Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Here are the last pair out in “On Track” – Swedish Dagbladet

Six pairs have previously been presented for this year’s round of “On Track” – among other things, the Feminist Initiative spokeswoman Gudrun Schyman compete with former Archbishop KG Hammar.

Now the last three pairs are also clear and it’s familiar faces. Actors Eric Ericson and Kjell Wilhelmsen, who reached the semifinals last, set up again and journalist Elisabeth Höglund and radio profile Jesper Rönndahl – like last winter lost the final against Helena von Zweigbergk and Goran Everdahl (which already are ready for the upcoming season.)

– We got the taste of blood, of course, there was no doubt that we would set up again. But now it’s a little different, last time we were underdogs but now we are not there anymore. We must defend our second place and perhaps most to win, but it is very difficult opponents this year, says Elisabet Höglund.

She says she is “deeply concerned” over the opposition but that she prepared themselves through diligent studying .

– I have been reading in all countries since May, but you never know what questions you get. I’m a grind of nature and then it is obvious that studying for such a big challenge, says Elisabet Höglund.

While another former finalistpar line up again – the spouses Niklas and Jenny Strömstedt that 2011 season / 2012 was in the final against Martina and Erik Haag.

– We got the ace then. But I think it’s hard to have a goal, you have to have some luck with the issues, says Diamond Rio.

He also thinks that the opposition is tough but says that anxiety in all cases is slightly smaller than the first time they lined up.

– The first year I could and Jenny wake up completely cold sweat at night but it’s not anymore. I think it is a very fun program and it is fun to do something together with my wife, says Diamond Rio.

The upcoming season of “On the trail” starts on STV on 28 November. Kristian Luuk is as usual presenters and Fredrik Lindström is the judge.


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