Friday, October 3, 2014

Today, she was appointed as the new Minister of Culture. – Aftonbladet

Alice Bah Kuhnke, 42, became a member of the Green Party just a few days ago.

Today, she was appointed as the new Minister of Culture.

– It is the biggest surprise of the puzzle, says political scientist Ulf Bjereld.

The Big Bang in Löfvens new government, in addition to Margot Wallström is making a comeback as foreign minister, is the former presenter Alice Bah Kuhnke become ecologists Semitic Culture.

Alice Bah Kuhnke took over as Director General of the National Youth Service in September 2013.

Previously, she held positions as Chief Sustainability Officer for engineering consultancy company ÅF, host of the SVT, and she is co-founder of the think tank sector third

just went with MP

According to the MP’s party secretary Anders Wallner has she been sympathizer long.

– She says that she passed next to us, stayed with us and voted for us.

But a member of the MP, she was not until she received the offer to become Minister of Culture.

– She became a member a few days ago, when it was clear. Before then, she had roles where it was difficult for her to be overtly political.

Wallner’m delighted.

– We are extremely excited and proud of all our ministers, and especially that a person with such broad expertise and experience that Alice Bah Kuhnke choose to represent us.

“All parties have tried to recruit me – except M”

Bah Kuhnke has previously been member of the Moderate Party, she told Dagens Industri in 2007.

There is something Wallner did not know.

– Member of The Conservatives did you say? It makes you question her about. We obviously have full confidence in her as a minister.

For Bah Kuhnke said that she would consider becoming minister:

– Yes, soon enough. First I have to be adaptable enough to swallow whole
cake even though only half taste good. Ahead of the election campaign last year asked all the parliamentary parties if I wanted to work for them, except the Conservatives. It’s a bit of fun because the Conservatives are the only party that I have been a member, even if it was in Muf.

Former MP spokesperson Maria Wetterstrand tweet:

– Alice is selected by MP. If this is no doubt. Firstly, she is green, and the new MP not appoint three men and two women.

Denies MUF membership

The greatest chased from parliament to the cabinet meeting at the palace today was just Alice Bah Kunke . She was surrounded by reporters, cameras, voice recorders, microphones and press secretary:

– I see culture as the center of democracy enforcement, she said.

When did you become a member of the Green Party
– Three days ago, I became a member of the MP.
You’ve been a member of Muf earlier?
– I have never been a member of Muf, but I went to a party when I was fifteen, I think that’s it that everyone is talking about.
What are your qualifications for the post
– I’ve been working on democracy issues in virtually all my working life and concretely the last ten years. So I feel charged and ready.

Your husband is film actor, there may be a conflict of interest there?

– Haha, no, I do not think.

“Biggest surprise”

– It was perhaps the biggest surprise in this whole puzzle says S-labeled statsvetarprofessor Ulf Bjereld Aftonbladet.

Name that occurred in speculation about Culture entry SVT Director Eva Hamilton and the theater Stina Oscarson.

– But Bah Kuhnkes name has not been . I’m surprised that both Stefan Löfven went outside the political sphere, and over whom he was elected, saying Bjereld.

Bjereld take up to Bah Kuhnke kept a low public profile in recent years.

– But probably she has received very high marks for his role as director general of the Youth Board.

Started in Disney Club

She grew up in heard in Småland with a mother from Sweden and a father from Gambia. During the late 1980s, she was one of the country’s most promising sprint stars.

TV career began in 1992 with the SVT Disney Club. In the late 1990s she had her own talk show on TV4 självbetitlad.

from 1998 to 2002, she was married to TV host Henrik Johnsson, and since 2003 she is married to actor Johannes Bah Kuhnke. The couple has three daughters together


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