Friday, October 10, 2014

Rolf Öhlén was the one who had to leave “Idol” – Expressen

Rolf Öhléns verison of “Into the Groove” impressed neither the audience or jury. And at the end of the evening was the 27-year-old who had to leave the contest.

– There has been a low day, says Rofl Öhlén after the program in the “Idol Extra”.

In the evening took Rolf Öhléns, 27, traveling in “Idol” final after he bagged against Louis Turner.

Rolf was the first idol in the evening’s program and sang Madonna’s “Into The Groove”, but neither managed to impress the audience or jury. And hardest of all critics were juror Alexander Bard.

– This was a real belly flop. Anders and Laila are too nice, said Alexander Bard in the broadcast.

– You’ll have to dance myself tonight because I do not want to dance with this guy. You killer song, and it’s the easiest song in the evening. And your Swenglish is dire, he said.

During the broadcast seemed Rolf not take the criticism.

– I like that they have opinions. But I disagree. I killer song in a good way, he said.

But after utröstningen in “Idol Extra” confessed Rolf that he might not have been totally on top of the day:

– It has been a low day, you have bad days and think about certain things. I may not bubbling as much, but I still think I did well, he says.


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