Friday, October 10, 2014

Idols and jury jumps at Bard – Aftonbladet

Alexander Bard went too far, according to both the idols and the jury colleagues.

I live stabbed Niklas Musco back after sömnhånet.

– Bard will not forget it. He takes it personally, says Anders Bagge.

He låtsassov when Niklas Musco , 25, appeared.

Accused Rolf Öhlén , 27, to “kill” a Madonna -Let.

and thought Philip Spångbergsvägen , 22, brölade forward a belly flop with his U2 -tolkning.

After the broadcast of TV4′s “Idol” had Alexander Bard , 53, whether the other jurors or participants on their side.

“Sincerity is everything”

– I said it to him live and I still think that the Bard was too harsh. I think we should give constructive criticism but he did not. He goes on too tough, say Anders Bagge and is backed by Laila Bagge Wahlgren .

In addition, targeted participants Rolf Öhlén, Niklas Musco, Philip Spångbergsvägen and Josefine Myrberg criticism of Bards harsh reviews.

Alexander Bard is unsympathetic.

– I’m just saying my honest opinion. It is left for them. Laila can for example take the harder, she’s a little too wimpy. She’s a fucking bitch that will bite off properly. Sincerity is everything and it’s not about being mean, he says.

“He does not forget”

Niklas Musco gave Bard comebacks when he again received criticism for his style.

– It’s not “Top model”, said the participant, and was praised by readers in Nöjesbladet live reporting and the other “Idol” -deltagarna.

Anders Bagge think Bard took mothugget personal.

– It was really well done but Bard will not forget it, he says.

“Looks like blockhead”

Alexander Bard:

– Niklas only get sympathy votes because he messes with me. He looks like a blockhead, and if he does not take it and take in the criticism he will never get a record deal, he says.

Niklas Musco would not comment on Bard’s statement.


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