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Emotional storm for David in “Dessert Masters” – Expressen

Malmo. The shortcomings of Malmo Confectioner David Fernandes when he is asked to make a dessert that evokes memories.

– The tears came when I thought of my father in law who loved my sabayon, he says of the emotional moment at the start of the “Dessert Masters” in Channel 5th

David’s father in law, Lars Nilsson, passed away 2009th He was a profile in Malmö and was deeply involved in the MFF and took addressing the cultural district of St. Gertrude. It was there that David ran Patisserie David.

– He helped me a lot and was a great role model for me. It was very sensitive to think of him when I was in the program.

“taught me everything about pastry”

David Fernandes, 42, was born in Portugal but raised in Luxembourg. It was there he met his wife, Maria Nilsson.

– I have traveled around Europe since I was 15 and learned all about the pastries.

But when he met Mary so He moved to Sweden. That was ten years ago. He started a patisserie.

– There’s nothing like in Malmö. There never was. It’s been fun to do it here in Malmö. And by the way, I could not do anything else because I can not bake Swedish cookies.

What is the favorite in its own range?

– a vanilla éclair. Something simple.

How did you end up in the TV contest “Dessert Masters”

– They rang. I said I did not have time. But I changed my mind. I have not regretted. I had done it again if I were to be asked again.

Make a sabayon

Tell me about what you do for your father in law.

– He loved sabayon. But I had never done it before, but since he was so fond of it just as I was taught. Then there was always sabayon.

There is also the dessert as he does on TV.

– We could make a dessert with a story and then it was obvious to make sabayon. But it was also a reminder of him, strong feelings for someone I really loved.

– I wanted to show him how grateful I was. It was his, in a way his fault that I ended up in Sweden …


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