Monday, October 13, 2014

Book of Juholt becomes theater – Aftonbladet

Daniel Suhonen book about Håkan Juholt is set up as play at Uppsala City Theatre this spring.

– It is one of Shakespeare’s power plays or Machiavelli’s The Prince, says Stina Oscarson as dramatizes the book.

The director and former theater director Stina Oscarson got commissioned to do a rough draft screenplay in May. And a few weeks ago decided to Suhonen’s new book about Juholts short as S leader, party leader who stepped into the cold, to be erected at Uppsala City Theatre. Soon we will begin to set repeated.

“The comedy drastic”

– What I see as interesting is not who said what. I’m not interested in hanging out individuals. The basic story is so much larger. Everyone has their reasons why they act as they do. I do not think that those who were responsible for sossarnas election campaign would be managed by Prime is evil. It was because they really believed in it, she says:

– What’s interesting is the story of the democracy movement. This might as well have about Mona Sahlin. There is a train that is repeated again and again, says Stina Oscarson.

Oscarsson sees both tension and humor in the story, Suhonen vaskat out of sms, interviews, VU records and tape recordings.

– It is huge drama and at the same time very funny sometimes.

Take for example when Suhonen called up for uppläxning after writing a critical text. And the final battle, the Executive Committee meeting where party leaders took the decision Juholts departure in January.

– It is extremely tragic. Meanwhile, the comedy in some replicas are drastic.

“A beautiful and sad scene”

What do you see as the key scene

– There is an Executive Committee meeting where they’re going to go in another direction. All is about to steer social democracy to the left, but everyone gives. They lay down and decides to take the same financial framework and scope for reform that Borg and the Alliance. One sees forces from outside, you understand. It will be, “No, oh, I get it., Where it happens.” It is both a beautiful and a sad scene. Arch strapped, but lowered again.

Dennis Sandin will be directing. Which actors will be is not yet clear.

– I have not written with any particular in mind. It becomes the theater and Dennis Sandin to be borne by the cast. There are several that I see potential as Juholt, but it would be foolish before it is ready to start talking about names, says Oscarson.

Oscarson sitting in a group to design the Green Party’s new kulturpolitik.- I sit there independent intellectual. I’m no ecologist. I’m very keen not to be partisan.


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