Friday, October 3, 2014

Caz: I have been a good luck charm – Gothenburg Post

Eleven Idol finalists stand on stage on Friday. Josefine Myrberg, 17, of Gothenburg have selected Simple Minds Do not you forget about me from the movie The Breakfast Club.

How do you feel up for tonight’s broadcast?

– I feel a little nervous. I have given myself a challenge, I have chosen an old song that I do not normally listen to, and now I want to do it my way, do it a little poppy.

Is it because jury had earlier opinions?

– I have received good criticism of the jury, but they have told me to get my own id, so that you hear it’s Josefine. So now I thought that I choose a song that is a bit unexpected to show that you can hear that this is me.

The breakfast club is a classic 80′s movie, you’ve seen it

– Yes, I’ve looked at it now. I thought about it, it’s a collage film and I felt that I could relate to it. But I saw the movie after I selected song. I do not have great track in the 80′s. I think most of it coming out now, and is on the leaderboards.

How does it work when you select songs, you get to choose for themselves?

– We get a number of songs to choose from, it’s pretty quick jerks because everyone wants to get started and repeat.

What is the charge for the evening out?

– We got up early and went to the studio, we are in the studio now. We warm up, then singing all through his songs and rehearse. Otherwise, we take the most quiet, it’s important.

Is it nervous?

– Yes, of course, I have felt more nervous this week that maybe I should faila, but it still feels good.

Do you have any jacking from Gothenburg in the audience?

– Yes Mum and Dad is with. I have been a good luck charm from Mom that I’m wearing tonight.

What is the mood among Idol participants

– It’s great, it’s a very good group. They are taken care of, I did not know how it would be when was the anniversary of participants, how I would get into the group. But everyone here has the same interests, we click.

You are Peter Swartling jubilee participants. How did it feel when he appeared on Idol ticket

– I was totally shocked, I knew nothing, it was the mother who had been talking with Peter. We had met when I was 15, when he said I was too young, that I should continue to do what I did. So I did, wrote their own songs at home. I had no idea that he would come to school, suddenly I saw a large film crew.

What does it mean to be in the Idol

– It means very sick. I can not believe I’m standing here now. In two weeks, I have learned so much. I feel safe on the stage, if I’m nervous before they release it when I stand on stage.

What do you see yourself in a year?

– If you can dream so I work with maybe an album. I can of course still in high school and I’ll go clear at school. But afterwards I’ll go for it and go, to see how things are going to follow my dream.


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