Monday, October 13, 2014

Jämtin: I supported Hakan – Aftonbladet

By the S-leader Håkan Juholt resigned after an internal coup.

In a new book singled party secretary Carin Jämtin like intiativtagaren.

– I did my best to support the party chairman, she said if the allegations.

Today was given the book “Party leader who stepped into the cold” out of the S-profile Daniel Suhonen. But this weekend has excerpts from the published in various media and generated debate.

In the book singled including party secretary Carin Jämtin (S) out to be the one that was behind an internal coup to depose the former party leader Håkan Juholt.

denies the allegations

Suhonen tells in the book how Juholt in October 2011 were sent to a training center, officially to prepare for the next party leader debate. In the hidden gathered Social Democratic executive committee at the party office on Sveavägen 68 in Stockholm. On site attended Jämtin, Mikael Damberg, Sven-Erik Österberg, Helene Fritzon, meeting leader Wanja Lundby-Wedin and Elvy Söderström over the phone.

According to the book was the purpose to commit Juholt. Then Fritzon opposed the plans was the plan in place to put pressure on the party leader to instead make the decision yourself.

– It was in effect a coup attempt on Carin Jämtins initiative, three months before he finally fell, said Suhonen this weekend.

Only now she says the information in the book.

– It would never occur to me to Kuppa or behave that way. My job was to support the party in different ways, says Jämtin Aftonbladet.

“There were many conversations”

Jämtin instead describes a wounded party.

– This was an extremely difficult period for our party. It was an extremely difficult period for all of us who attended and worked in various ways to the party’s poll numbers would start going up instead of down.

She denies that she should have called the secret meeting and states that she does not remember who did it.

– There were many calls and who said what in this I will firstly not account for, and secondly I do not remember the exact events surrounding it. But the meeting was about to prop party chairman.

– I would never call an Executive Committee meeting without party chairman knew about it. That I will not do it and I never have. There were many calls during these six months, for a long time as it was very messy and hard for the entire party, and also for Hakan, I would guess, in getting back.

“We did our best”

The aim was always to support Juholt, says party secretary. Not to dismiss him.

he was not at the meeting thinks she is not funny.

– Hakan and I also talked about meeting a few days or a week later and sorted it out . I also think the book says.

the party is disloyal she does not agree with. And she do not regret anything.

– We did our best. I did my best. Offices’ staff, all great people did their best to support the party chairman. One can only do their best.

She is also committed to Juholt was the one who made the decision to resign. No one else took it.

– Absolutely, and he stands by it and announced it on a Saturday afternoon.


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