Monday, October 20, 2014

Carl Bildt will receive the bottom of reviews as babysitter – Gothenburg Post

Sweden’s former foreign minister, Carl Bildt, is in the SVT series Celebrity baby sitter in the fall. But the children they are not gracious.

SVT Kulturnyheterna has released a first sneak peek at the episode where Carl Bildt competing for Sweden’s best celebrity babysitter in 2014.

But when Carl Bildt was very busy with his Secretary of State job, he chose to delegate the task to his assistants, a large part of the day.

When the extra dressed children jury will meet Carl Bildt at the State Department, they are met instead of press secretary Erik Zsiga which may show the kids around at UD. The kids are disappointed.

– I thought it was a little sad that Carl did not came and met us, he’s still baby-sitter says Adam, age 10, in the clip.

– Now he is on the rating zero, then zero, says 11-year-old Oriana.

Carl Bildt manages to regain the children’s confidence remains to be seen. The premiere program Friday, October 1st 18:45 is the professional football player Caroline Seger who will guard the children.

Other celebrity babysitters, Anders Bagge, Panetoz, Caroline Winberg, Tobbe Wizard, Katrin “Witch Surtant” Sundberg, Christer Fuglesang, Sean Banan , Amy and Edward Bloom.

Here you can see the clip where the kids are waiting for Carl Bildt:


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