Monday, October 13, 2014

Bergenwall Commission wants more investigation time – TV4

In a letter to the Justice Department requesting Commission President Daniel Tarschy the investigation period is extended to June 5 next year, reports TV4Nyheterna.

According to the government’s original directive to Bergenwall Commission mission would have been recognized by 29 January next year.

But, because of the extent of the material examined and because the assignment requires more external contacts than expected, the Commission needs more time.

It was 28 November last year that the then Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask, the Commission gave the mandate to review and report both the judiciary and health care behavior when Sture Bergenwall sentenced for eight murders. Investigators will also provide answers to the question of the existence of structural defects and present to such suggestions.

Footnote: The Government has appointed the Commission which is upggift to review the investigation into Thomas Quick, now Sture Bergenwall.

All about the investigation into Sture Bergenwall can be found here


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