Friday, October 10, 2014

Tried to incite her to oral sex – Aftonbladet

They were disqualified after that John was trying to incite a female student to perform oral sex on Philip in “Big Brother”.

Now the participants commented that the incident according to prosecutors, violations classified as attempted rape.

– I’m ashamed of this, says John.

The night of Friday, became the female participant in Channel 9′s “Big Brother” trapped in a room with John and Philip.

She was told that she could not leave the room until she performed a sexual act.

– I stand at the door until you kissed his dick, I’m not going to let go of your past, says John.

Bad language

He is the one who initially is a driving force but may soon persuasion using Philip. Since language is very rough.

– You’re going down with the throat, stools you that, says Philip.

The female student protesters.

– No, no, no, ‘she says.

The broadcast was broken and replaced with a test box. The woman was released only after the other participants responded and appealed to John and Philip would stop.

“I’m ashamed of this,”

Today thrown both John and Philip of the house. They do not talk to the media but leave comments via Channel 9′s press service.

– I’m ashamed of this. It was never my intention to offend or be mean to NN (the female participant, reds. Note). I think it’s fucked up the whole thing. Really hope NN forgive me, says John.

Even Philip expresses his remorse.

– It was definitely not supposed to be like this. I’m really sorry about NN been offended. I hope she will forgive me if she was sad. I do not want the younger guys to look out for here. Do not take after that there was nothing funny joke, he says.

According to Channel 9′s press manager Dan Panas did not get the production company Endemol, the door was closed for the female participant.

– why they not intervened. We are sharply critical. This will not happen again, he said.

The broadcast will be the broken, then the production company should have perceived that something in the situation got out of hand

– They did not see that the door was blocked for her. We have raised the criticism that they need to tighten oversight and in our good dialogue with production company Endemol press this must not be repeated, says Dan Panas.

“Sexual coercion”

According to Dan Panas has the female participant is not wanted police report the incident.

Helene Gestrin’s prosecutor and a specialist in relationship violence.

– It sounds from the description that it may involve an unlawful detention, a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault or attempted rape, she says.

She states that a preliminary investigation, after all, could be initiated.

– A police officer or prosecutor who partake of this may commence an investigation, then it falls public prosecution, she said.

Nöjesbladet have vainly sought the production company Endemol’s CEO. The Company’s executive producer declines to comment.

The male participants have been debriefed and the female participant according to Dan Panas access to a psychologist.

Note: Nöjesbladet has chosen not to include the grossest quotes.


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