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Johannes Brost, “It will be as it was” – Expressen

The actor Johannes Brost , 68, is up to date with the book “Do not be curious,” written in collaboration with Leif Eriksson and Martin Smith .

The biography tells the star about his long acting career and her, many times, tangled life.

The publisher Norstedts, which originally would have given out “Do not be curious,” has refused to give out the book.

The publisher wanted to cut off certain sensitive pieces.

– No way that emphasizes something, says Johannes Brost.

Now, given the biography instead out of print Lind & amp; Co..

Many famous people featured in the book.

Among other things, pointed several famous people like drug addicts.

“They must surely stand for it?”

Johannes Brost has written the book without talking to the people, he points out.

– They must surely stand for their stuff? At that time there were no marvels of the said John.

One of the people mentioned in the book is the breast actress colleague Örjan Ramberg , a person Brost not have much to say.

At the restaurant PA & amp; Co must Örjan Ramberg, unprovoked, have attacked Johannes Brost and assaulted him. The alleged incident police were not notified.

Örjan Ramberg says he remembered the incident.

– Probably he means an event that is in the 80′s sometime, says Örjan Ramberg.

He goes when he hears statement:

– Jesus. He should be engaged in writing a book in which he apologized to all the people who loaned him money, paid all his tavern bills, all he winds on the flats, all rents he was not paid in the secondary. It’s his big problem in this life, that he never paid back what he owes. Therefore, he is an enemy to all bastards.

“The dumbest thing I’ve heard”

Örjan Ramberg gets upset when he hears that John calls him “sick.”

– At that time, not in hell had he any idea to go to, it’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. It is sad that he will get beat up, but I felt well be necessary at the time. He calls me sick motherfucker, probably lost his mother him to the floor when he was little.

Johannes Brost also tells of a cocaine dealer who must have lived in a large apartment on Strandvägen and who provided Stockholm celebrity elite with cocaine on 80s. Brost often went there after its pub-crawls at Café Opera.

Shit in the

In the book, he names several famous Swedish artists who should have been regulars at the dealer. Two people mentioned in connection with the drug dealer is Eldkvarn -sångaren Plura Jonsson and artist Jump the Gun .

– I will hell take the bull by the horns and tell me how it was. What was with. There should be no fuss, no nice memoir. It should be like it was, says Johannes Brost.

Plura Jonsson says it does not know the dealer.

– I think he’s misunderstood. I did not associate at all of the circuits with breasts either, they hung out at Cafe Opera and it did not. I do not know why he mentions my name, and do not care to be honest in it, he says.

Jump the Gun would not comment.

– No, I have no comment, he says .

2012 Johannes Brost starred in the movie “Sean Banan inside Seanfrica”, with among others, Sean Banan Kikki Danielsson and Dr. Alban .

When the film was recorded to be the film crew have engaged in two days of revelry in the Mozambican capital Maputo.

Big orgy in the evening

According to Brost attended a number of film workers in a big orgy on the last evening. The four women, who in the book is described as “scantily clad” they met outside a nightclub.

Luke Wojarski , a producer for “Sean Banan inside Seanfrica”:

– I’ve never heard that story. We had awesome record, but that was done without my involvement or knowledge. Perhaps it was just as well.

met in New York

Johannes Brost writes about several of their love stories. Many women pass by.

The actor tells us, among other things, that he had a romance with the Hollywood Wife Gunilla Persson . The couple met in New York in the late 80s.

“Swedish Hollywood Wives” later began airing felt Brostigen name.

– I heard her name and thought, “God, it may well not be her. ” But that was it. It was the most heinous, to hell then, says John.

In the book he pays tribute Gunilla Persson’s legs.

“I really could not take his eyes off them bones” , he writes of their first meeting, which took place at a mutual friend.

Gunilla should have thrown themselves at him when they came to her home. Not true, says Gunilla Persson.

– It is absolutely not true, I’m not like that. I’ve never done it. Why do you write such nonsense, she says.

Treatments for 10,000

The two made a joint trip to the Caribbean. But it did not end as planned.

Gunilla ordered, according to Johannes Brost, a two-hour massage every day to reduce the swelling in her face, she incurred when she fell and hurt himself.

The sum of facials landed at 10 000.

Gunilla promised to repay the money. Something, she according to John breasts book, never have.

Hollywood wife, however, thinks that the hotel offered treatments.

– He was an incredibly self-centered lover. You think you have a romance, all is well. Then he goes, he stuck it out and was on the reggae parties and came back four in the morning. He was no good, that is why he is single, 60-70 years old, or what he is, says Gunilla Persson.


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