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Alexander Bard says that it is – Gothenburg Post

Philosopher, author and frequent lecturer. But not on Fridays. Then Alexander Bard Idol jury monster. – Oh, I’m not mean. I’m honest. I say that people need to hear.

He flies and father between homes in Berlin, Istanbul and Stockholm. The schedule is filled for weeks in advance. Anyone who wants to meet Alexander Bard do best to make an appointment.

When the GP meet him at a deli at hemkvarteren around Nytorget, particularly since a few weeks, storms suddenly a TV crew from SVT in and want to set a question about the soaring housing prices in Stockholm.

Alexander Bard is deep in a web philosophical reasoning and spans the eyes in the välbekante television reporter.

– We’re sitting in the middle of an interview . Go away. Respect our work.

Television reporter putting away the microphone and Lomar again.

How often are you not known in the streets

– All the time! It is of course even more now that Idol has really taken off.

Do you find yourself in the neighborhood surrounding Nytorget here on Södermalm?

– Yes, I do . But it is a hipstermecka, diversity is quite fejkig. The restaurants come from all over the world but the people who live here are ethnic Swedes.

What does it mean for you to sit on the Idol jury?

– It feels like a worthy thing to do at my age (53 years), but first and foremost it is payback, a way for me to give something back to the music industry. I slipped into the completely unplanned in the early 80s and has earned fat money, been incredibly successful and toured around the world several times. Nowadays I travel around the world as a philosopher and writer, and it’s actually more fun than touring as a pop star.

You are current with your fourth book, Syntesim – creating god in the Internet age, and next week do you speak at the big Frankfurt Book Fair. Why not at the Göteborg Book Fair

– Book Fair in Gothenburg? Why would I talk to there?

Why not?

– Go around and jostle with Jan Guillou and mass culture grannies … they have nothing with me to do. If I go to Gothenburg so I lecture at Chalmers. My whole point is that marketing is dead, now we have to create something that is interesting enough that people will want to spread it to their friends, what we call word of mouth.

Is that what Your new book is about?

– Among other things, and how the internet creates a new kind of spirituality.

You have no footnotes in the book?

– (laughter) No, and it annoys the crap out of the academic world. But the footnotes are just recyklade lies. There is nothing to say that an argument is strengthened just because someone else has said it before, what is the idiocy? The radical French philosopher Alan Badiou, one of my role models, has no footnotes.

I have read your book and it is a bit … awkward, perhaps?

– Well, I think not.

“The progress admittedly an oscillating dialectic between eternal Semitism and mobile-Semitism in the human mind, but the truth and reality beyond human perceptual fantasy world is fundamentally mobilistisk. Universe is thus contingent and not symmetrical “type among others.

You need to read the dictionary.

I have done that.

– Some things can not be said in a simple way. We write so pedagogically we can without compromising the content.

You and your co-author Jan Söderqvist speaks in all cases if a revolutionary vision. You describe a virtual future where we all are global creatures. Have you thought about such a development is good or bad?

– Not at all. It is a completely uninteresting and very banal question. Technology is neither good nor evil, it is what we make of it. All change gynnnar some and disadvantage others.

If we assume that you are successful in the future, what are the losers?

– The new subclass is male in 30-35 years of age who live in rural areas and in old industrial cities. When military service is gone and the factories closed down will these men to sit and surf porn, play online casino and vote for the Sweden Democrats. The winners are immigrants in the suburbs who drive taxis and work hard and send their kids to American universities. They have friends all over the world and speaks six or seven languages, which is why they will succeed.

What do we do with 30-year-olds in Mellerud then?

– I do not know, it will go to hell. They do not want to be saved, they just want to Jimmie Åkesson to send more money. At the same time, Jan Björklund recreate Prussia in 1870 and forcing students to learn multiplication tables by heart, even though every damn kid has a calculator in your pocket. What they need to learn is to become socially intelligent.

How was your childhood?

– I grew up in a very generous and liberal family where all kids got to do what they wanted. I could write very early and although I did not understand everything I read the great philosophers already eight years old, and somewhere I knew even then that I would devote myself to philosophy when I was older.

Is it true that you were deeply religious as a teenager and switched to the Satanists in their 20s?

No, I do not know where that rumor came from. It stämmmer not.

But you were anyway Liberal awhile?

– No, not that either. I founded contrast Liberati who was a political network to collect liberal forces against the FRA law.

Last winter left you anyway Centre Party under certain uproar after having helped to prepare the party program of ideas. Is it true that you then called the Center for Women “sick fucking freak brains”

– Yes, that’s right. They wanted the Swedish Sex Purchase Act would apply for Swedes abroad. But it is legally insane, then would the Saudi laws to apply to the Saudis in Sweden. They are completely moronic! I have never encountered so stupid hags in my entire life.

It sounds a little mean?

– I’m not mean, I’m honest. I can not share the religion with old ladies who believe in crystals and I can not share the party with idiots.

So now you piratpartist

– I have probably always been piratpartist, they are driven by the internet and talking about future policy. Rick Falkvinge (pirates former party leader) is a genius.

How did the Pirate Party in the election?

– It went well no further, but it suits me excellent. All hipsters are gone and only those who truly believe in the idea of ​​a free internet remains. It is now the interesting part begins.

Speaking of interesting. Why do you dress like Adolf Hitler?

– I do not, but I think that Hitler dressed nicely. Tight, strict and well-tailored. It does not mean I like what he stood for, one must be able to distinguish between attractive and ugly, good and evil.

What do you do an unscheduled Saturday

– I go to a hunting cabin in Jämtland or to Bali to party with a friend.


– Well, I do not divide my life in work and leisure, all taking place in a course at all times.

Alexander Bard will never take a normal nine-to-five job?

– No, never! I do not understand the point.


Name: Alexander Bengt Magnus Bard.

Born: In Motala in 1961.

Lives: In Stockholm, Berlin and Istanbul.

Current project: New book Synteism – creating god in the Internet age.

Miscellaneous: Juror in Idol. Has competed in Melodifestivalen several times. Wrote Tommy Nilsson’s winning song One Day, 1989.

Bonus info: Like the trot and have owned several racehorses.


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