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Bagge had to leave with stomach pain after altercation – Expressen

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Alexander Bard viciousness started a substantial fraction of the jury.

After the brawl forced Anders Bagge leave “Idol” suddenly – after having struggled through consignment with stomach pains.

– I wanted just home, he says.

Påhoppen quick succession.

“Idol” Jury was in open conflict over throughout Friday’s live broadcast.

– It was more trouble than usual, sage r Laila Bagge .

– It was gnabbigt says Anders Bagge.

It was Alexander Bard’s derisive comments against Idols who triggered the fight.

On several occasions went Bard attacked the participants. Among other things, he mocked Philip and called his effort a “roaring”. Rolfs interpretation called Bard for a murder.

“It was over the limit”

In the end, Laila Bagge, Anders Bagge enough – and interrupted the Bard.

– That was over the limit, said Laila Bagge.

– Get off, said Anders Bagge.

the fuss continued during the break. Anders Bagge think Bards way to “educate” Idols is counterproductive.

– It was gnabbigt. He exaggerates and goes too far. He is fierce. We would probably be very different fathers. I want to enthuse young people, he says.

Strong critical

Laila Bagge is highly critical of the Bards harsh words.

She says it happens sometimes that TV4 step in and speak up.

– It is counterproductive. He should give more rose. I usually do not take it up with the Bard. We get tillsägningar of production if we do foul. I do not get it very often. So you can bring the Bard, she says.

Waving away the criticism

Alexander Bard waving from the criticism. He thinks that the harsh words against Philip was right.

– We felt quite different today. We disagreed on most things. But he was standing right there and brölade. And he looks too damn geeky out. I want more fights. I tags to then says Bard.

“We smoke together”

Anders Bagge says that on several occasions he confronted the Bard of behavior.

– We have much discussion behind the cameras as no one knows about. We smoke together. We have had really hard duster. I can get very angry. When it is unfair and not constructive. I raise my voice against Bard properly, he says.

After the fracas disappeared Anders Bagge quickly from the studio.

He had during the live broadcast fought against a sick and had to leave the studio immediately to take medicine .

– I just wanted to home. I was not in the mood for it. It came during the break. I have sick stomach ache. It was samarinläge and I’ve been drinking way too much coffee, he says.

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