Friday, October 10, 2014

Dropouts affects Hammerfall –

hard rock band HammerFall from Gothenburg suffer a heavy defections. According to music magazine Gaffa has drummer Anders Johansson decided to leave the band after 15 years.

Hammerfall writes on its website that it is a “shocking day” and that the cause of defection among other things, is “increasing musical differences” . Johansson is also said to be tired of the music industry after living in it in “nearly four decades.”

On the band’s upcoming world tour, which begins in Russia in late November, replaced Johansson by David Wallin including drummed with the band Pain.

Hammerfall formed in 1993 and the album debuted in 1997 The band’s latest album, “(R) evolution”, was released in late August and went straight into the Swedish album chart first place.


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