lull everyone into a false irreproachability.

in 2014, I got this idea that it happened like this: one of the Swedish Academy’s more bohemian members, who over the years acquired an increasingly lazy intellectual orientation, sauntered in, a few minutes late, to today’s meeting with a folded but fresh copy of Norrköping Newspapers forearm. Hen arrived at the same moment that Peter Englund grimly said:

“Now we need to actually come to a decision, we become the laughing stock in the eyes of the world if we can not appoint anyone in years.”

He was met by severe glances as addition severity was characterized by a long ådagalagd obstinacy.

No one said anything.

Several minutes could elapse before the new arrival and lazy member took the opportunity to take word.

“I have a solution,” he said as he quickly unfolded Norrköping Newspapers of 9 October 2014 “Here reviewing Jan Karlsson Patrick Modianos new translations novel” Dora Bruder “and writes that he is a prospective Nobel Laureates. “

The emphasis on the last two words were his colleagues flinch. Suddenly the air in the Exchange Hall for breathing and tense facial features of the audience brightened considerably.

With his usual skill to quickly perceive the shifting moods, pulled Peter Englund breath and said, now a much lighter tone:

“Patrick Modiano: That we do not think of him, what is said, gentlemen and ladies, is not he the solution to our small but this year unusually protracted problem?”

All nodded eagerly.

“And so I think,” continued the increasingly uppsluppne Englund, “that this year we said to the press that we never had as easy to get along.”

His second proposal was met by boisterous laughter and the occasional loud giggle.

Peter Englund got up, stretched, and after a couple of three balanced throat clearing steered his steps towards the famous door that separated him from the world press.

And the rest, dear reader, is history.


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