Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lady Gaga | The Globe Stockholm, Tuesday – Gothenburg Post


Lady Gaga

Globen Stockholm, Tuesday

Audience: Crowded.

Best: Applause.

Worst: Manicure is nothing further.

A decade ago released the Pet Shop Boys his double collection PopArt, some songs were labeled as “pop” and others as “art”. Lady Gaga does the opposite. She turns on the concept and calls his tour and latest album for artpop but above all she combines art and pop music; she blends them together.

It’s Lady Gaga is not the first to do, far from it, but few have managed to enforce it with such weight and accuracy as Stefani Germanotta. Or for that matter with such ambitions.

Lady Gaga artrave: The artpop ball is colorful as a Baz Luhrmannfilm and grand enough to serve as entertainment break in the Super Bowl. A translucent scene stretching out like forked tongues in the audience, it’s outrageous fashions – Lady Gaga sings Partynauseous in a spotted octopus costume – and it’s tribute speech to the fans in the front, her little monsters. It’s just everything you could want out of a Lady Gaga concert. Yet, like it is not real.

The instrumental sections with Van Halen riffs and guitar solos are a bit too many, Born This Way serves no further as the piano ballad (although sing is powerful) and Judas mutilated down to its that only a Tummetott remaining.

While singing Lady Gaga really good, Applause may Globen in hunting, and she seems to have put the audience in Oslo fiasco behind him. So welcome back, Gaga, preferably with a stronger plate to build on the show next time.


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